Dress Up as Hacker and Lucier in PSO2's 7th Dragon Collaboration

~ September 9th, 2015 ~


Otsukimi Event

Usanoya Mag Device
進化デバイス/ウサノヤ (Evo. Device / Usanoya)

This year's Otsukimi Lobby will appear with the update, boasting new features. Climb to the top floor of the shopping area and hop atop the clouds to see the Lillipans. Xie is back with new client orders and rewards, including the Usanoya Mag device.


Mitsu Dango
*ミツ・ダンゴォ (Mitsu Dango)

Travel to Kuron and defeat its inhabitants with the Ostukimi 2015 Bingo card! Clearing lines of objectives will reward you with the [*Mitsu Dango ] camo for Dual Blades, among other enticing items.


Kuron Emergency Quest

The new Kuron Emergency Quest pits players against swathes of Kuronite and Toy Darker enemies. This quest will be available for a limited time, departing from our servers on October 14th, 2015.


*ルーナ・テギネ (Luna Tegine)
*ルーナ・テギネ (Luna Tegine)

Trek through the quest to encounter the "Luna Nyau," who has a chance of dropping its signature Twin Dagger camo [*Luna Tegine ].


7th Dragon Encounter (AC Scratch)

オタクスタイル・レプカ (Otaku Style Repca)
オタクスタイル・レプカ (Otaku Style Repca)

Introducing a new collaboration with Sega's 7th Dragon 2020-II game! Join Murakumo's Squad 13 in their fierce battle against the dragons with new costumes based on the female Hacker and Lucier designs.

Apart from those we have a rough, street style jacket and a stylish retro dress. New CAST designs include a very basic male form and a cute-n'-curvy female form.

ルシェスタイル (Lucier Style)
ルシェスタイル・レプカ (Lucier Style Repca)
ヴォルクスタイル (Volk Style)
ヴォークスタイル (Volk Style)
エスティリカ (Estirica)
エスティリカ (Estirica)
サフィーア (Saphir)
サフィーア (Saphir)
ヴァリエス (Valiesse)
ヴァリエス (Valiesse)
バニーリボン桃 (Peach Bunny Ribbon)
バニーリボン 桃 (Peach Bunny Ribbon)
ドレッドヘア (Dreads)
ドレッドヘア (Dreadlocks)
モチュゴヤ Mochugoya
進化デバイス/モチュゴヤ (Evo. Device / Mochugoya)


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