How To Acquire Your First ★15 Weapon!

15 Weapons Arrive To PSO2

The ★15 Weapon Series Lightstream, Atlas EX, and the long-awaited Austere-NT will arrive on December 19th. Out of these, you can work on upgrading Austere-NT and Atlas EX as soon as the patch hits.

Weapons of ★15 rarity will not only drop with a special visual appearance, but also display a distinct icon when identifying them at the Item Tekker.


Lightstream Series

Weapon Information


  • +10% Power
  • Fully recovers your PP when its below a certain amount and increases power for a duration.
  • ※This effect has a cooldown

Potential (Takt):

  • +3% Power
  • Fully recovers your PP when its below a certain amount and gains +3% power for a duration.
  • ※This effect has a cooldown

S-Class Ability Slots: S1 | S2 | S3

※Weapon Type Conversion Can Be Performed at Zieg.

Required Materials

Celestial Upgrade at Zieg

  • Celestial Weapon +35
  • Amphitrite Stone (x1)
  • Excube (x400)

How to Obtain the Materials

Celestial Weapons

  • Upgrade Profound Weapons for it at Zieg.
    • Profound Weapon +35
    • Any Detonation Weapon +35
    • Any Clawdem Weapon +35
    • Any Allure Weapon +35
    • Any Chalyra Weapon +35
    • Erebros Stone (x150)
  • Note:
    • Profound Weapons can drop from Dark Falz Persona.
    • Exchange 15 Erebos Stones for a Profound Weapon at Zieg.
    • Erebos Stones can drop from Dark Falz Persona.

Amphitrite Stone

  • Title Reward for defeating Dark Falz Persona 50 times.


Austere-NT Series

Weapon Information

Potential 1:

  • Increases Power based on Photon Blast Gauge.
  • Gain Bonus Effects based on the summoned Photon Beast

Potential 2:

  • +9% Power
  • Generates a barrier that reduces damage at regular intervals.

Potential 3:

  • +9% Power
  • Generates a barrier that prevents being launched at regular intervals.

S-Class Ability Slots: S1 | S2 | S3

Required Materials

Austere(OT) Upgrade at Zieg

  • Austere(OT) Weapon
  • Nemesis-NT Weapon +35
  • Slave-NT Weapon +35
  • Ares-NT Weapon +35
  • Excube (x400)
  • ※All Weapons must be the same Weapon Type!

Invade-NT Upgrade at Zieg

  • Invade-NT Weapon +35
  • Nemesis-NT Weapon +35
  • Slave-NT Weapon +35
  • Ares-NT Weapon +35
  • Excube (x400)
  • ※All Weapons must be the same Weapon Type!

How to Obtain the Materials

Austere(OT) Weapons

  • Drops from the Emergency Quest: Perennial Apocalypse (Extra Hard)
  • Upgrade Invade(OT) and various materials for it at Zieg.

Invade-NT Weapons

  • Drops from the Extreme Quests: Terran Phantoms and Phanatical Phantom
  • Drops from Lv.85 Falz Hunar and Falz Angel

Nemesis-NT Weapons

  • Drops from Ultimate Naberius and Ultimate Amduscia

Slave-NT Weapons

  • Drops from Ultimate Lillipa and Ultimate Amduscia

Ares-NT Weapons

  • Drops from Ultimate Quests: Naberius, Lillipa, and Amduscia


Atlas EX Series

Weapon Information


  • +10% Power
  • Survive with 1HP upon taking a fatal blow and recover HP over time.
  • ※This effect can only activate once per quest

S-Class Ability Slots: S1 | S2 | S3 | S4

※Weapon Type Conversion Can Be Performed at Zieg.

Required Materials

Atlas Upgrade at Zieg

  • Atlas Weapon +35
  • Lumiere Weapon +35
  • Excube (x400)
  • ※All Weapons must be the same Weapon Type!

How to Obtain the Materials

Atlas Weapons

  • Upgrade Val Weapons for it at Zieg.
    • Val Weapon +35
    • Goldnia / Goldest / Goldgrimo (S/R/T) (x999)
    • Saphard (x999)
    • Time Reversal Stone Chronos

Lumiere Weapons

  • Upgrade Jutus Weapons for it at Zieg.
    • Jutus Weapon +35
    • Upgraded Demon Weapon +35
    • Schvelle Weapon +35
    • ※All Weapons must be the same Weapon Type!

32 thoughts to “How To Acquire Your First ★15 Weapon!”

  1. I'll say it again, rather than Austere-NT it feels more like a Slav/Nemesis/Ares upgrade. Furthermore, even with that absurd amount of fodder it still not support S4. Geez, what a scam.

  2. This is just too much grinding.
    I will wait for eventual event 15* weapon or something, that won't ask me to sell my soul to the devil.

    1. But they will this arks new year carnival. Remember that Omega Infestation in their trailer. Yeah, that's their revival of all the materials for 15*.

  3. Great, I was wondering if someone makes this guide just yestarday, and here it is. But can you expand just a little bit more? Like lumiere is made of 'upgraded demon weapon'. But where to find said weapon and how to upgrade it? Cheers

    1. You can find Demon Weapons from their Respective Demon Enemy or just buy them from player shop. To upgrade it you'll need the Demon Weapon and Demon Stones (drops from Demon Bosses like Golems, Diamos, Cockatrice, etc.). You can also check our Zieg's Upgrade page for info on Jutus/Lumiere and the Demon Weapons upgrades

      Page can be found here:

    2. Great, I see, thanks. I was asking not just for myself, since kinda know where to look, but for the player base in general.

  4. I had so many hopes for Austere-NT, but somehow, I knew they were going to be somewhat dissapointing, but I never expected then to be THIS disappointing such a weapon is a sin. Besides the requirement for the upgrade being so ridiculous, it doesn't even have a +10% dmg multiplyer pot at the very least, no S4 Slot, and it's just taking on pots of the material weapons, Atra EX will definitely be better and so will LightStream, or maybe not?, RIP Austere-NT, you will be remembered as the most dissapointing weapon upgrade. Then again this is a game for the japanese people, so we deal with it or play another game :p

    1. Don't forget that Auster 12* Units will have 2 set effects. (Weapon + Leg, Rear + Arm). They can potentially catapult Austere NT into superiority ( just not Wands thanks to Wand Reactor).

  5. Since there's a lot of weapons involved in the exchange, what will be the properties of the obtained 15*?
    or will it be at vanilla form like grind +0 and 4s but hopefully 60 elem and 35 max lb?

    1. So they are making it so you can choose the weapon to use the grind, affixes and element of on Dec 19th. All of the upgrades will forcefully come as +35, only one that could be lower is Austere(OT) upgrading to Austere-NT, but if you have Lv.3 Pot and +5 OT, it'll count as a +35 Weapon. To add, even if the Austere(OT) is not grinded – the Grind Cap will still be 35.

  6. they force people to stay online with EQ collection files and free field for hours..
    i have to choose between the 14* bow or dinner with my friend. its even worst than doing a normal day and playing 3/4 of the night.

    nah every 3h , you must be here, its crazy …

    1. For whatever worth my personal experience may have to you, go attend to your appointment. It's not worth to sacrifice RL stuff for a game.

      Again, this is *my* personal experience, it may not be good for you. I just wanted to share this because I've been on that spot already.

    2. The SP CF stay forever so i think it's better to just play it at your own pace. You can also do the Collect Search thingy on PSO2es once a day for free, the rate is good there.

  7. The real question is, what does this mean for power creep?
    Austere OT causes a power creep standstill for about 2 years, 2 years where there was no point whatsoever to upgrade your austere cause sega was scared to death to piss off people that made this much of an effort.
    And now we got weapons that literally have austere ot has one of four ingredients.
    So, 3+ years power creep standstill where nothing can beat those 15* we get on dec 19th?

    TBH I don't mind the austere OT potential and I don't see an issue as both nemesis NT and especially slave NT have good potentials, better than austere ot with the barely noticeable pp aspect and a generic dmg buff that we get again (the amount is totally irrelevant as base atk is much higher).

    But yeah, late ep 3 and early ep 4 many people didn't play cause with power creep standstill and having austere ot weapons for their favorite classes, there was little left to do.
    So Sega got desperate and eyeballed pay to win with early su and in general early ep 4 was total crap.

    If power creep grinds to a halt again it means something similar is probably gonna happen and ep 6 could suck.
    On the other hand update pace these days is much faster than before so maybe sega stopped ignoring (long time) consequences and actually have a plan, I certainly hope so.
    It's just way too early for 15* with 14* still being this hard to get compared to 13*

  8. What? so if I want to upgrade my atra sword to 15* ex atra I will need lumiere sword type? so if I don't have lumiere sword I won't be able to upgrade my 14* atra sword to 15*?? O.o

    1. If you don't have the Lumiere that you need, you can swap your Atra to a Weapon Type that you have Lumiere of, upgrade it, and then you can Swap the Weapon Type of Atra EX.

    2. So for example:

      I have Atra Sword and Jutus Gunslash
      I upgrade the Jutus GS to Lumiere GS
      Swap the Atra Sword into Atra GS
      Exchange Atra GS and Lumiere GS for Atra EX GS
      Swap Atra EX GS to Atra EX Sword

      is that how it will be?

  9. 1 thing that bothers me from Atra EX series. Will we be able to switch back and forth between each wpn as long as we have the materials like Atra 14*? Since you know i myself won't be able to satisfy that "※All Weapons must be the same Weapon Type!", there's a bunch, but it's alrdy hard for me to match jutus + upgraded skull, not to tell now that i have to match Lumiere with Atra…

    1. You can't, but if you have 3 or more unused slave/nemesis and a left over UQ stones you can exchange OT slave/nemesis of your choice to 60 ele then upgrade it at Zieg (need 3 Slav/Nemesis NT).

  10. austere nt such garbage same with atra ex. lightstream could be useful but not holding my breath to make any of them maybe just LS JB for the look of it

  11. I think there is a big glitch or bug in pso2 from trading/exchange with npc Zieg. I need to exchange my Ares Takt-NT+35 for another Ares weapon; example I want the Ares rifle-NT+35 I have the Ares Takt-NT+35, 999 Goldest, and 999 Saphard. But Zeig won't exchange. My weapon won't show up for exchange. Someone help explain or a GM please I work so hard I am about to quit.

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