Lather up with Scalp D x PSO2 Collaboration

Scalp D x PSO2

You can pick up your very own [Scalp D x PSO2 Collab Set] for 7,800 yen on Valentine's Day! This set will contain Scalp D Oily Shampoo, Scalp D Pack Conditioner, and PSO2 Item Codes! 


Item Code Contents

Icon Name Type
Oily-tan Repca M
Male Costume
Oily-tan Repca F
Female Costume
Oily-tan Hair
Oily-tan Headdress
380 [Lather]
Lobby Action

25 thoughts to “Lather up with Scalp D x PSO2 Collaboration”

    1. Like some guys said, this kind of things work in Japan, they think it's a good way to promote a product if something is popular.

      All your opinions are just subjective, if you think it hasn't "enjoyable content" why do you play it? it makes no sense at all, If you dont play it, for gods sake what are you doing here?

      I praise SEGA too, we already have these kind of people in the japanese servers, i don't want to imagine how would it be if they released it on the west.

  1. And why would this collab be shit ? Why would it be a nonsense one ? Because you decided so ? You don't like it, fine. But if you don't understand the concept of commercial business at least you have to get into your heads that PSO2 is a JP game. And this kind of collab is very successful in Japan.

    PS – I praise SEGA to have not released PSO2 outside of Japan.

    1. I agree with you Sebangu, it's a f2p game so why wouldnt they do collabs,
      and i also think the game is better than it would be if they released it outside of japan,
      don't think i would play the game if it ever was tbh

    2. You talk like KMR will use any of that profit to make some actual enjoyable content in the game. And please, don't tell me retarded lizard, 6m.o. recolorable BQ and chinpokomons is content. Also please don't tell me about old content which was fucked by Hr.
      It's not as much about collab as about lack of everything else.

    3. Thanks Sebangu Captain Obvious of the night, thank you from the bottom of the heart for enlightening us with these clarification, you are so fabulous, pso2 is a japanese game ? really i thought it was norvegian !
      I will immediately order this shampoo, I will then go to the lobby with my new lobby action and i will farm the LQ for the 78542 times with my silky hair -_-

    4. *ignores the point of OP's comment and cherry picks the one thing they can be sassy about*
      Yes we all know the game is japanese that's not what OP was saying

    1. Not for $72 (roughly) I won't. They already make enough money from me on AC from time to time but yeah, if it works for them then it works. I find it interesting that it does work in Japan. Kind of makes it unique as I can't remember ever seeing a game collaborate with a shampoo company in the US. To be honest I think our collabs would probably be boring, if we were to have them.

  2. I would buy it if it included a jukebox cd with the commercial music. Its freaking epic considering its just a shampoo xD

  3. i think that this game is the best ever because no game have all this collaboration with out side of the game ,cartoon,and more so yes for me its the best xD

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