Omega Falz Loser Materializes April 11th

~ April 11th, 2018 ~


Omega [Loser] Arrives

Omega [Loser] has materialized in the valley! To protect Cuent from harm once again, the protagonist goes forth to quell the threat.


Incarnation of Knowledge

The caldera lake of Cuent Canyon is home to a new Emergency Quest! Here we'll face an even more ferocious Falz Loser, tormenting players with his time manipulation abilities. Though similar in appearance to his previous iteration, his attack patterns have changed for this quest.


Incarnation of Knowledge is a pre-scheduled Emergency Quest that can only be cleared once per ship. Playing this quest on Extra Hard will require [Standard Classes] a main and sub class of level 80, or [Advanced Class: Hero] a main class of level 80.


Four New ★14 Weapons

Victorious players will have the chance to receive a new ★14 weapon drop.


Incarnation of Knowledge Collection

This collection features an assortment of weapons designed in the theme of Omega Falz Loser. Collection Files will cover Partisan, Talis, Gunslash, Katana, and Jet Boots of the Clawdem series.


Dark Blast Loser Form

Unleash your own Big Crunch Project of laser beams galore when the next Dark Blast form launches on April 11th! Take flight and blast your enemies from afar with new skills and attacks. You can unlock this Dark Blast [Loser] form by either clearing a certain story quest, or completing [Incarnation of Knowledge] on SH or higher.


Several new Photon Arts will be available for this form. First we have Ortho Sa Barta, which fires ice crystals capable of locking onto several targets simultaneously, and recovers the user's PP. Gamma Burst, on the other hand, causes a mass explosion upon impact. Lastly is Convergent Ray, capable of amassing demonic power to fire laser beams in a straight line.


Partial Skill List

Skill Name Description
Sharp Glide
Move at a high speed for a limited time.
Diffusion Ray
Unleashes a torrent of demonic power dealing massive damage. Can only be used once.
Wisdom Force
A skill that simultaneous defends and attacks, producing shock waves in the vicinity.
Dive Assault
Performs a nosedive attack.


New Client Orders

Additional client orders will be added for Gene and Bruno. Assist the Darker Busters along with their new investigation and receive Chip Fragments as rewards.


Start Over Zero (AC Scratch)

Check out the costumes, hairstyles, and accessories of Emilia, Rem, Ram, Ferris, and Subara from the hit anime series, [Re:Zero]! The artificial spirit, Puck, will appear as a Mag Device. Collect new lobby actions and recreate scenes from the series. Apart from that, PSU's popular [Voloyal Set] will finally make its way to PSO2 alongside Alfort Tyler's PSPo2i apparel!


エミリアの服 | Emilia Attire
ラムとレムのメイド服 | Ram & Rem Maid Attire
フェリスの普段着F | Ferris Casuals F
フェリスの普段着M | Ferris Casuals M
スバルのジャージ[Ba] | Subaru Jersey [Ba]
*レムのモーニングスター | *Rem's Morning Star
ボルワイヤルセット[Ba] | Voloyal Set [Ba]
タイラー・レプカM[Ou][Ba] | Tylor Repca M [Ou][Ba]


Shining Revival (AC Scratch)

~ April 18th, 2018 ~

In commemoration of the PS4 launch of Shining Resonance Refrain, previously released content from the Shining franchise will be revived.

With Shining Resonance Refrain's english localization coming later this year, some of the character names have changed. We'll follow suit and adjust their costume names.


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  1. i'm not rlly interested w/ Rezero scrath
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