PSO2 Station! Plus #5 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.

Secret Phrase

  • Say the secret phrase below in chat to receive prizes.
  • アニメエピソードオラクル堂々完結
  • You have until April 1st’s maintenance to complete this task.
  • Items will be delivered to the Visiphone Campaign rewards
  • Prizes include:
    • Fast Burger
    • Puso Ni Comic Memory 2
    • White Day 2020 Trigger


Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • A Boisterous White Day 2020
  • March 24th @ 23:00 JST (Quna Concert First)
  • +250% Rare Drop Rate and +100% EXP Rate (In addition to other boosts)


Puso ni Comi Anime #2

  • The next Puso Ni Comi anime will air on Youtube and Nico Nico
  • The series will air starting April 7th and at the end of the episodes will be a secret phrase where you can earn 1 [Puso Ni Comic Memory 3]
  • There will also be several campaigns running alongside like Bonus Key Presents, Double Sage Crests, and even [Puso Ni Comic Memory 3] campaigns.


Mani Mani ARKS

  • A new Web Manga will be releasing every Wednesday.
  • It’s meant to be a slice of life story starring Hiroto and the newman Sharo.
  • Releasing March 25th, 2020


March 25th Update

New Feature (Special Ability Transplant)

  • Special Abilities from Material Items can be transplanted over to the Base Item.
  • This process requires Meseta and Special Ability Transplant Passes
  • The number of passes you need are based on the amount of slots for the finished product.
    • 1 Slot = 5 Passes
    • 2 Slots = 5 Passes
    • 3 Slots = 5 Passes
    • 4 Slots = 5 Passes
    • 5 Slots = 15 Passes
    • 6 Slots = 25 Passes
    • 7 Slots = 50 Passes
    • 8 Slots = 100 Passes
  • Transplantation will only take special abilities away from the material item. The material item’s S-class abilities will remain intact. S-Class Abilities are not transplanted in this system.
  • Be careful as transplanting could cause your base item to have less slots than it started out with if you don’t select enough special abilities. For example, if your base item is an 8 slot weapon, and you select a material item with 2 slots, then you’ll only be able to transplant two abilities. This will reduce the amount of slots for the base item.


New Feature (Special Ability Transplant)

  • The Recycle Shop will have a Limited [Class EX Cube Exchange Shop]
  • Trade in Class EX Cubes to receive a Special Ability Transplant Pass
    • 1 Special Ability Transplant Pass = 2 (Hu/Ra/Fo EX Cubes) [Limit 10 Per 28 Days]
    • 1 Special Ability Transplant Pass = 2 (Fi/Gu/Te EX Cubes) [Limit 10 Per 28 Days]
    • 1 Special Ability Transplant Pass = 2 (Br/Bo/Su EX Cubes) [Limit 10 Per 28 Days]
    • 1 Special Ability Transplant Pass = 2 (Hr/Ph/Et EX Cubes) [Limit 10 Per 28 Days]
  • So essentially you could get 40 per month.


Early April Update

PSO2 Early April Update

  • Easter Lobby (~4/22)
  • Xie (Easter 2020) COs (~4/22)
  • CO Reward: *Woval Edge
  • Easter 2020 Bingo Front and Back
    • Angel Wing Mag


PSO2 Early April Update

  • Courage Cute Look (AC Scratch)
  • Contains Unique School Uniforms


PSO2 Early April Update

  • Courage Cute Look (AC Scratch)
  • Satchel Bag Outerwear
  • Takt Pose and Egg Race Lobby Actions
  • And a Variety of Accessories


PSO2 Early April Update

  • Episode 6 Chapter 4: The Protectors of Earth
  • Shiva’s grubby hands have finally made it to Earth
  • Rina, Aika and other Earth characters will appear.
  • Pietro will also have a side story.


PSO2 Early April Update

  • Wild Easter 2020 Seasonal Emergency Quest
  • Acquire Multi-slot equipment and Factor-type abilities
  • Material Items from Divide Quests can also drop.
  • Lizeth Ghidour will appear along the way


PSO2 Early April Update

  • Wild Easter 2020 Seasonal Emergency Quest
  • Prefix named Descente Draal will appear at the end
  • Quest Drop and Special Collection Weapon: Promessa Pagina

Mid April Update

PSO2 Mid April Update

  • Automata Revival (Revival AC Scratch)
  • A Revival Scratch to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the NieR series.
  • YoRHa 2B, 9S, A2 Repcas
  • Emil Head will appear in the Scratch Bonus

Late April Update

PSO2 Late April Update

  • Sakura Wars (2019) Collaboration!
  • Sanshiki Koubu OR Mugen will appear in the lobby.


PSO2 Late April Update

  • Seijurou Kamiyama and Sakura Amamiya costumes!
  • Seijurou Kamiyama’s Sword and Amamiya Kunisada Weapon Camos
  • Sakura Wars Lobby Actions


PSO2 Late April Update

  • Outside of the collaboration is Sci-Fi Punk, Steampunk, and Arabian outfits.
  • New Lobby Actions including Partisan Pose


PSO2 Late April Update

  • Mining Base Defense VR now supports Ultra Hard!
  • New ★15 Nova Series will drop.
  • New ★13 Leg Units [Leg / Miragecel] and [Leg / Novacel]
  • There’s also the [*Randle] weapon camos consisting of Orbit, Mirage, and Nova.


PSO2 Vita Service Ending

  • Vita Service will be ending on August 19th.
  • They will be holding a Point Back Campaign that works sort of like a cashback rewards program. Essentially, half of the total AC & SG used during certain time periods will be given back to you as Star Gems, using a calculation of 5 AC to 1 SG. To qualify, you need to have logged into the PlayStation Vita version before March 24th @ 0:00 JST. You can get up to 1000 SG per period.  We’ll talk more about this during maintenance.
  • Using 5000 AC would convert to 2,500AC, then dividing that by 5 would = 500 SG back!
  • Using 500 SG would convert to 250 SG that = 250 SG back


PSO2 Roadmap

PSO2 Roadmap 2020

May and June Update

  • EP 6 Chapter 5
  • New Complex PA for Bullet Bows
  • 8th Anniversary Event
  • 12 Player Limited Quest
  • New Bonus Quest
  • New Superior Pet

July Update

  • Episode 6 Final Chapter
  • New Raid Quest and New Raid Boss
  • Summer Event


  • PS Vita Service Ends (August 19th)
  • New Successor Class
  • New Spec Quest


  • Instead of a new episode, we’ll have a Gigantic New Update!


New Bullet Bow Complex PA


New Superior Pet


New Successor Class


New Raid Boss




to be added…



PSO2 Episode Oracle Drama CD

  • Releasing March 26th, 2020
  • Price: 2,800 Yen
  • Item Codes
    • CD Package Mat 19
    • All Male Voice Ash
    • 591 “EP Oracle Communication”


PSO2 Episode Oracle Soundtrack CD Vol. 2

  • Releasing April 8th, 2020
  • Price: 2,700 Yen
  • Twenty Two Songs Included
  • Item Codes
    • CD Package Mat 20
    • Xion’s Light
    • Theme of MATOI -Piano-
    • Luther Battle (Episode Oracle Version)
    • And Five others.


PSO2 Episode Oracle Character Song CD

  • Contains songs from Ash, Afin, Matoi, Quna, Klariskrays, Melphonsina, and Dark Falz Double!!
  • Item Codes
    • VO Performance 10 LA
    • CD Package Mat 21


PSO2 Episode Oracle Blu-Ray & DVD Vol 6

  • Releasing April 15th, 2020
  • Contains Episodes 13, 14, 15.


PSO2 Episode Oracle Blu-Ray & DVD Vol 6

  • Ol Blink M and F [Ou & Ba]
  • Ol Blink F [In]
  • EP Oracle 3 LA
  • EP Oracle Mat E
  • EP Oracle Vol 6 Poster


PSO2 Episode 6 Deluxe Package

  • Due to the novel Coronovirus (Covid-19) outbreak, some components in manufacturing have been delayed.
  • PSO2 Episode 6 Deluxe Package has been postponed until May 21st, 2020.


The Photoner Offensive Continues In Divide Quests!

~ March 25th, 2020 ~


Divide Quest

Five stages are laid out before you, each divided into two paths. One path leads to more points for better rewards, while the other focuses on recovering lives. Make your choice!


Divide Quests support up to 8 players. These quests consist of 5 stages, wherein players can choose a route that focuses either on earning points or recovering lives. Pick the route within each stage that’s best suited for your party’s current situation.


Earning points not only nets you additional rewards after clearing the 5 stages, but it also lets you receive rewards based on the total amount of points you’ve earned for the week. In addition, if you earn a high evaluation after clearing the 5 stages, you’ll unlock an even harder difficulty with stronger enemies and better rewards.


Grav Execour, the gravity altering Luminmech makes its debut on Stage 5. It utilizes two forms, switching between an offensive mode with high agility, and a defensive mode.


New ★15 Weapons such as Megalis Series can drop from the Divide Quest. You may also find some new ★13 Units that resemble old ★11 Units.


Divide Medals can be earned as a drop through playing Divide Quests. Spending these medals through the Divide Medal Exchange Shop will net you +35 Megalis, Vortex, and Pons Hachette weapons. There are other goodies as well, such as S-Class Abilities, Ultimate Boosters, Gold Prize Medals, Cobalt Medals, etc.


Limited-Time ARKS Missions will also be available for Divide Quest with rewards such as Divide Medals.


Puras & Stil Weapons

The ★15 Puras weapon series and its successor series, Stil, have been added to Zieg’s lineup. Puras weapons can be obtained by combining multiple weapons with materials gained through Divide Quests.


Combining even more materials with a +35 Puras weapon lets you upgrade it to a Stil weapon. The Modules (Varuna / Mitra / Execour) needed for Stil weapons can be obtained from the corresponding enemy or purchased from Player Shops.


New Complex Photon Arts

Fatal Knockout unleashes a flurry of powerful punches that ends with a ground shockwave.


Calamity Bullet fires a series of projectiles coated in photons. This Complex PA has excellent compatibility with [Chain Trigger], allowing you to amass a chain in a short amount of time.


Balance Adjustments

Braver, Fighter, and Hero receive adjustments, along with buffs to Shifta and Guts Drinks.

Balance Adjustments


Battle Arena Rehaul

Battle Arena will be receiving some major changes. Various weapon types will receive buffs and nerfs, matchmaking will be easier, and [Emblem Fever] will be removed. In addition, Battle Ranking Resets will only demote by a single rank. For example, instead of X1 to X5, you’ll instead drop X1 to X2.

Weapon Adjustments can be found in the Battle Arena Tab on the Balance Adjustment Page.


One of the new rewards will be the [*Warrior] weapon camo series. These will appear in the reward scratch for ranked matches.


Even more [Battle] weapon camos have been added to the Battle Coin Exchange Shop.


PSO2es Collaboration Event

Khorshid and Gene from PSO2es will be joining the Arks Lobby! Clearing their client orders will net you [2020 Chip Fragments] to spend at Khorshid’s Exchange Shop.


Obtain Weapon Camos, Posters, and a variety of other items at Khorshid’s Exchange Shop!


Sage Crest Update

Another Liberate Unlocker can be obtained from the [Limited Crest Exchange] by gathering 900 Sage Crests. In addition, more weapons will be added to the [Sage Crest Exchange].


Other Adjustments

Dark Blast

The unlocking conditions for Elder’s [Physical Dash] have been relaxed.

Mining Base Defense

The Energy Crystals will now be picked up automatically when approached.

Pyroxenes / Stones Replaced

Pyroxenes and the other stone material items used in the Pyroxene Exchange Shop will be replaced by Photon Boosters. Following the update, you can exchange these now obsolete materials for Photon Boosters at the [Recycle Shop 2]. You’ll be able to find items from the Pyroxene Exchange added to the Photon Booster Exchange.

The following items will no longer drop:

  • Torana Fragment
  • Pleiades Stone
  • Chandra Shadow Pyroxene
  • Shiva Ash Pyroxene
  • Durga Destruction Pyroxene

Photon Boosters will now drop in their place.


Ernest Desire (AC Scratch)

An assortment of outfits from various Phantasy Star games are available in the scratch lineup.  From PSO2es, you can strap up in Khorshid’s Luna Nova outfit along with Gene’s Bunny and Stella Heresy ensemble from Idola. In addition, Phantasy Star Nova’s Outlaw and Diamond series will appear.


PSO2 JP SG Scratch: ARKS Battlewear Selection

Arks Battlewear Selection
(Until July 15th 2020)


New Items

New Stickers




— Female —

ジェンダーピラートF[Ou] | Gender Pirate F [Ou]
ジェンダーピラート[Ba] | Gender Pirate [Ba]

— Male —

ジェンダーピラートM[Ou] | Gender Pirate M [Ou]


— Female —

ラークバルバトスF[Ou] | Lark Barbatos F [Ou]

— Male —

ラークバルバトスM[Ou] | Lark Barbatos M [Ou]
ラークバルバトス[Ba] | Lark Barbatos [Ba]



エクエスティオー[Ou] | Equestio [Ou]
エクエスティオー[Ba] | Equestio [Ba]
エクエスティオー空[Ba] | Equestio Sky [Ba]
エクエスティオー[In] | Equestio [In]
エクエスティオー月[In] | Equestio Moon [In]


エレティックレーヌ[Ou] | Eretique Reine [Ou]
エレティックレーヌ雅[Ou] | Eretique Reine Elegant [Ou]
エレティックレーヌ[Ba] | Eretique Reine [Ba]
エレティックレーヌ雅[Ba] | Eretique Reine Elegant [Ba]


ディアルマ・ゼロ[Ou] | DeAlma Zero [Ou]
ディアルマ・ゼロ[Ba] | DeAlma Zero [Ba]


シーリスクロス[Ou] | Xyris Clothes [Ou]
シーリスクロス[Ba] | Xyris Clothes [Ba]


エグザムリーシュF[Ou] | Exam Leash F [Ou]
エグザムリーシュF[Ba] | Exam Leash F [Ba]


イロイスアルキュリア[Ou] | Iloise Alcuria [Ou]
イロイスアルキュリア影[Ou] | Iloise Alcuria Shadow [Ou]
イロイスアルキュリア[Ba] | Iloise Alcuria [Ba]
イロイスアルキュリア鋼[Ba] | Iloise Alcuria Steel [Ba]


ゼルシウス[Ba] | Zelsius [Ba]
ゼルシウス陽[Ba] | Zelsius Sun [Ba]


ロレットベルディア[Ba] | Lorette Beldia [Ba]
ロレットベルディア雪[Ba] | Lorette Beldia Snow [Ba]
ロレットベルディア影[Ba] | Lorette Beldia Shadow [Ba]
ロレットベルディアB[Ba] | Lorette Beldia B [Ba]
ロレットベルディアB雪[Ba] | Lorette Beldia B Snow [Ba]
ロレットベルディアB影[Ba] | Lorette Beldia B Shadow [Ba]


アクティブキャミ[Ba] | Active Camisole [Ba]
アクティブキャミB[Ba] | Active Camisole B [Ba]
アクティブキャミ[In] | Active Camisole [In]



シャープオーダー[Ou] | Sharp Order [Ou]
シャープオーダー[Ba] | Sharp Order [Ba]
シャープオーダー[In] | Sharp Order [In]


エグザムリーシュM[Ou] | Exam Leash M [Ou]
エグザムリーシュM[Ba] | Exam Leash M [Ba]


ザムロード[Ba] | Zamlord [Ba]
ザムロード陽[Ba] | Zamlord Sun [Ba]

スライトリトルF・ミニ | Slight Little F Mini
スライトリトルF・ミニ紅 | Slight Little F Mini Crimson
スライトリトルM・ミニ | Slight Little M Mini
スライトリトルM・ミニ海 | Slight Little M Mini Sea

Hairstyles, Accessories, Etc

Female Voice Tickets

  • 女性共通アトッサボイス | All Female Atossa Voice
  • 女性共通初代KKボイス | All Female First KK Voice

Male Voice Tickets

  • 男性共通ヴォルフボイス | All Male Wolf Voice

Lobby Actions

  • 468「初代KKポーズ1」 | 468 [First Gen CC Pose 1]
  • 469「初代KKポーズ2」 | 469 [First Gen CC Pose 2]
  • 470「ヴォルフ&アトッサ」 | 470 [Wolf & Atossa]

Music Discs

  • 永遠のencore Ver.Piano
  • ヴィエル・ヒューナル戦
  • 輪廻の徒花「待機所1」
  • 輪廻の徒花「待機所2」