PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Ein Prosit

Ein Prosit
(Until 10.2.2019)



月夜星影[Ou] | Moonlit Night [Ou]


月夜星影[Ba] | Moonlit Night [Ba]
月夜星影 雪[Ba] | Moonlit Night Snow [Ba]
月夜星影 栗[Ba] | Moonlit Night Chestnut [Ba]
月夜星影 夜[Ba] | Moonlit Night Night [Ba]
月夜星影 雅[Ba] | Moonlit Night Elegant [Ba]
月夜星影 紅[Ba] | Moonlit Night Crimson [Ba]



ハナドキカフウ[Ou] | Hanadoki Kafuu [Ou]


ハナドキカフウ[Ba] | Hanadoki Kafuu [Ba]
ハナドキカフウ雅[Ba] | Hanadoki Kafuu Elegant [Ba]
ハナドキカフウ影[Ba] | Hanadoki Kafuu Shadow [Ba]
ハナドキカフウ海[Ba] | Hanadoki Kafuu Sea [Ba]
ハナドキカフウ月[Ba] | Hanadoki Kafuu Moon [Ba]
ハナドキカフウ葉[Ba] | Hanadoki Kafuu Leaf [Ba]



明月錦衣[Ou] | Full Moon Finery [Ou]


明月錦衣[Ba] | Full Moon Finery [Ba]
明月錦衣 紅[Ba] | Full Moon Finery Crimson [Ba]
明月錦衣 夜[Ba] | Full Moon Finery Night [Ba]
明月錦衣 月[Ba] | Full Moon Finery Moon [Ba]
明月錦衣 影[Ba] | Full Moon Finery Shadow [Ba]
明月錦衣 雅[Ba] | Full Moon Finery Elegant [Ba]



ハナドキインユウ[Ou] | Hanadoki Inyuu [Ou]


ハナドキインユウ[Ba] | Hanadoki Inyuu [Ba]
ハナドキインユウ紅[Ba] | Hanadoki Inyuu Crimson [Ba]
ハナドキインユウ雪[Ba] | Hanadoki Inyuu Snow [Ba]
ハナドキインユウ海[Ba] | Hanadoki Inyuu Sea [Ba]
ハナドキインユウ陽[Ba] | Hanadoki Inyuu Sun [Ba]
ハナドキインユウ影[Ba] | Hanadoki Inyuu Shadow [Ba]


銀河帝国軍服M | Galactic Empire M

銀河帝国軍服F | Galactic Empire F


自由惑星同盟軍服M | Free Planets Alliance M

自由惑星同盟軍服F | Free Planets Alliance F


Female Recolors

  • アデインエルナ影[Ou] | Adein Elna Shadow [Ou]
  • アデインエルナ茜[Ba] | Adein Elna Madder [Ba]
  • アデインエルナ玄[Ba] | Adein Elna Mysterious [Ba]
  • カンナギツバキ桜[Ou] | Kannagi Tsubaki Sakura [Ou]
  • カンナギツバキ茜[Ba] | Kannagi Tsubaki Madder [Ba]
  • カンナギツバキ雪[Ba] | Kannagi Tsubaki Snow [Ba]
  • 宵咲華乙女 雅[Ou] | Yakisaka Otome Elegant [Ou]
  • 宵咲華乙女 曜[Ba] | Yakisaka Otome Day [Ba]
  • 宵咲華乙女 空[Ba] | Yakisaka Otome Sky [Ba]
  • アドミラマリーネ曜 | Admiral Marine Day
  • アドミラマリーネ狼 | Admiral Marine Wolf

Male Recolors

  • アデインリュデル影[Ou] | Adein Rudel Shadow [Ou]
  • アデインリュデル冬[Ba] | Adein Rudel Winter [Ba]
  • アデインリュデル玄[Ba] | Adein Rudel Mysterious [Ba]
  • アドミラフリート曜 | Admiral Fleet Day
  • アドミラフリート森 | Admiral Fleet Forest

CAST Color Variations

  • ユーテルペ・ボディCV | Euterpe Body CV
  • ユーテルペ・アームCV | Euterpe Arms CV
  • ユーテルペ・レッグCV | Euterpe Legs CV
  • デモードス・ヘッドCV | Demodus Head CV
  • デモードス・ボディCV | Demodus Body CV
  • デモードス・アームCV | Demodus Arms CV
  • デモードス・レッグCV | Demodus Legs CV

Female Voice #199 (CV: Ai Kayano)

  • 女性追加ボイス199
  • 女性C追加ボイス199

Male Voice #165 (CV: Hiro Shimono)

  • 男性追加ボイス165
  • 男性C追加ボイス165

Lobby Actions

  • 546「プロージット」 | 546 [Prosit]
  • 547「ロッドポーズ」 | 547 [Rod Pose]


  • アデインエルナヘアー | Adein Elna Hair
  • ユーテルペヘアー | Euterpe Hair
  • カンナギムスビ | Kannagi Musubi
  • ウェーブツインテール | Wavy Twin Tail


  • ユーテルペ・ヘッド | Euterpe Head


  • 陰陽瞳 大 | Yin & Yang Eyes L
  • 陰陽瞳 小 | Yin & Yang Eyes S

Grind Support

  • マグ支援枠拡張デバイス | Mag Support Slot Expansion Device
  • 特殊能力(法撃&PP/2) | Add Ability (Tech&PP/2)


Scratch Bonus

Play this AC Scratch a specific amount of times for exclusive bonus items!

Normal AC Tickets
Frequency Rewards
5 times PSZERO Memory
10 times Bonus Key Magatsu [Silver]
15 times Tri-Boost +150%
30 times Ein Prosit Ticket
40 times Bonus Key Magatsu [Gold]
50 times EX Tri-Boost +200%
60 times Ein Prosit Ticket
120 times Ein Prosit Ticket
Gold AC Tickets
Frequency Rewards
2 times Free Salon Pass
4 times Bonus Key Tokyo [Silver]
6 times Bonus Key Kazuchi Assault
12 times Ein Prosit Ticket

※Players can receive each item only once.
※All of these items are untradeable.

※Ein Prosit Ticket allows you to choose 1 item from this AC Scratch.
※EX Tri-Boost can be used together with other boost items. Duration effect is 360 minutes.


FUN Scratch

Music Disc

  • PSO2 イベント「EP5不穏」 |  PSO2 Event [EP5 Disquiet]


ヴォルカノメット紅 | Volcano Helmet Crimson

Face Paint

  • 血のりメイクC | Blood Makeup C


  • 細まつげA 黒 | Small Eyelashes A Black
  • 細まつげA 紺 | Small Eyelashes A Blue
  • 細まつげA 茶 | Small Eyelashes A Brown
  • 細まつげA 白 | Small Eyelashes A White

Body Paint

  • 足袋M 白 | Tabi M White
  • 足袋M 黒 | Tabi M Black
  • 足袋F 白 | Tabi F White
  • 足袋F 黒 | Tabi F Black


  • 頭乗せナポリタン | Perched Napolitan
  • くわえみたらし団子 | Bitten Skewered Dango
  • 背高帽 海 | Tall Hat Sea
  • 赤番傘 | Red Oilpaper Umbrella
  • ロウニンガサ | Ronin Gasa
  • テングのおめんB | Tengu Mask B
  • 白カラステングの面 | White Crow Tengu Mask
  • 山伏の白肩掛け | White Yamabushi Sash
  • 山伏帽 | Yamabushi Cap
  • 極意の書 | Secret Documents
  • ショルダーシールド | Shoulder Shield


  • フリートエンブレム | Fleet Emblem
  • マリーネエンブレム | Marine Emblem

Lobby Action

  • 92「敬礼2」 | 92 [Salute 2]

Room Items

  • ツキ・ミー | Tsuki Mii
  • シシオドシ | Bamboo Water Pipe
  • ボ・エンキョ | Bou Enkyou
  • ハッポウドリンク | Foaming Drink
  • オッソリアフトン | Ossoria Futon
  • オッソリアヒノキブロ | Ossoria Hinoki Bath
  • オッソリアイス | Ossoria Seat
  • リトルベース | Little Base
  • リトルファシリティ | Little Facility
  • 整地タイルマット | Leveled Land Tile Mat
  • シャワールーム | Shower Room
  • スイートベッドC | Sweet Bed C
  • スイートソファC | Sweet Sofa C
  • スイートローテーブルC | Sweet Low Table C
  • スイートラグC | Sweet Rug C
  • スイートシェルフC | Sweet Shelf C
  • スイーツ・テーマ/C | Sweet Theme / C

PSO2 JP: Extended Maintenance and Patch (09/04/2019)


Play Hunter to cleave foes with the new Sword Complex PA in this week’s update!

PSO2 Maintenance

  • 9/4/2019 @ 2:00 ~ 17:00 JST
  • 9/3/2019 @ 1:00 PM ~ 4:00 AM EDT

PSO2es Maintenance

  • 9/4/2019 @ 1:55 ~ 17:30 JST
  • 9/3/2019 @ 12:55 PM ~ 4:30 AM EDT

September 4th’s Patch

  • Game Launcher: Version 06.00.00
  • Game Client: Ver.6.0301.1
  • Patch Size: 70MB (PC) / 15GB (Vita)



We’re currently looking for more volunteers to help out on Bumped. If you’re interested in assisting with one of the sections listed below you can contact (PSO2Ricardo#4505) on Discord!

  • Broadcast Translator Assistant
  • PSO2es


Upcoming Broadcasts


Patch Notes

New Photon Art

  • Implemented the Complex Photon Art System
  • Added the Complex PA [Imperial Cleave]

New Seasonal Emergency Quest (Sept. 4th ~ Oct. 2nd)

Quest Name Difficulty Lvl Req.
Regiment of the Wicked 2019
Hard Lv.8+
Super Hard Lv.40+
Extra Hard Lv.70+
Ultra Hard Lv.85+ Main & Sub Class
New Enemy
~ Deos Gryphon ~

Partial New Item Listing

Returning Limited Quest (Sept. 4th ~ Sept. 11th)

  • Special Training: Episode 5

Weaponoid NPCs (Sept. 4th ~ Oct. 2nd)

  • Added Weaponoid NPCs to the Ship Area
  • Client Orders will be available from Yasminkov 8000C and Eldetross
  • All 5 will have obtainable Partner Cards
  • An Exchange Shop is available through Yasminkov 8000C

Limited Time Arks Missions (Sept. 4th ~ Oct. 2nd)

  • Added Limited Time Arks Missions

Collection Files (Sept. 4th ~ Oct. 2nd)

  • Added the [Regiment 2019 Weapon Collection]
  • Added the [Regiment 2019 Egg Collection]

Badge & Memory Exchange Shop

  • Updated the item listing in the 7th Anniversary Exchange

Treasure Shop

  • Updated the product listing

Other Changes

  • In the following Lobby Actions, changed the description:
    • 509「カタナポーズ」(Katana Pose)
    • 518「レギアスポーズ」(Regius Pose)
    • 519「マリアポーズ」(Maria Pose)
    • 523「Aライフルポーズ」(Assault Rifle Pose)
    • 535「Tマシンガンポーズ」(Twin Machine Gun Pose)
    • 541「ストラトスポーズ」(Stratos Pose)


Hero Boost & Hero Counter Description Errors

Along with the Maintenance on August 21st, the Skills [Hero Boost] and [Hero Counter] received additional effects.

Sega reported that the Skills display the wrong values for the new effects. The actual values are below:

(Lv.10) Hero Boost – Power Reduction

  • 10% -> 30%

(Lv.5) Hero Counter – Power Increase

  • 25% -> 10%

The errors will be fixed in a future update.


We’d like to thank all of our current patrons for helping to keep the site afloat! If you like the work that we do, please consider donating 1$ or more to continue our Phantasy Star coverage!



Emergency Quest Schedule

Boost Event 49

▲▲ Eastern Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

▲▲ Japanese Standard Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

Eastern / Central / Mountain / Arizona / Pacific

Hawaii / São Paulo / London / Berlin / Moscow

Bangkok / Philippines / Sydney / Japan

Please Note:

  • The Emergency Quest schedule will update during maintenance.
  • Please resync the calendar periodically to receive the latest updates, as the schedule may change at Sega’s discretion.
  • This calendar is unable to show Emergency Quests that occur at random.
  • You can see the Emergency Quest schedule on your phone by subscribing to the Google Calendar.


Purchase Premium Campaign

During the Campaign Period, purchase a 90 Day Premium Set and receive various rewards.

Campaign Period

  • August 21st, 2019 ~ September 25th, 2019


  • 545「膝立ち」(Lobby Action)
  • +150% Tribooster (x3)
  • Hero’s Crest (x50)
  • Bonus Key Kazuchi Assault


AC Shop Bargains

The following bundles contain AC Shop items at a discounted price!

Period Date: Until September 11th’s Maintenance

Item Package Contents Price
Half-Priced AC Scratch Ticket
AC Scratch Ticket (x1) 100 AC
60 Scratches + Bonus 
AC Scratch Ticket (x60)
Hero’s Crest (x100) 
11,000 AC 
Premium Set 3 + Bonus
Premium Set 30 Days
+400% RDR Boost
Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]
2,000 AC
Bonus Set 3 + Bonus
+150% EXP Boost (x10)
+400% RDR Boost
Bonus Key Tokyo [Silver]
Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]
Bonus Key Magatsu [Silver]
Bonus Key Magatsu [Gold]
3,000 AC

※Each bundle is limited once per account.


Purchase AC Campaign

During the Campaign Period, purchasing AC will net the player various rewards such as a Red Rappy Suit Mini! Furthermore, if players purchase AC through the Nintendo eShop on the Switch Version of PSO2, they’ll gain additional rewards.

※AC Purchase through Google Play does not count for this Campaign

Campaign Period

  • August 28th @ 0:00 ~ September 10th @ 23:59 JST
500 AC 1 Million EXP Ticket
Bonus Key Rappy F
5,000 AC Red Rappy Suit Mini
10,000 AC +150% Tribooster (x3)
Lambda Grinder (x30)
Nintendo eShop Rewards
500 AC 1 Million EXP Ticket
Bonus Key Rappy F
5,000 AC Blue Rappy Suit Mini

Reward Period

  • Normal Rewards: Instantly
  • Nintendo Rewards: Late October 2019


Retweet Campaign

During the Campaign Period, Retweet the target tweets to earn everyone rewards on PSO2, PSO2es, and IDOLA.

Campaign Period

  • September 3rd ~ September 9th @ 12:00 JST

Target Tweets

PSO2 Rewards
Retweets Required Rewards
3,000 RT +100% Tri Boost
5,000 RT Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]
8,000 RT Special Ability Success +45%
10,000 RT 1 Million EXP Ticket
15,000 RT 252 [Flash]
PSO2es Rewards
Retweets Required Rewards
3,000 RT PSO2es Scratch Ticket (x10)
5,000 RT PSO2es Scratch Ticket (x10)
8,000 RT PSO2es Scratch Ticket (x10)
10,000 RT PSO2es Scratch Ticket (x10)
15,000 RT PSO2es Scratch Ticket (x10)
IDOLA Rewards
Retweets Required Rewards
3,000 RT Gacha Ticket
5,000 RT 10 Pull Symbol Gacha Ticket
8,000 RT 10 Pull Gacha Ticket
10,000 RT ★4 Character Gacha Ticket
15,000 RT ★5 Character Gacha Ticket

Reward Period

  • Mid September



Group Chat Campaign

During the Campaign Period, everyone who speaks in a Group Chat will receive a [Puso Ni Comi Memory 2]!

Campaign Period

  • August 21st ~ September 11th


  • PusoNiComi Memory 2

Reward Period

  • Late September 2019


Login Campaign

Login Daily to earn rewards, and login for a set number of days during the campaign period to gain bonus items.

Campaign Period

  • August 29th @ 0:00 ~ September 11th @ 23:59 JST
Day Reward
August 29th Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]
August 30th +100% Triboost (x3)
August 31st Free Salon Pass
September 1st Bonus Key Magatsu [Gold]
September 2nd +150% Triboost
September 3rd Bonus Key Rappy F
September 4th Ability Success Rate +40%
September 5th Bonus Key Kazuchi Assault
September 6th +250% RDR Boost (x3)
September 7th Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]
September 8th +100% Triboost (x3)
September 9th Bonus Key Magatsu [Gold]
September 10th +250% RDR Boost (x3)
September 11th Ability Success Rate +40%
5 Day Bonus Puso Ni Comi Memory 2
8 Day Bonus Puso Ni Comi Memory 2


Quest Boosts

Special Training: Episode 5 (Sept. 4th ~ 11th)

  • +150% Rare Drop Rate
  • Add Fire and Ice Weaknesses to the Enemies
  • Increased [Novel] Series drop rate (XH+)

Specter of Destruction (Sept. 4th ~ 11th)

  • Added Weapon Camos to the Drop Pool.

Perennial Apocalypse (Sept. 4th ~ 11th)

  • Added Weapon Camos to the Drop Pool.
  • Added Mag Evo. Device to the Drop Pool.

Quest-Linked Boost (Sept. 4th ~ 18th)

  • Clear [Special Training: Ep5] and [Corruption Course: Excluder] to earn points to boost the EQs [Specter of Destruction] and [Perennial Apocalypse].
  • Lv. 2 ~ 10: +100% ~ +180% Rare Drop Rate
  • Specter of Destruction Boost Effects
    • Lv.5: Increased ★12 [Celestial] Unit drop rate. (XH Only)
    • Lv.6: Added ★12 [Lightstream] Units to the Drop Pool (XH Only), Increased Erebos Stone drop rate.
    • Lv.9: Increased ★14 [Celestial] and [Phobos] Weapons drop rate. (XH Only)
  • Perennial Apocalypse Boost Effects
    • Lv.6: Increased ★12 [Austere] Unit drop rate. (XH+)
    • Lv.9: Added [Time Stone Chronos] to the Drop Pool (XH+), Increased ★15 [Austere-NT] and [Novel] Weapons drop rate. (UH Only)


Hero’s Crest Campaign

Beat the following goals to obtain Hero’s Crests. The crests can be exchanged for ★14 Weapons at Zieg!

Campaign Period

September 4th ~ September 11th

Campaign Tasks

  Goal Reward
1 Clear [Armada of Demise – Sector 3] Hero’s Crests (x10)
2 Clear Yasminkov 8000C’s CO:
Hero’s Crests (x10)
3 Clear Eldetross’ CO:
Hero’s Crests (x10)
4 Clear Eldetross’ CO:
Hero’s Crests (x10)
5 Login 3 Days Hero’s Crests (x10)
6 Link with PSO2es and Quick Search once Hero’s Crests (x10)

※Goal 6 will be distributed at a later time.

Battle Deos Gryphon Under The Crimson Moon!

~ September 4th, 2019 ~


Regiment of the Wicked 2019

New to this year’s iteration is the Ultra Hard difficulty, introducing an Ultralized variant of Gal Gryphon. The latest crop of Weaponoids visiting from PSO2es will pop up among the quest’s Emergency Trials.


Deos Gryphon will appear exclusively on the Ultra Hard difficulty as the final boss. Watch out for the additional electric attacks added to its repertoire.


New item drops include the ★15 [Shiho Genbu] and [Serpen Blenzer] weapons, ★14 [Ranphecy], and Dark Rappy Suit Mini.


Clear a new set of Limited Missions for Evolution Devices, certificates, badges, and more!


The Regiment 2019 Weapon Collection carries a few Acht and Fornis series weapons. Five ★14 Pet Eggs are available from the Egg Collection.


Special Collection Addition

The new ★14 [Ranphecy] daggers will be added to the Special Collection.


Complex Photon Arts

Complex Photon Arts are special attacks used by consuming a Gauge instead of PP. The gauge is obtained by damaging enemies.

Clear the Client Order from Koffee to add Complex PAs to your Arsenal.


The first Complex Photon Art is [Imperial Cleave]. A Sword Photon Art only usable by Hunter. Coat your Sword in Photons to slash away the enemies before you with this Photon Art.


Ein Project (AC Scratch)

In collaboration with the Legend of Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These anime, a selection of Reinhard and Yang clothing items will be available as part of a new scratch. Two costumes fashioned for Itsuki and Aika will also be included that fuse Japanese and Western styles.



Brünhild Ship

As part of the collaboration, the Brünhild can be spotted flying outside of the Gate Area windows! Its position varies between blocks.