Party with Kirito and Asuna in Collaboration with Sword Art Online!

December 16th, 2020 Update


Sword Art Online Collaboration

Kirito and Asuna will appear in the lobby for a limited time! Investigate their presence on Oracle with Matoi in new story scenes, available until January 6th, 2021.


The pair will have a series of client orders to clear that reward players with not only their partner cards, but various SAO collaboration items as well.


Mission Pass – Season 4

A new season of the Mission Pass arrives with more ARKS missions to complete and loads of items to earn!


Balance Adjustments


Critical Strike (Skill)

  • Critical hit rate increased.

Limit Break Insurance (Skill)

  • Reduced the recast time of Limit Break.

Twin Daggers

  • Increased the power of all Photon Arts.

Double Saber

  • Normal attack range increased.
  • Step attack range increased.
  • Kamaitachi (weapon action) damage increased.


  • Third strike of a normal combo's damage increased.
  • Increased the power of all Photon Arts except Meteor Fist.


Photon Blade Fever (Skill)

  • Increased duration.


Overdrive (Skill)

  • Reduced recast time.

An All Skill Tree Reset Pass will be distributed.


Prodigy Psychic (AC Scratch)

December 9th, 2020

Futuristic psychic attire and casual kitty clothing are available in a new mid-update scratch! Holiday cosmetics from the Global version of PSO2 will also be included.



Oracle Christmas Collection (AC Scratch)

December 16th, 2020

A collection of yesteryear's Christmas couture will be re-released. Holiday character posters of Hitsugi, Katori, Harriet, and Luther are available as a scratch bonus.


15 thoughts to “Party with Kirito and Asuna in Collaboration with Sword Art Online!”

  1. How much do you have to do Shiva Ultra Hard to get that item for the latest weapon? I got a title saying I did that quest 40 times a month (or two?) ago.

    1. Yes, it's the the True Profound Darkness weapon I was talking about. To be honest i dont really know if that title I got earlier was for that quest but I did it alot of times and it wasnt translated it showed some kanji with 40~ Thanks.

  2. It's cool to see a Fighter buff for range how much range is extended? I played most of the time Etoile and changed to Fighter Etoile subclass Lvl 90 Etoile lvl 100 – you take more damage, you do less damage to enemies you have like zero range~ I hope this range stuff is like 10 meters if there is no damage buff etc. I got on Etoile alone 3,6k attack on earlier mentioned 90/100 etoile subclass over 4k and I do much less damage, maybe I got more with limit break. Maybe it's just a bad combination but why is fighter so bad at – almost everything? You cant dash like others without skipping to gunslash regenschlag etc all the time.

    1. No shinon, but also no scratch. You literally just earn everything from client orders and itโ€™s super nice.

    2. Actually it looks like the SAO items are CO rewards if i read the info correctly no scratching needed ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Wow with that buff BO It will surely be the new meta, seriously it needs a dmg buff or class skill buff in general, clearing solo PD UQ in 15-18 mins even with 6K atk is just ridiculous. "SAO is good" lmao. the SAO collab feels more like sega trying to redeem themselves over the EP4 failure.

  4. A lot of these buffs are more general QoL than meta shifting buffs. What a disappointing road ahead of us in preparations for NGS.

  5. I could be wrong (and this is a bit of a nitpick) but that middle x-mas poster is labeled as Kohri, but that is very much not her. It looks more like Katori.

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