Phantasy Star Festa 2016 Goods & Item Codes


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The Phantasy Star Festa 2016 is underway, granting attendees early access to various merchandise and great opportunities to snag some exclusive item codes. Those unable to attend can check the in-game shops of other players, though some items may be untradeable or not yet redeemable.


Festa 2016 T-Shirt
感謝祭2016TシャツM (Festa 2016 T-Shirt M)
感謝祭2016TシャツF (Festa 2016 T-Shirt F)

Festa attendees will receive item codes for the Festa 2016 T-Shirt costumes. Depending on the venue, they can also get a Rappy accessory and Mag evolution device representing the city.

Tokyo Venue
(December 23, 2015)
Shoulder Riding Tokyo Tower Rappy Evo. Device Tokyo Tower Rappy
Shoulder Riding Tokyo Tower Rappy
Evo. Device / Tokyo Tower Rappy
Nagoya Venue
(January 10, 2016)
Shoulder Riding Golden Whale Rappy Evo. Device Golden Whale Rappy
Shoulder Riding Golden Whale Rappy
Evo. Device / Golden Whale Rappy
Fukuoka Venue
(January 17, 2016)
Shoulder Riding Food Cart Rappy Evo. Device Food Cart Rappy
Shoulder Riding Food Cart Rappy
Evo. Device / Food Cart Rappy

※ It is possible that the items in this  section are untradeable. 

Records of Harukotan Drama CD

Harukotan Memoirs Drama CD
PSO2 Drama CD ~Records of Harukotan~

Enjoy a voice drama of planet Harukotan, featuring characters like Matoi, Saga, Katori, Sukunahime, Kotoshiro, and even Koffie! Included is a code for NPC voices and an in-game poster for your room.


  • Release Date: January 27th, 2016
  • Price: ¥3,024
Appearance Name Type
Ticket 女性共通サラボイス
Female Voice – Sarah
Voice Ticket
(All Races)
Ticket 女性共通スクナヒメボイス
Female Voice – Sukunahime
Voice Ticket
(All Races)
Ticket 男性共通コトシロボイス
Male Voice – Kotoshiro
Voice Ticket
(All Races)
Harukotan Memoirs Poster ハルコタン見聞録ポスター
Records of Harukotan Poster
Room Item
Harukotan Memoirs Music Disc VD「喧嘩するほど・・・・・・」 Music Disc
Jukebox ジュークボックス
Room Item
Ticket FUN500獲得チケット
500 FUN Ticket


15th Anniversary PSO Visual Chronicles

PSO 15th Anniversary Visual Chronicles
15th Anniversary Phantasy Star Online
Visual Chronicles

Celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Phantasy Star Online series with a new Visual Chronicles art book. Inside you'll find various illustrations from throughout the long-running series, including early concepts of PSO2. Also included within is a code for valuable items like the untradeable Dreamcast Mag device and Ragol Memories.

15th アニバーサリー ファンタシースターオンライン ビジュアルクロニクル

  • Release Date: December 21st, 2015
  • Price: ¥2,484
Appearance Name Type
PSO 15th Anniversary T-Shirt M PSO15周年TシャツM
PSO 15th Anniversary T-Shirt M
Male Costume
PSO 15th Anniversary T-Shirt F PSO15周年TシャツF
PSO 15th Anniversary T-Shirt F
Female Costume
Dreamcast Mag 進化デバイス/ドリキャス
Evo. Device / Dreamcast
Mag Device
Ragol Memory ラグオルメモリ×4
Ragol Memory (x4)
Exchange Item
PSO 15th Anniversary Logo Sticker PSO15周年記念ロゴ
PSO 15th Anniversary Logo

※ Most of the items in this section are untradeable.

Ao Onihime Shiki Figure

Ao Onihime Shiki Figure

The blue variation of Masaki APSY's Shiki figurine has finally arrived, complete with jet boots and bullet bow accessories. Redeem the item code inside to finalize your Shiki and Oudo looks with their voices and weapons.

Appearance Name Type
Ao Onihime Shiki Repca 藍鬼姫シキ・レプカ
Ao Onihime Shiki Repca
Female Costume
Ao Onibou Oudo Repca 藍鬼坊オウド・レプカ
Ao Onibou Oudo Repca
Male Costume
Kongaratenshou コンガラテンショウ
Ticket 女性共通シキボイス
Female Voice – Shiki
Voice Ticket
(All Races)
Ticket 男性共通オウドボイス
Male Voice – Oudo
Voice Ticket
(All Races)
Orakuru Fudouson 往来々不動尊
Orakuru Fudouson
Gasshourin 合掌輪
(Jet Boots)
Kyoukan 叫喚
(Bullet Bow)



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