Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode 3 Deluxe Package

The Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode 3 Deluxe Package will hit store shelves on March 19th! Available separately for both the PC and Vita, this package contains items codes for Shizuru and Nagisa's costumes and voice tickets. In addition, purchasers will be able to receive the character's respective weapons, "Steel Hearts" and "Rengokuto Ensa."

As a special bonus for early buyers, the first 30,000 players will be able to input a special item code to receive the elusive "Nagisa Swimwear." So act fast if you don't want to miss it!


PSO2 Episode 3 Deluxe Package [PC]

  • Release Date: March 19th, 2015
  • Price: 4,980 Yen (without Tax)
  • Contents: 4 DVDs + Item Codes
  • These item codes will also work in the Vita version.

PSO2 Episode 3 Deluxe Package [Vita]

  • Release Date: March 19th, 2015
  • Price: 4,980 Yen (without Tax)
  • Contents: PlayStation Vita Game Card + Item Codes
  • These item codes will also work in the PC version.


Nagisa Repca
ナギサ・レプカ (Nagisa Repca)
Shizuru Repca
シズル・レプカ (Shizuru Repca)


First Bonus Items

  • ナギサ・レプカ ║ Nagisa Repca
  • シズル・レプカ ║ Shizuru Repca
  • ナギサロング ║ Nagisa Long
  • シズルヘアー ║ Shizuru Hair
  • 女性共通ナギサボイス ║ Nagisa Voice (Nana Mizuki)
  • 男性共通シズルボイス ║ Shizuru Voice (Jun Fukuyama)
  • ナギサ眼帯 ║ Nagisa Eye Patch
  • ナギサコサージュ ║ Nagisa Corsage


Steel Hearts
スティールハーツ (Steel Hearts)
Rengokuto Ensa
レンゴクトウ・エンサ (Rengokuto Ensa)

Second Bonus Items

  • スティールハーツ ║ Steel Hearts (Sword)
  • レンゴクトウ・エンサ ║ Rengokuto Ensa (Katana)

Third Bonus Items

  • Green ARKS Badge (x8)

Fourth Bonus Items

  • PSO2メインテーマVer4 ║ PSO2 Main Theme Ver. 4

Fifth Bonus Items

  • 30 Day Premium Set

Sixth Bonus Items

  • 1000 FUN Ticket
  • Free Salon Pass
  • +100% Tribooster
  • Grind Success +100%
  • Casino Coin Pass (x10)

Seventh Bonus Items

  • Nagisa [Memorial] chip
  • Rappy Medal (x3)


Early Buyer Bonus

Nagisa Swimwear
ナギサスイムウェア (Nagisa Swimwear)

The availability of the following bonuses will end once a certain number of item codes have been entered.

Bonus Items for the first 30,000 Players:

  • ナギサスイムウェア ║ Nagisa Swimwear
  • 男性共通カムハーンボイス ║ Kumhan Voice (Jun Fukuyama)
  • Yellow ARKS Badge (x4)


35 thoughts to “Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode 3 Deluxe Package”

  1. Does the Vita and PC version packages have different codes? Or all the rewards mentioned (other than the 30K bonus codes) included each version? I was kind of confused with all the different bonus items.

  2. …so now the only powerful thing left to gunner has been proclaimed cheating, huh. RIP gunner.

    I mean. if you've got mad skillz, extra fast hands, and top tier gear you could potentially still have a gu/ra solo SH loser or such, but how long untill they ban people for using chain and WB together? or anything else? one gets the impression the people handing things nowadays really don't like gunner. s-roll JAB needed it's nerf, but they've really not done much to make up for the loss of it, and it was abused as hard as it was in it's prime due to gunner lacking anything else.
    assailing the playerbase as a band-aid fix just doesn't cut it, especially during a playercount checkup event.

    and before anyone says it, no, I don't main gunner.

    1. "The only powerful thing left to gunner" is exploiting chain to kill XH magatsu in 31 seconds flat with this combo.
      Whats funny is that SH takes as much time, which is preparation.

      Its not a problem with gunner specifically, its an issue between banishing+100500 chase spam+ 99 chain. So it will only take to somehow segregate or diminish processing damage between volg/banish/chase and chain.

    2. Is cheating if one person can nuke to oblivion a boss supposed for 12 in 1/10th of the time it takes said 12 persons to finish the aforementioned boss, you cant expect that thing as normal in any other pve game. why would a single class combo have much more advantage farming wise to a full mpa? If you could make 300-500k with that, ok, but one shotting magatsu XH is plain bs.

    3. @ -Z- The amount of assumptions in your comment could fill a black hole. I don't see how farming 20+ Magatsu per EQ is NOT cheating, how the hell can you defend 4 players doing 78 million damage in 31 seconds? Magastu was intended for 12 players to kill in roughly 30 min., and now can be done by 2 players in 2 min. or less. This is arguably the absolute worst abuse of SEGAs incompetent game design, in a game with a long history with glaring game flaws. That is really saying something.
      SEGAs decision to ban people over this is incredibly stupid. I'd bet that the reason for their threat of banning players is because they can't fix their mistake in a timely manner, and they want to cut off the flow of players getting nearly 1000 excubes everytime Magatsu pops up. Not to mention also nabbing a ridiculous amount of 12 stars in that time.
      If you can't keep your inferiority complex in control, at least keep your extra chromosomes in check.

    4. the problem is that sega underestimated just how well chain works with those record/amplify things. no, people shouldn't be able to kill magatsu THAT fast, just like people shouldn't be throwing ad hominems around because they have no points to argue (no, parroting the obvious doesn't count as arguing a point); sega however wasn't doing much about it with any speed untill people started doing it to magatsu. they're right to not want the new raid boss being trivialized like that, but they're wrong to be going HURR CHEET BAN instead of fixing the thing they see as broken. I'm seeing reports of them banning ANY room that kills magatsu fast, even without chain/banish/volg. that's something that SHOULD NOT be happening.

      at the end of the day, it's pathetic that gunner has been reduced to the point of being little more than a tool to enable something else to be overpowered. sega has completely failed in balancing the class; they removed one OP skill (sroll JAB being 200%) and told them to depend on another skill that, when actually depended upon, becomes OP, and even gave them a tool to use it to that extent more easily (twice chain). far as I'm concerned this one is entirely sega's fault, because everything involved in it is working exactly as designed; it's hardly the playerbase's fault that sega designed it that way without considering how it would end up working.
      all these modifiers seem great in theory, but we all know sega doesn't bother testing them with the kinds of twinked out stats that the playerbase actually uses. we've all seen the kinds of gear they use when showing stuff off in their live events; even when they have top-tier stuff the abilities strapped on are sensible things rather than all out ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK! stats. with all the percentages involved, it doesn't take a mathematician to see what's going to happen when players pump in bigger numbers.

      and for as much as they talk about wanting gunner to stylishly combo PAs, they went and made boneheaded choices like putting techarts JAB on fighter.

    5. "s-roll JAB needed it’s nerf, but they’ve really not done much to make up for the loss of it, and it was abused as hard as it was in it’s prime due to gunner lacking anything else."

      Woah bro, do you even gunner? I've countless hours playing as gunner and I gotta say gunner is still very deadly in terms of dps even without sroll JA or chain. The one who complains about "aaaw gunner sucks now" or "RIP gunner" is the one who fails to adapt into gunner new playstyle, period.

      The era of gunner spamming inifnity fire is already over and there's 9 other PA waiting to be used properly, use that well and you'll be still, or even more deadly than gunner in ep2 with sroll JA.

      And finally what irritates me the most is from your quotes:
      "…no, I don’t main gunner."

      Seriously brah? How could you determine gunner sucks if you don't even play as gunner? From youtube? From other people's comment? /facepalm

  3. Early Buyer Bonus

    The availability of the following bonuses will end once a certain number of item codes have been entered.

    Wait, so whoever inputs the codes for the deluxe pack first wins? They're not a different code included in the first 30k boxes or something?

    1. It may or may not be a different code. If it is a separate code, they probably include it in every deluxe pack and once 30k have redeemed it, it becomes useless. :v

  4. It'll be interesting if the weapons are actual weapons an not camos…I mean, if Regokuto Ensa has a potential that's it anything at all like the special effect it has in PSP2…wow that thing will be brutal

    1. Hmm… seeing as how this doesn't have a " * " next to it, until it was a typo, then that would confirm that it's the actual weapon and not a camo. Well, we will see come March! I've so patiently for them to add Nagisa and Shizuru's outfits and stuffs and now it's finally happening!

  5. The package will be released as soon as it hits March 19th in JST, right?
    So, it will apply to everywhere else no matter the timezones once Japan reaches their said day?

  6. I have three item codes. The first one worked and gave me items but there's a second one that I input but it doesn't give me anything and gives me a message. The third one is for PSO2es that gives boost items but the second one is the one giving me problems. I guess I can't use it anymore?

    1. Disregard my last post, I just read on the Vita Players page that the Nagisa Swimwear ended on the 2nd when they reached 30.000 players. I was a day too late as my box didn't arrive until the 1st but didn't pick it up until the 2nd since it was certified mail.

      This really sucks ass.

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