Phantasy Star Online 2: Registration Guide

Phantasy Star Online 2 Logo 2Phantasy Star Online 2 is an online multiplayer RPG where up to 12 players can cooperate in a quest to defeat various bosses and enemies. In order to access the online servers, you'll need a SEGA ID. This registration guide will outline the entire process, helping players embark on their infinite adventure.

PC players may download the game for free at the official site, by clicking on the large button with the space background at the top. Alternatively, you can torrent the game from Arks Layer, which includes a set up file with several updates pre-installed (and will download much faster than the official site). You can also download the game (and install the English Patch) by installing the Tweaker from the Arks Layer website.

PlayStation Vita players can download the game for free through the  Japanese PlayStation Store. You can then link your SEGA ID to any region PSN account (US/EU/JP/etc) on a hacked Playstation Vita by using an account switcher program after the download completes. An English patch is available for hacked Playstation Vita consoles, along with installation instructions, from the Arks Layer website.

PlayStation 4 players can download the game for free at the Japanese PlayStation Store. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the PC version's English Patch before attempting to play the PlayStation 4 version. An English Patch is not available for the PlayStation 4 version.

Japanese Enabled Browser

  1. In Firefox: Press ALT+T
  2. Click Options
  3. Click Content tab > Click Choose
  4. Add Japanese language


  • If you receive this message, the registration page is blocking access from your location.
  • You will need a proxy or VPN to continue registering.


  • If you receive this message, Sega is currently having hardware issues and has temporarily closed all new registrations.

Certain territories are blocked from playing the Japanese version. Generally, if you are unable to access the official site, then a VPN will be required to play.

Important Information for English Players

  • The online community is split up into different servers called "Ships."
  • English players can be found on Ship 2, Ship 4, and Ship 10.
  • Ship 2 has the highest English speaking population.
  • All servers will go down for maintenance on Wed @ 11:00 ~ 17:00 JST

Registration Guide

Head to the Official Site.
Click the SEGA ID button.

Type in your Email Address.
Click the large button beneath the form.

Please avoid registering with AOL email addresses as they have issues with receiving authentication codes.

Check Email PSO2

Check your Email and click the link inside.

Choose SEGA ID

Type in your SEGA ID.
Type in your Password.

You will use your SEGA ID to sign into PSO2. Your password must be 6 ~ 30 characters in length and must have at least 2 English letters and 1 number.

Secret Question

Choose A Secret Question
Type Answer to Secret Question
Select Birth Year, Birth Month, and Birth Day.

List of Secret Questions:

  • 通っていた幼稚園(保育園)の名前は? The name of the kindergarten or nursery school you went to.
  • 生まれた町名は? The name of the town/city you were born in.
  • 最初に乗った車の車種は?First Car Make or Model.
  • 子供の頃の憧れの選手は? Childhood role model.
  • 初恋の人のファーストネームは? First name of your first love.
  • 最初に飼ったペットの名前は? First pet's name
  • 中学校三年生の時の担任は?Your third-year middle school homeroom teacher.

Recovering a lost password requires that you enter a four digit year, two digit month, and two digit day.

Email Newsletter

Checkmark if you want to subscribe to the Newsletter.
Press 次へ for the next page.

The site will display the information you entered in the previous steps, along with the usual Terms of Use, etc. You'll need to click the checkmark at the end, stating that you agree to these terms. (The checkbox is above a red notice that says " ※上記「同意する」ボタンにチェックを入れないと登録には進めません" (If you do not click agree, you will not be able to proceed with registration).

Captcha Hiragana

画像認証 (Captcha)

Next up is the "Captcha Boss". You solve the captcha by typing the "Hiragana" characters contained in the image. The easiest way to do this is by drawing the characters in Google Translate. Alternatively, you can visit [Lexilogos Hiragana] to match the characters by clicking on them. After you've got the characters, copy and paste them into the box below the captcha. Be quick though, as the captcha times out after a few minutes! If you need additional assistance, you can ask for help in the Arks-Layer discord's #jp-account-help channel, a PSO2 Facebook group or on PSO-World.

Press [規約同意して登録] to complete the registration!

To make things a little bit easier, right click, copy the image location, and open it in a new tab. Refresh the image to see the Japanese characters in different angles.

Complete Register

Seeing this page means you've completed your registration! Congratulations, you can now log into the game.

47 thoughts to “Phantasy Star Online 2: Registration Guide”

    1. They seem to have cut down captcha timeout really low. I get "can't complete the image ID" even if I complete it in 30 seconds.

  1. Thank you for this guide. It was very helpful. I would also suggest using google Chrome for registering for its awesome auto-translate function.

  2. I need help to change the e-mail of my account

    What does it mean? ※氏名か生年月日または秘密の質問を入力してください。

    姓 名

    1. I think its asking you your name/date of birth or secret question you used in registration. Is there a dropdown list next to it and have you tried entering any of these?

  3. Hey! Been playing PSO2 since bumped launched. Just got back on using proxy stuff after DDos hit. However, I'm encountering an error involving me going to when I try to access player shops. I'm pretty sure I have the right password, so I don't know what's up! I can't connect to the main site either! Please help!

    Thansk in advance!

  4. will help with them japanese captchas, just add me on skype or steam.
    skype: jionelle15
    steam: Neko_urself

  5. Ok, I don't have a japanese proxy, and it considers my response to my secret question acceptable; even though it's in English. Help?

    1. u can use free vpn or browser addon like zenmate(to activate it, you need to register). available both at Mozilla and Chrome add-on store.

  6. um ive tryed signing in on my ps4 but it didnt work any tips into how i can put my email without getting a error in japanese

    1. just ship 2, ship 4, and ship 10 has the most english players. Ship 6 have some but most of them are JP players.

    1. I've found several actually, both by several teams and by pure coincidence like in EQs, but we have this standard of keeping down-low and not yelling in public chat in English, using just party or team chat instead. It's nice this way because it's respecting the Japanese players who don't want to see English gibberish spammed in local.

  7. I forgot my password & secrect answer. I haven't use my DOB since I reach my limit I am guessing… So my account is forever doom?

  8. Hey i tried making a new account but it won't even register my email, and i am 100% sure that this email has never been used for this game

  9. I used the google chrome translation as well as the guide. The only problem that I had was the "Captcha" at the end. Had 2 fails due to server message on next page. I had gotten used to the characters at this point and registered on 3rd attempt.

    Great guide.
    Use this site to translate your e-mail(s) after. Just copy from the e-mail and paste into left window here.

  10. i was able to register and install the game but when i try to get on an ark ship and i do my id and password in something keeps popping up and it keeps sending me to the website log in what is going on?

    1. Getting a SEGA ID is like getting a card for the arcade games, you'll have to register what game you wanna play. That website is to confirm that you're gonna start playing pso2 with your SEGA ID. Google translating the website should help you through it. (in case anyone have the same problem and stumbled upon here)

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