PSO2 Comes To The West in Spring 2020

During the Xbox Conference at E3, it has been announced that PSO2 will finally be coming to the West on the Xbox One and Windows PC in the Spring of 2020.

During the trailer it's said that all the content will be coming along with it. The game will be Free to Play similar to the JP version. Check out the official site.

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    1. shut your mouth. and welcome them home hug your fellow arks and celebrate

  1. does anyone know if youll be able to transfer accounts to English version? are they developed by the same people? im mega hyped but if i have to start over from square 1 i might go a little mad with the level of time money and grinding along with the exclusive items ive gotten over the years

    1. They haven't mentioned whether or not we'll be able to login or play with JP accounts, but I don't see why they wouldn't allow it. After all, when the game came out on Switch, they just added new blocks for Switch players. Seems easy enough to me.

    2. There might be a problem with Collaboration items. If SEGA's collab deals from past events don't fly in the US, then they wouldn't let you use your acct most likely.

      But here's hoping they let us use w.e Sega ID we want…

    3. i sure hope so, i have 1000+ hours in my character and idc about items i can just get them again, but clothes and weapons i can stick in character inv and storage.

    1. Well, it's a good thing I'm not in the US then, they'll never find me in Canada. Bad joke at your expense for thinking that all non-Japanese players are in the US aside, I'm happy that PSO2 will get more love, but I hope they won't do anything to non-Japanese account because I'm sure as hell not starting over.

    2. Well… i hope we dont get blocked from accessing japan. Really i do not want to do another VPN to Japan again the way i had to during the SEA IP Blocking. Lost a few friends contacts overnight :/

  2. this very much so could be bad for western players who play on the jp server. be careful what you wish for.

  3. 2020 release – 8 years after the games initial release and 1 year before the next Xbox console comes out. Rather odd timing.

  4. This is way too late; I feel like they could have just expanded the JP version into an International Version. Who is going to want to switch over at this point in the game’s life cycle?

    1. Who says they haven't?

      Look in the top right corner of the last shot… Powered By Azure.

      XBOX One PSO2 is a Western PSO2 Cloud.

    1. Censorship is a given, there's too much sexy stuff in game, I just hope that doesn't seep into the JP version of the game

    2. …have you actually *looked* at the kind of stuff any number of localised Asian MMOs are casually getting away with? "Sexy stuff" is a complete nonissue here, it's the morass of licenses and contracts and similar corporate red tape that'll likely gut half the cosmetics.

    3. Thing is, this is also on console, even tough Microsoft isn't pulling censorship bs like Sony in the west that doesn't mean they can't start now. But yes, lincensing for a lot of items will kill a lot of the cosmetics and costumes

    1. thats impossible my friend, dark falz loser is because he was born from luthers failure because luther "lost"

  5. I just hope they do one thing…

    Have an offer to, when you're on your new US/EU account, login on your Japanese account on a webpage or the client itself. Your Japanese account is merged with your US/EU account, and either you lose your characters on the JP servers, or you lose the ability to play on JP PSO2 outright.

    That would be nicer than outright putting a IP block on us because MS is our server host now, or our JP characters being only in Japan.

    1. Doubt they'll put an IP block but if they do I doubt they'd give us a transfer option because technicaly we are illegaly playing on their servers. I just hope the publisher behind this doesn't push sega to actually do a IP block

    2. Let's just hope (haha) they realize that language barrier is enough of a deterrent avoid west>JP player leak while JP players have ship2 if they want non-JP experience. Obviously this only works if they use the VERY GOOD PSO2 JP cash shop / p2pf2p player economy and don't pull nexon or other generic brainless western publisher bullshit and turn game into yet another freemium bullshit that will die in a year.
      Most likely we'll get IP ban which is not new, worst case is we get banned, though I doubt that will help west PSO2 as players who invested a lot of time and possibly money into the game will be less than encouraged to start from the scratch.

    3. I'm speaking for myself but there's no way in hell I'd start over, I have over 4000 hours in already and I'd rather quit than join a toxic ridden environment that the western servers will likely be, that and no colab items so I'll pass. The last nail in the coffin for me is the fact that I'm in Europe so I'm not going through the effort of making a US account

    4. I play on PlayStation, im from japan, it will 99% most likely not allow you to carry over japan characters or anything even if you were playing on a US account on the japanese app game, it will either be different server and/or the app being a different app and added as a separate game on your games list, on PS4 you go to your account next to trophies and you see your games list will show 2 of the same games, example you will see 2 PSO2s on your games list, but sometimes a game company can decide to keep it the same server/characters even though it still shows up as a different game on your games list, but it is japanese game so it probably wont but hopefully it does for you guys.

  6. Hope we won't have to set up a new account to play with others on the west, but man… I'M STILL SO DAMN HAPPY! And it seems the whole story will be up to date

  7. I hope we can still play our characters. I noticed that its gonna be crossplay. If I can't transfer my character I hope they have the English text available in the jp client. If not I know the translation guys will get the translated file from the English version to work. Overall, I see more PSO2 in my future.

  8. Spent way too much time and money on jp server if i lose my jp account will not be going to western version everything lv 90 on 2 characters nearly all 14 star weapon and a few 15 stars not grinding for them again… lol and not to mention all the AC scratch fashion accessorises and LA i own… those will probably be gutted and some wont make it to western version namely all the winners design items i have collected to use an an example

  9. is this thing come in aeriagames? if yes it's a DOA.
    hope they put ip ban on that new region just like back then on SEA releases for the lulz. also, transferring account is prohibited (gotta spend more dem money oy vey).

    just a joke ofc.
    still, can't believe they did this with way too-endgame stage. i thought they were planing on PSO3 or something but i guess not

  10. No gameplay footage? As if they know that game is 8 years old and looks the part.
    What are the chances of Sega making another visual update?

    1. The game got a graphics update like after 2016, but who's to say they won't just for this version? Also the game is about to be 7 years old.

    2. Probably. P sure they'd have to ditch that millstone of Vita support they've been dragging around for years tho.

  11. this is great news, though i hope they don't fall for the SJW trap, because they hate everything and never for a reason, also they won't get the product anyway even if the devs compromises with them

  12. The localization (and xbox1 port) probably funded by Microsoft with how there's no PS4 and Switch version. IIRC Sega is listed as one of the supporter of Microsoft's Game Pass. If this true then NA version will probably use a fresh new server. I'm just hoping there won't be more ipblock again.

    1. Switch version might still happen due to how buddy buddy Nintendo is with MS at the moment. I doubt we'll see it on the e3 direct but I wouldn't be surprised if the switch version gets released after the Xbox one. It's probably more money in MS's bank that Nintendo could care less about.

  13. heres what im predicting/seeing.

    chatty lobby with memes blasting everywhere. ridiculous prices for costumes, veterans jumping this game and taking advantage of noobs. toxic players. rude players. this being like SEA, surviving only maybe a month or more? then shutting down because of lack of support.

    unless the producer plans to make more stuff for PSO2, id give this game maybe..2 or 3 more years before it gets boring. unless this game has another like, updated graphics. because 2012 to now, graphic has changed ALOT.

  14. i am happy and worried at same time… i do happy finally PSO2 have western release, but i do worried about what will happen to us, foreigner who play jp server.. i do hope full account migration to pso2 na, but it seems unlikely, the only game that have full migration account i know is Elsword, from ID Elsword to NA Elsword when ID is closed

    1. People that never played the game?
      Jap captcha is the hardest first boss in history of games after all.

    2. Max, you DO know that Goog Translate has had a "canvas" option so you can draw those runes yourself with your mouse, right? That feature just trivializes the moonrune captcha wall.

    3. No I don't actually.
      I've followed guide suing online japanese keyboard.
      Maybe it's easier these days but a lot of people still react as if japanese version is some mythical fruit that can not be obtained by mortal men. Somehow.

  15. i just wonder how account with 3000 hours+ of playing and tons of meseta can be transfered to a fresh server. its like playing with god mod enabled and a free ticket to manipulate market price and raise inflation.

    1. Heha, the chance of seeing ANY account transfer is going to be VERY slim. I don't see why SEGA of Japan would allow it anyways. Any Non-JPN players playing PSO2 JPN are violating the ToS. They just don't give too much of a deal to delete the account or ban us from the server.

  16. I think the important thing we should pay attention to is what actual differences there will be between JP and NA releases. This trailer gives no indication whatsoever other than a few words and some cutscenes from Ep1-5. One speculation I have right now is that it wont "contain all content" (I failed to see any Ep6 footage in the trailer), meaning we may only get an actual content update periodically as opposed to every couple of weeks or so.

    That said, who wants to bet that SEGA has no intentions to internationalise their PSO2 Station/ARKS Live broadcasts. Unless Microsoft or the Western publishers of PSO2 intend to do an alternative thing in the west, I highly doubt SEGA alone has the funding to provide as much love to this release of PSO2.

    Concerning the whole stance on lootboxes in games, I think it would be in their best interest not to include AC scratch in this release. They could get around this by doing one or both of these things:

    1) Slap an age rating on the game to cover their asses for the amount of lewdity the game has (therefore no need to cut content)
    2) Eradicate AC scratch completely and have a shop that allows players to directly buy this content, completely eliminating any element of real money gambling

    Sure there might also be licensing limitations as far as collab items are concerned, but that is in the hands of SEGA and whoever is handling this version of the game.

    Having played PSO2 JP since EP3, I know for a fact that PSO2 has been a development mess and has only shown some signs of hope within the past twelve months. The NA release may ultimately be a more refined version of PSO2 with lots of dead things removed and possibly new innovations to help streamline the game. That said, the game in its current state is far from perfect and is still majorly a "work in progress".

    Unless there is an excellent incentive to switch to playing the NA version, I highly doubt anyone who has put the time and effort into playing the JP version will want to switch so late in the games and the XB1s lifecycle.

  17. the one good thing why i thought it was a good decision to not release PSO2 to the west is because…
    well lets face it the "Weeb" culture isn't exactly treated nicely outside of japan hence the made-up term "weaboo" (hell the otaku culture isn't treated nicely inside japan either)

    that's why only people who are truly interested in the anime genre would actually do the effort of finding the game and playing it. I can only see a full western release today to be met with ridicule and bias perception. Since the majority of the internet apparently considers anime as "cancer" or cringe

    1. ???
      Phantasy Star the Game Series has a long history of Western localisation, including the previous MMO iterations. What the Hell does any of that (supposed) bias got to do with any of this, any more than with say the Final Fantasies or any number of other plenty popular "weeb" games and series?

    2. I don't think it's that much of a majority who hate it outright, but those who do are vocal about it…
      I think most are still neutral towards anime fans, or about balanced.

      But really, PSO2 isn't only for anime fans, because it is an action-packed video game at the core, not an animated TV series, even though it has one lol. I really hate hentai and lolicon, but I still play it, because I like the gameplay, and I can make my character look like a hot adult guy, and I also can make a female character who looks realistic. I am not forced to look like a loli or anime girl. That is good enough for me despite that I have a great dislike of many "male otaku" catering anime. I have met some other people who played and didn't care much for anime at all, as well. Not hated it, but who were neutral or only liked niche kinds of anime that PSO2 does not really cater to (like me).
      My husband actually despises the "moe" anime stuff far more than I do, yet he still plays as well. He just doesn't really care for fashion/dressup in the game though, his character is basically an adult woman who wears a melon hat 24/7.

    3. Oh please. People just hate the spectrum level b.s. and all the cringey dudes who rp a female way too seriously.
      Im a cop and have plenty of cop and military buddies who love anime and japanese stuff. The issue is people acting like circus freaks.

  18. I feel it's a bit late at this point. I really doubt already playing eng players will move to start over, sacrificing thousands of hours.

    Account transfers/reuse are sadly unlikely.

    Just hoping we don't get banned from jp in progress

  19. The content they mention in the trailer are mainly combat content, I am doubt that include the fashion in game, lets not mention some of the character running around look like loli….and that doesnt fly well in the western laws and the SJW's controversial.
    I do hope that the english translate for the jp server will keep going or in some way we can get the translate from the western version to the jp version and can keep playing in the Jp server, because we can expect some of the items will not available in the western server and if anything goes wrong, the western server will be close, but not the JP server (talking from previous experience from korean mmorpg and jp mmorpg)

    1. Tera and BNS are korean titles.
      SJW movement is huge in korea.
      PSO2 is japanese.
      SJW movement is extremely small in japan.
      So there's hope western censorship won't retroactively affect japanese version.

    2. Both of those countries rather distinctly *need* that kind of thing, mind you, but that was hardly my point.

    3. Some say that about "anime" too so eh.

      Still not even remotely the point, though.

  20. Unlike many i didn't started playing since the beginning but i have 1500h+ on this game
    I really really hope:
    -They just add the english option on their servers (best option but unlikely)
    -They don't ban us Western barbarian players from their servers (It would also be a self shot in the foot for them)
    -They don't host on California or some stupid place like that (they will get in trouble)
    -They don't try to appeal to the wests left (That is killing all entertainment media which would be a self shot in the face)

  21. It's absolutely pointless, and no one should hold out hope for anything like character transfers from JP to NA, it's 5 years late, people here are dedicated to the game and went through the effort of playing it regardless of region and making communities. Also, no one with good gear and several characters with maxed lvls for class bonuses, with nice vanity and exclusive items, and whose spent money on the game will want to start over. Not to mention NA will probably be censored to hell which just isn't fun and imagine trying to beat and farm content with a brand new player base, hard pass.

  22. I think there will be an IP region block now since we we're getting our own pso2 server just like pso2 sea. since we having our own pso2 server soon, they might block us from connecting to pso2jp too just like they did in southeast asia region. so if we still want to play to their server, soon we need to use vpn or proxy too.

    1. Sadly that i see that coming…
      Well as SEA player, I'm 50% believe this is gonna be the same as us SEA player
      But we would never knew the outcome, Time will tell..

  23. I just hope and pray to the almighty gods at Arks layer that they would continue to support and be supported by us gaijins in jp servers

    and also that sega doesn't decide to sink ship 2 and go on a witch hunt since microsoft would probably want all the english speakers on their own servers.

  24. People saying about how the community will be toxic doesn't realize that they themselves are toxic. The game is for those who still hold out on playing the JP server, there's surprisingly a good amount of them, or someone who's okay with starting over on a server with better latency for them. I won't touch NA version but you guys are as toxic as it can get.

    1. have you even seen what a real toxic player is? if we are "as toxic as it can get" then you must be new to the internet

    2. That's reminds me a little what happened to me. I was in a team "arks-system" who was saying how awful the b7 is, but my team was posting racist comment, flaming,wasn't giving a shit about new players and bannishing some of them for stupid things like repeating something not even bad so it's funny to see people say "toxic" when they can be themself far worst. That's not mean i'm gonna go to b7 but it's still better than this kind of people. It wasn't against the original post by the way, i don't know you.

    3. Okay i might be exaggerated a bit but you get the point. Also, at least i know that i'm kinda toxic against certain kind of people but they talk like they aren't toxic themselves at all. Most of English community outside of Ship 2 is also toxic, with Ship 4's Elitist taking the biggest cake.

  25. Holy crap, never thought this would happen hehehhe. I accepted the idea that PSO2 would never come to the west. Soooo, staying on JP server just like most of us, or make another account just for US servers.
    Neat but late….. Very late.

  26. unless they have transfers or some type relief on launch like leveling events and gifts to help speed up progression no one will play us release i know i wont because i am a lazy bastard and im not gonna work for another 2 years to get back 100000 mesetas worth of cosmetics and gear progression i also fear that when this happen arks layer and all those things will shut down forcing people to migrate or it might make their job easier they wont have to translate much cause they can copy off us versions this is one of those you want something but actually getting it is less exciting than you thought

  27. Wayyyyyy too late, shouldn’t pso3 or psu2 be coming out by now? lol also it’ll end up being PSU 4th floor within 3 months.

  28. In my opinion it is a bad move on the part of Microsoft, to launch the PSO2 in the West, for several reasons …

    1st.- It's been a long time since the game was released (approximately 7 years after its release) … and I really doubt that SEGA seriously thinks about releasing it now since its ORIGINAL intention was that it was only for Japan.

    2nd.- Many players with time in the game (I am one of the first to play in the Close Beta and in the Open Beta, and I still have my account with more than 6260 hours of game) that WILL NOT BE CHANGED FROM ACCOUNT to the version western…

    3rd.- This version may not have the same treatment as the Japanese version in terms of treatment, and be abandoned after a few months and the same thing happens to the Korean version of Play-Park, only with a larger company and for the difference of zone, it is sure that it is not ALL THE MATERIAL OF THE JAPANESE SERVERS. Xbox One does not have good free to play games in its games library and seeks to fill it with material that is out of its territory, taking an unnecessary risk.

    4th.- The format of the game is COMPLETELY DESIGNED FOR THE JAPANESE PLAYER, the PSO2 does not have PvP and takes place in a closed environment, compared to other games such as the DCUO (DC Universe Online) or the STO (Star Trek Online) that are games designed for the American market … being of the open world …

    If this move is really SEGA, it may be SEGA America trying to put the PSO2 on the American market, with the help of Microsoft … but it is somewhat doubtful as the game's general producer Satoshi Sakai has handled the game for so long time … may also be a hoax but trying to lighten the servers of the foreign presence of their servers …

    These and other reasons are the ones that push me to doubt the decisions of Microsoft … For my part I will continue on the original servers as long as I can follow them and be faithful to the Japanese servers, I DO NOT WANT TO LOSE EVERYTHING WHAT I HAVE DONE AT ALL THIS TIME and I consider that it is an erroneous decision on the part of Microsoft … Arks Layer so far has done an excellent job with the translation keeping all the essence of the game, with the errors and successes that the game has had in all the time he has been active … keeping us all together for so long, even when we are a minority in his servers … and we are not legally in the PSO2 …

  29. I highly doubt account transfers from JP will be allowed. It's rumored that MS is publishing it, or at the very least doing the servers for it. Even if it's not true it's unlikely we'd see account transfers or a Playstation western release considering MS secured this back to Xbox and the fact that no MMO ported to Xbox has ever seen account transfers since ESO and that notoriously went bad when all the transfers slaughtered the new players with ease for months. Plus seeing as it's new Western servers I'm betting we'll have to start fresh which I really don't mind in the slightest.

    I also sincerely doubt this is a move by SEGA and not MS going out of their way to get it in the West on Xbox and Windows…

    Also EU has been confirmed as not happening so rip to all the EU Arks.

  30. Ive spent 1000s in 7 years between premium and ac scratch. Im not starting over. If sega doesnt let us transfer accounts or doesnt open up the JP servers to all since theyll have english translation finally, im done and will NEVER buy another or touch another sega product.

    1. YUP they literally mishandles this so badly and are going to blame non jp players when it inevitably flops because of THEY'RE bungling of all of this. This is legit just spitting in the faces of true pso fans lol

  31. Yeah, no. Let me just give up 7 years worth of progress and paid cosmetics. And literally when this
    F I N A L L Y does come out in the States you all KNOW it will have like literally 1/10th the content in terms of costumes and crossover costumes. This is spitting in the eye of every true pso fan because we're already all playing the tweaker lol….sega #blewit

  32. well it does not matter I was reported by a level 90 in 65+, just for saying 90, if you level up is to go to that level not to make the eq at low levels, so to start from scratch

  33. To all those that are hating on this game and company, I feel sorry for you.
    PSO2 is in my opinion one of the most active online rpgs I've ever played. They have events every day, concerts which I'm interested to see if they wil have them in english or not and there's constant updates to the game with an increasing amount of gear and classes. Not entirely sure where it will stand with how Japans version is right now but if they happen to give it to us up to date with crossplay it will only mean good things.
    I have hundreds of hours on the Japanese version thanks to tweaker and I can safely say I'll be one of the many Phantasy Star fans happy to add this to my Xbox Console.
    I kinda have one question though, I'm wondering if the accounts will be ties to SEGA IDs and if so, if we can log in and play on our current characters (for those that already played it). It would create a huge curve for people just starting out compared to those that have 15* weapons and units but it's still so far away so I'm sure we'll get answers the closer it gets to release.
    Thank you SEGA for realizing the West enjoys your jrpg scene as well!

  34. It's been announced that Its bein realease on both Xbox and PC including crossplay. My question is does anyone know if the console version will have keyboard support???

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