Ultra Hard Hits Planet Naberius on June 12th!

~ June 12, 2019 ~


Ultra Exploration: Naberius

The Ultra Hard difficulty spreads to Naberius! Challenge four new 'Ultralized' bosses across the planet's Forest, Tundra, and Ruins fields. Each of these maps has two areas and includes a new [Evade the Runaway Visbolt] Emergency Trial.


Ultralized versions of Naberius' signature bosses can be fought during its Ultra Hard quests, sporting more aggressive patterns and devastating new attacks.


The ★15 Genon series and Neo Cabliss boots, ★14 Blood series, and [*Trunk Hunt] weapon camo can be found in the Ultra Hard fields of Naberius.


Alternative Selection (AC Scratch)

The Muv-Luv Alternative collaboration scratch delivers costumes and accessories of heroine Meiya Mitsurugi and CAST parts of tactical fighters Shiranui and Takemikazuchi. In addition to the collab, the scratch offers a selection of gothic themed clothing.



Astral Guardian (SG Scratch)

~ June 19, 2019 ~

A new SG Scratch finally arrives, packed with cosmetics from Episode 5's finale! Also included are a lobby action and weapon camo of the Laconium Sword, as well as the top ranked candidates from the Mini Costume Election.






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