PSO2: Emergency Maintenance (1/25/2019)


Update: They are reconsidering giving [Ability Success Rate (100%)] based on player opinions, they are currently reviewing the compensation items with the development team.

Update 2: Based on fairness and how big the previous compensation would affect the game, they have been updated. See the changes below.

Compensation 1

Players who satisfy the conditions will be compensated as listed.

Condition 1 (Updated):

  • Obtained an item with Guidance Trainer through drops, my shop, or trades.
  • Performed weapon or unit affixing during 1/23 @ 16:45 ~ 1/24 @ 4:40 JST

Those who satisfy condition 1 will receive both Material/Support items, as well as, Meseta used for affixing during the period.

Condition 2 (Updated):

  • Obtained an item with Guidance Trainer through drops, my shop, or trades.
  • Performed unit affixing during 1/24 @ 19:15 ~ 1/25 @ 17:45 JST

Those who satisfy condition 2 will receive both Material/Support items, as well as, Meseta used for affixing during the period.

Compensation Distribution Period

  • Compensation will be distributed at a later date.

Compensation 2

Everyone will receive:

  • Ability Success Rate +50% (Added)
  • Ability Protection (6s or lower) (Added)
  • Ability Success Rate +40% (x2)
  • 50 Star Gems
  • Erebos Stone (x50)
  • 2019 Weapons Badge (x50)
  • +100% Tribooster (x2)

Compensation Distribution Period

  • Compensation will be distributed at a later date.

Other Notices

  • If you could not clear your 5 runs of the Solo Ultimate Quest today, they will add more runs later in February for you.
  • Emergency Quests, Casino Boosts, and Arks League affected by the maintenance will be moved to later times this week. An additional [Specter of Destruction] was added for January 27th @ 17:00 JST. Please wait until these sessions are added to the Google Calendar.


Emergency Maintenance Ended

  • 1/25/2019 @ 18:00 ~ 3:00 (JST)
  • 1/25/2019 @ 4:00 AM ~ 1:00 PM (EDT)

Maintenance Contents

  • To correct a bug in which when [Guidance Trainer] was on the Base Unit, it was not functioning properly.


30 thoughts to “PSO2: Emergency Maintenance (1/25/2019)”

    1. are you like complaining on 7 years old game whikE A few brand new game that you need to pay 80 $ + +++ that the dev are barely there and your complaining its free men its freee

    1. +5% means 100% chances of affixing 6 Affixes outside of Dudu's Boost Weeks (with an Ability Success Rate +40%). If you had lost hundreds millions of Mesetas because Dudu had screwed you at 95% again and again, you would understand the merit of this Affix and stop saying bullshit.

  1. Damn, I forced myself awake for Persona EQ only to find out the game is off. Then again the game is already 6 years old with a lot of updates so the code is probably real pain in the ass to take care to not break something when adding something new. I fear we might be getting a long ass emergency MT when EP6 hit the game.

    1. It's unavoidable, the engine is so old, they have to keep patching it. Don't get me wrong, I love PSO2 (I love the Phantasy Star series in general), but I think it's due time for them to start developing a more modern engine and work on PSO3 or something…

  2. Scheduled completion date of emergency maintenance
    January 26, 2019 (Sat) 3: 00
    The date you posted would be wrong is sega's date isn't LOL

  3. Sega is in a catch 22 with PSO2 right now. They cant abandon PSO2 because it is giving the company a stable source of income, however they cant invest in further significant development and maintenance of PSO2 (or begin working on PSO3) without compromising their existing profits.

    Unless Sega comes into a significant amount of money that they are willing to invest into PSO2 in its current state, their quality control will always be subpar with more unplanned maintenances for even the smallest of hiccups.

    TL;DR = money (or lack of so it may seem).

    1. meh.. i want DX12 support as an option :/ , its one of the reasons why this game is shietty, the lack of support for modern systems that prevent it from being less intensive on performance.. , hate having to install dx9 just for pso2 to have sound… plus it crashes whenever i switch audio outputs.. its so bad.., Windows 10 PC's will be getting drivers through the store soon; and from the looks of it DX9 doesn't seem to be the first option at the moment.. so yeah; they better think of something before that something pushes them further into the ditch..

    1. Yeah… People that are salty because they din't logged in. Well I guess that I'll forget about affixing a returner in the future.

    2. Which is a load of BS imo. If people really want to cry unfairness at least do it because of the fact that Su is getting way better treatment than all other classes when it comes to eggs

    3. 100% affix of any, no matter how stupid or improbable, combination and 4 graces with cost of 100+m meseta is totally fair and wouldn't rape market or upset everyone who scratched for graces during boost week.

      Su a mistake. Though actually they don't get unique stuff like spread needle or lavis wang, so there's that.

  4. @Kyaa
    They might not get anything unique(yet, I still think they'll get a takto in the future that lets them dual wield pets or some shit) but the high rates are too damn high. One could argue that they need candy, but even that sega provides a lot with the badge shop. As a Ranger I am salty that every damn quest is flooded with eggs while I can count with 1 hand the number of quests that actually drop the Launcher (with a low af drop rate), I dont even use Su and I have every 14* pet save for Redoran and a few of the S ones

  5. >sega offers a fair and generous apology
    >we don't get it because there are people who are afraid they might lose a few meseta over people getting to do a single successful affix job that'd likely be obsoleted in a few months anyway having a tantrum "oh, you'll destroy the economyyyy!"

    only in online games, folks. let's ignore that the affix market is almost as cancerous as the system itself. only in online games do you find people getting angry about the idea of being given valuable things for free with no strings or taxes attached.

  6. Any idea when boost is happening or for which class? I wait second week to affix my xion wand and don't see anything. Last time I was on i had 10%~ maybe but was like two months ago >.>

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