PSO2 Episode 1 & 2 Materials Collection Releases September 17th!

Materials Collection

PSO2 Episode 1 & 2 Materials Collection Small

The Phantasy Star Online 2 Episode 1 & 2 Materials Collection releases on September 17th, 2015. Various concept artwork spanning the first two episodes of the game are included within, along with a special interview with the development team.

The book contains six categories of works: Visual Gallery, Costume, Weapons, Enemies & World, Story Structure, and Extra.


Item Codes

PSO2 Setting Material

After three long years, Xion's clothing and accessories are available for characters, both male and female! Unisex versions of her updo hairstyle and her long hairstyle from Episode 2's dramatic conclusion are available as well. These items and more listed below can be acquired through codes included with purchases of the book.


Appearance Name Description
Xion Up シオンアップ
Xion Up
Unisex Hairstyle
Xion Long シオンロング
Xion Long
Unisex Hairstyle
Xion Glasses シオンメガネ
Xion Glasses
Xirys Robe M シーリスローブM
Xirys Robe M
Male Costume
Xirys Robe F シーリスローブF
Xirys Robe F
Female Costume
Xirys Robe M C シーリスローブM/C
Xirys Robe M/C
Male Costume
(Cast Version)
Xirys Robe F C シーリスローブF/C
Xirys Robe F/C
Female Costume
(Cast Version)
Xirys Paint M シーリスペイントM
Xirys Paint M
Male Body Paint
Xirys Paint F シーリスペイントF
Xirys Paint F
Female Body Paint
Materials Collection Cover Poster 設定資料集表紙ポスター
Materials Collection Cover Poster
Room Item
Item Pass エステ無料パス
Free Salon Pass
Item Pass



19 thoughts to “PSO2 Episode 1 & 2 Materials Collection Releases September 17th!”

    I will start accepting meseta donations ingame to achieve my perfect Xion look~

    1. why? do u prefer it to be a costume or accessories? (´・ω・`)
      i think it looks better as body paint so u can match up with any costumes.

    2. That's 'cause Xion is/was a bonafide Physical God (or as close as makes no difference from human POV) and you're just some wannabe playing dress-up, Airyn. o3o

    1. I dont know if you found it yet, look in the back of the book. THere's a black paper the size of a wallet or so. Open it up. Its really sticky, and kind of hard to notice. The code should be on the left once you open it.

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