Dark Blast Apprentice

Unlocking Dark Blast Apprentice

Summon insect comrades through the power of [Apprentice]. Slash your way through foes with swift attacks. Dark Blasts can only be activated once per quest and must be unlocked in the following ways.

Dark Blast [Apprentice] Unlocking Condition A

  • Clear the Episode 5 Story:  神国エピックの王として [Ruler of the Kingdom of Epic] 

Dark Blast [Apprentice] Unlocking Condition B

  • Defeat [Omega Apprezina] OR [OF Apprentice] on Super Hard or Higher.

Either A or B must be completed to unlock Dark Blast [Apprentice] for the account.


You can set Dark Blast to the sub-palette and activate it within quests.



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Dark Blast Skills

Each skill can be leveled up or unlocked through the consumption of Dark Blast EXP. Defeating enemies will add to your experience pool, which can be claimed upon clearing a quest. The accumulated EXP is shared to the entire account, allowing each of your characters to add skills separately.

You can access the Skill Menu through [Main Menu] > [Equipment] > [Dark Blast]

Certain skills require tasks before they're unlocked. These will be listed on the right hand side in the Dark Blast menu and the tables below.


通常攻撃コンボ増加 (Normal Attack Combo Up)
Increases Normal Attack Combo from 5 to 9 Defeat x100 Enemies as Apprentice


パッショネイト・スピン (Passionate Spin)
When using Graceful Dance, hold down the button for an alternate attack. Hit 10 Enemies with [Graceful Dance] PA


ラクシャリアス・ドリーム (Luxurious Dream)
ATK and Critical rate rises for you and nearby allies. Use [Sensational Speed] 5 times.


ラクシャリアス・ドリーム強化 (Luxurious Dream UP)
Using Luxurious Dream makes a similar effect activate around your bugs. Use [Luxurious Dream] 10 times


ブラック・クイーン・アライバル (Black Queen Arrival)
All of your bugs rush together as one.
Can only be used once per activation.
Hit 400 Enemies with [Bugs: Royal Scorpion]
Hit 100 Enemies with [Bugs: Servant Hornet]
Defeat 300 Enemies in Apprentice Form


センセーショナル・スピード (Sensational Speed)
Perform a high speed dash for a limited time  


ロイヤル・スコーピオン (Royal Scorpion)
Provides a damage bonus to [Bugs: Royal Scorpion].  


サーヴァント・ホーネット (Servant Hornet)
Provides a damage bonus to [Bugs: Servant Hornet]  


HPアップ (HP Up)
Increases the max HP.  


PPアップ (PP Up)
Increases the max PP stat.  


全攻撃アップ (ALL ATK Up)
Increases all ATK stats.  


全防御アップ (All DEF Up)
Increases all DEF stats  


Dアタックアドバンス (D Attack Advance)
Provides a damage bonus to Basic Attacks  


フォルティッシモ・キック強化 (Fortissimo Kick UP)
Provides a damage bonus to the [Fortissimo Kick] PA.  


グレイスフル・ダンス強化 (Graceful Dance UP)
Provides a damage bonus to the [Graceful Dance] PA  


PPセイブ (PP Save)
Reduces PP consumption for actions that consume PP.  


アリュール・シンフォニー (Allure Symphony)
Fills a gauge based on the damage dealt and automatically activates once it's maxed. From this you'll experience an awakened state that buffs all attacks.  


メロウ・アブゾプション (Mellow Absorption)
A portion of the damage dealt by your bugs is restored as HP.  


ラヴィシング・ステップ (Ravishing Step)
Step deals striking damage while allowing an opportunity to Just Attack.  


Photon Arts

Fortissimo Kick

Delivers a devastating blow from above with a high speed heel drop.


Graceful Dance
Hurl a spinning slash attack in a linear path.
Learning the skill [Passionate Spin] enables an alternate attack that spins you round and round when the button is held.



Dark Blast EXP

Defeating enemies will reward you with Dark Blast EXP at the end of the quest. This can be confirmed at the Quest results screen for:

  • 獲得EXP | Earned EXP
  • 所持EXP | Owned EXP



Any unused EXP will be consumed when leveling up skills. The amount that you currently have is indicated in the yellow box in the screenshot above.

  • 未使用EXP | Unused EXP


Switch to Elder

Switch To Dark Blast Elder


Switch To Loser

Switch To Dark Blast Loser





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