PSO2 Expert Requirement Changes

The prerequisites to be considered an "Expert" were modified on May 29th, 2019.

Expert Player Requirements

  Title Qualifying Condition
A: 狂想の死闘奮迅

S-Rank Clear [Solo Training: Phanatical Phantoms].
Requirement: Clear within 15 minutes.

B: 幻創母神を超えし者

S-Rank Clear [T: Destroyers of Light].
Requirement: Clear within 18 minutes.

Both (A & B) are required to access Expert Matching.
Please access the Title Counter to trigger the completion of these Titles.


24 thoughts to “PSO2 Expert Requirement Changes”

  1. God, i thought it already implemented last update. I mean few Artrum runs after update is horrible. There's even 1 guy who don't even know he need to charge the PA for instant seal break, yet he always pick the laconium every single time.

    1. @HIKOMR oh god i know what you mean, we had this really good party in dragon EQ kicking ass but when the canon phase started and we shot the dragon out of the sky, no one in the mpa grabbed the laconium sword at all to break the wings. I guess everyone was to worried about getting #1 on their blasted Parsers lol.

  2. Maybe I'm misunderstanding it or something but…am I the only one that thinks the new expert requirements are absolutely pointless? The fact that you can clear either the solo or the 4man version of the XQ in order to unlock expert seems just so stupid. Someone could easily just find a few other people to carry them and it pretty much makes no difference, if anything makes it easier to unlock expert than before.

    Why didn't they make it so that one would have to clear the solo version only in order to unlock expert and actually make it "expert" matching. I really don't see how this new change it going to actually change anything anything to expert matching from before.

    Also, let me just say yes, I know that the solo version can be challenging and even BS at times, especially for newer players, but…is that not the point? It's called expert for a reason right? Reading over this post I can see it come off as sort of "elitist", but I was just really hoping that SEGA actually made a change that would help with matching.

    1. Solo is Chester cheesy/10 with Hero so it's not good too, it's probably there to introduce players to concept of challenge (or having friends who carry you), otherwise something like training with predefined weapons/PAs and tailored area where you can't abuse anything would be the best kind of test.

    2. They're a substitute for difficulty separation that we were missing for years. Before ep3 players wouldn't mix because every portion of levels belonged to its own difficulty niche.
      Now when we are stuck in XH, they're trying to invent multitude of way to split players that just got to 75 with fantastic 9star equip and people that multiship seasonal eqs to collect ssaf.

      Its not so sort of tourniquet to stop you from advancing, and its not a metric to separate bad players from good ones. Its a test to make you do bare minumum to use specific matchmaking IF you want to do so. If you don't care about general performance of nonexpert, then the requirement is a nonissue as well.

    3. Is it just me or the XQ also serves as a form of friendship/comradeship test?

      like someone who's a burden (well, let's just assume it's severe enough to cause fails) wants to get at least one run clear. Then ask for help from friends/teammates.

      and about actual expert. Actually what we need is quest that needs brain (gimmicks/mechanics), not muscle (facetank + status). but sega need to cater the playerbase of muscleheads. so maybe that's why it's the current state.

    4. All mechanics and gimmicks can be and will be learned in guides and eventually passed by practice, reaction and muscle memory, because its in nature of an action rpg to observe enemy readings and react to them accordingly. Its not a goddamn MENSA test.

    5. You can clear the phantom one in brain dead mode using a jump dodge ring…..

  3. There's 2 way – or let ppl do title with party – or nerf solo version. (Or add PRO blocks lol) Just because solo is little bit 2 challenging even for ppl like me who already not so bad geared for f2p and easy wipes old solo ex's.

    Still i like the fact that now there is really hard content in game where u need to play not lazy way at last. But making it as condition to experts in the for as it is not will lead to problem that expert blocks will be mostly empty with just some really skilled and geared – i think mostly p2p players.

    Lets be honest – new solo ex is too gear and ping related to be "just an test for skill". (its way harder than dragons rematch – and how many players done rematch first wheek – 20%?) Still its nice content. And rewards good for sure.

    1. Just wait for a video of Cheesy Hero or something else (probably extreme epic action/afk by Su) and you/anyone will be able to solo it as well. Also both p2p and ping affect very little, when parser was around it clearly showed that.

    2. I already saw nice amount of "easy kills" from Hr and Su – but still it ws mostly keyboard players that like didnt miss any dodge and game on their pc was lookin way faster and reactive (dunno how better describe moment when you can see hit goin at you but not dyin from someting you dont see). So yea – i will agree that there will be found a way to chesse – but wont agree that game doesnt ping/pc/control type/p2p dependant.

    3. Im f2p player, this new solo XQ was good and challenging i pass with normal class such as hu/fi sword and br/hu also my gear is not near good as anyone with about 100+ attack affix weapon and units. All you need is gitgud and nerfing solo version is just bad as nerfing deus esca eq after i week it release.

      (sorry for bad english)

    4. im wasnt really suggesting nerf it – my 1st post must be an answer to another post earlyer but smthing glitched… anyway – all i wanted to say is that putting patry version for extreme block qualification is OK. And its better than nerf solo challange.

  4. I think Sega are severely overthinking their requirements for expert status. Adding a "solo" XQ requirement wont accurately measure expert status given that the vast majority of endgame content focuses on participating in a group. Sure it might help them become a self sufficient player who can hold their own in a tricky situation, but isn't that missing the point of what PSO2 (or PSO as a series in general) is about?

    You also have to consider that ignorance is still the problem in many expert parties (for example, failure to assess an overall situation such as monitoring the map for spawn points in BQ/MD or failure to properly utilise the sword in the dragon EQ rematch). I don't think any requirements that Sega have given us so far address things like this directly.

    Unless Sega make their requirements relevant as opposed to a one off requirement in an artificial situation, then it will never refine the player base accurately between the two extremes no matter how silly or outright pointless their requirements get beyond this point.

    I think the concept around having a requirement for working together as a party should be pushed more instead of forcing the player base to become recluse. Encourage players to interact more and formulate strategies! It seemed to work fine in challenge quests… but who plays those anymore? :'(

  5. Heloooo i give a schmoo about matching, all i wanna see is Links Gerudo (trap) outfit in game sometime soon :3 i mean who doesnt? 😀

  6. These are some imbecile choices for restricting players from having expert requirements. And it's not that it's hard or that it takes skill it is mostly a matter of luck facing cheap ass boss attacks that show up with no indication that they would hit you giving you little to no time to react.

    1. Mostly. I aint wasting anymore time. Spent so much time clearing all the other requirements for expert and now this. What was wrong with Heaven and Hell ? Now we need some even stupider boss to randomly shoot at us till we dodge it all and win ? Like the video someone already made. Little skill involved just pure luck.

  7. Expert mastery test should work similar to challenge mode or arena mode.
    Strip player of their gear and levels and give them pre-built setup with limited selection of skills, weapons and PAs for the class of choice, as if it was pure action game without RPG elements.
    Naturally balance it all out and bam – no cheese, no bullshit, pure skill.
    Add some unique cosmetic reward to that like rings and stickers previously, and you're golden.

    1. Indeed! Make it so luck is not involved with the boss throwing random attacks without warning and pure win.

  8. omega hunar hits are actually hard, tried solo like a few runs with FI yesterday and got like a half of them died by single hit with 1k6 hp. these others stages aren't that hard, at least for fi/hr.

  9. So i've just come back from a hiatus and this. THIS.

    SEGA, what the hell. You're making people vomit blood (actual blood) just to get Expert Mode again? There has to be some way to fix Expert Mode requirements, this is just NOT one of those ways. It's like punishing all the carry/taxi hosts who legitimately can do their shit four times over.

    (Yes, I've carried people for the old Expert Mode. Sure, it wasn't fun, but that was still much better than this new requirement. That, and soloing content for the sake of unlocking small features with no proper rewards doesn't seem worth it.)

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