PSO2 Is Searching For Heroes In Episode 5!

New Class: Hero

July 26th marks the momentous day when Phantasy Star Online 2's first advanced class, "Hero," will make its debut. This class specializes in a unique combination of Swords, Twin Machine Guns, and Talises, offering new and exciting actions in battle.


Become a Hero!

In order to become a hero, you must first clear Koffie's "Hero Class Unlocking Trial." This can be achieved by obtaining three Titles, each requiring level 75 in classes representing the main forms of attack.

  • [Title]: One Lv. 75 Striking Class (Hu / Fi / Bo)
  • [Title]: One Lv. 75 Ranged Class (Ra / Gu / Br)
  • [Title]: One Lv. 75 Technic Class (Fo / Te / Su)

The flow for unlocking Hero's level caps will be somewhat different from normal. Apart from the usual "level limit unlocking trials," Hero will have exclusive level capping condition(s). Polish your skills with the class to achieve new heights.

In addition, Hero is available only as a main class; it will not allow the setting of a subclass.


Unique Actions

Wielding a sword as a Hero will change the weapon's behavior. Not only is it swift with a wider attack range, but it will also unlock a different weapon action. Through this comes the "energy blast," unleashing fireballs from the palm of the user's hand. Hold the action button to release a larger blast.


Twin Machine Guns will also change, resulting in long distance combat and rapid fire attacks. In particular, it will experience an increase in firepower now that basic attacks consume PP. This can be restored, however, through the "reloading" weapon action.


Talises will also perform differently in the hands of a Hero. For the first time, they can utilize Photon Arts! Its "agile shift" weapon action will allow the player to fire a "marker" in any direction and instantly teleport to its location.


The main skill of note is [Hero Gear / Hero Time]. Utilizing a variety of attacks will help to increase the [Hero Gear] gauge. Once the gauge fills, you can activate [Hero Time]. During this effect, your attack power will rise as your attacks hit the enemy. Activating [Hero Time] again will trigger a finishing move unique to each weapon type.


The last major feature is its weapon switchable PAs. This allows the class to switch between the three weapon types on the fly. For example, holding the PA button for "Vapor Bullet" allows the weapon to switch from Sword to Twin Machine Guns.


Learn More About Heroes


Hero Class Guide: Stratos

Stratos will appear in the Gate Area, serving as a guide for the Hero class. Pick up her client orders in order to earn skill points for the class, and to gain access to her partner card.


Stratos can also randomly appear in Emergency Trials on all Free Fields.


Hero Training Quest

Heroes will also have their own training quest. Through [Hero Basics], you can learn and practice the different characteristics of each weapon type.


Hero Skill Ring

R/エフォートシンボルHr | R / Effort Symbol Hr

A new skill ring for Hero will be added to the Skill Ring Shop.


Material Storage

Material Storage is a new feature that can store items classified under [Order Items / Materials]. This feature can be purchased as a 30/90 day rental from the AC Shop. The storage can also store a maximum of 65,000 pieces of a single item. Only materials from the Item Pack can be transferred to the Material Storage.


Recommended Skill Tree Setting

New players need not be plagued by worry and confusion at which skills they should learn. Let Sega do the work for you with the new Recommended Skill Tree setting! Once selected, it will automatically assign skill points to skills they recommend.


Cross Block Matching

This feature gives you the option to match up with players from other blocks. In turn, you'll be able to put less time and effort into finding players wanting to run the same quest.


Finer Accessory Adjustments

The accessory slider currently snaps to 15 ticks along a path. In order to allow for more precise placement of accessories, the number of ticks will increase to a whopping 253! This will not affect the slider's overall range, however.


Accessory Stacking

You can now equip a single accessory several times. Adjustment of each accessory helps to further expand the breadth of PSO2's character creation.


Ticket Account Sharing

Using this Ticket will register it to all characters on the account.

Using the same ticket for two characters on your account, will enable that product to be used on the entire account. This will also come into effect for tickets used in this manner prior to the update.


Quick Play

First time downloaders of the PC version can now play the prologue section of the game while the game continues installing.


Recycle Shop

The Recycle Shop can now be accessed in the Camp Ship, prior to and after completing a quest.


Client Orders

Koffie's [Free Exploration] and [Exploration Request] orders will no longer have time limits nor material gathering requirements. In addition, the client order will instantly clear if you cleared the quest prior to accepting the order.

Skill Point Client Orders will slightly alter their requirements to target enemies that appear in specific areas within Free Fields and Arks Quests.

Sofia and Yerkes orders will now unlock when traveling to Franca's Cafe for the first time.


Revelle will receive new client orders that target ESC-A Darkers.


Weaponoid Potentials

Weaponoid potentials will be added to Serata Crane, Fire Arms, and Zanba. These can be unlocked by obtaining weaponoid boosters from PSO2es.


Other Adjustments

All Class Balance Adjustments

Client Order Adjustments

  • Some client orders from Franca, Revelle, Hans, and Kressida will have relaxed enemy level and enemy count requirements. In addition, some client orders will receive higher rewards.

My Set Expansion

  • My Set presets will expand to allow three additional slots.

Casino Coin Carryout Limit

  • The CC Carryout Limit will change from 30,000 to 10,000,000.

PA/Technic Disks

  • Removed the level restrictions for selling and trading Photon Art and Technic disks.



The Story Of Episode 5

The release of Episode 5 draws near, taking the ARKS to the parallel world of Omega; a war-torn world of medieval fantasy.



Arriving in this world of endless conflict, our hero aids a young woman hounded by soldiers and demons.



A black hole suddenly materialized at the origin of the universe, expanding at an extraordinary rate. It's only a matter of time before it swallows all. To prevent the worst case scenario, the ARKS travel to Omega, a dream derived of the Akashic Record.


Chapter 1

To avoid the extinction of the universe, our heroes return to Omega. They learn of Ephimera, the flower behind the endless wars!



Harriet (CV: Megumi Han)

A woman of noble mien encountered by the player.


Alma (CV: Mamiko Noto)

The spirit of the Akashic Record.
There seems to be a reason for her appearance.


Stratos (CV: Ayane Sakura)

A lively young lass holding out for a hero.
She is a member of a new tactical battle team and the founder of the Hero class.


Starting Up Episode 5

After the launch of Episode 5, players will be given two choices if they've viewed Story Piece [005-C].

  • 【EPISODE5】を始める: Start Episode 5 and view the prologue.
  • 【EPISODE4】を続ける: Continue Episode 4 where you left off.

You can swap between EP4 and EP5 with Xiera after clearing the start conditions of EP5.


Episode 5 Partner Cards

Partner Cards that release along with Episode 5 will be shared across all characters on the account. This will also include Partner Cards obtained from Omnibus Quests.


Episode 5 Story Events and Quests

Story Events and Quests from Episode 5 can be initiated from the Quest Counter under [Main Quest (EP5)]. Furthermore, from a special screen, you can continue accepting quests without returning to the campship or lobby. Progress through the story will be shared on all characters.

※Matter Board/Story Board progress from EP 1 ~ 4 will remain as character based progress like before.


Omnibus Quests

Omnibus Quests will look back at the story of Episode 1 to Episode 3. It will be added sequentially, starting with Episode 1! By clearing the quest you'll be rewarded with items from the Matterboard and newly added Titles. Your progress through Omnibus Quests will be shared across all characters.


Summer Lobby

The return of the Summer Lobby brings us a gigantic Surfing Rappy and water slides. Cool off after a heated battle by sliding into the pool.


Beach Wars 2017!

It's that time of the year again for the [Beach Wars] Emergency Quest. Along the way, you'll encounter scenes that divide in two, and fighting scenes filled with traps. NPCs will appear during Emergency Trials in swimsuits and pirate outfits. The faster you clear the quest, the more 2017 Weapon Badge you'll receive.


At the end of the quest will appear the Storming Duo: Aratron Phemut and Gal Gryphon! Work with your teammates to defeat them!

This quest also has the effect of a special PSE boost. A "Costume Bonus" will apply when wearing qualifying summer costumes. This will slightly boost the EXP gain and Rare Drop rate.


Summer 2017 Bingo & Xie

[Summer 2017 Bingo] appears for a limited time along with Xie (Summer 2017). The main focus of the bingo will not only target enemies appearing in Beach Wars, but also task the player with completing Xie's client orders. You'll earn a variety of rewards such as 進化デバイス/波乗ニャウ (Evo. Device / Surfing Nyau)!


Beach 2017 Collection

The Beach 2017 Collection will cover [Beach Wars 2017!]. Obtain a new pair of knuckles, a rifle, or a rod from the Fornis series while enjoying the rushing waves! You also can obtain ★13 Jinga and Synchro Eggs.


Limited-Time Enemies

In the sunshine stands the yearly return of cute summer rappies! Also making an appearance is [Summer Nyau], an enemy who can withstand the sun's powerful rays. These enemies might drop rare items when defeated.


Legendary Heroes (AC Scratch)

Bask in the glory of battle, equipped with Hero themed armor or the summoning cloaks of the Kingdom Cuent mages. Bring honor to the ARKS heroes in the heated struggle against the encroaching Demons!


クラノスアレース[Ou Ba In] | Kranos Ares
ヘリオスディルア[Ou Ba In] | Helios Dirah
クエンジットマント[Ou] | Cuensit Mantle
クエンジットウェア[Ba] | Cuensit Wear
クエンディナマント[Ou] | Cuendina Mantle
クエンディナウェア[Ba] | Cuendina Wear
クロワール | Croire


ヴォーダム | Vodham


Scratch Prize Exchange Ticket

Introducing a new Scratch Prize Exchange Ticket system! Using one of the new [Scratch Exchange Tickets], you can pick an item of your choice from the catalog. These tickets are primarily gained through the Scratch Bonus.

By participating in the upcoming Legendary Heroes AC Scratch, you can receive an [L Heroes Ticket]!


Some sections contributed by Lostbob117


Get Ready for Episode 5

Episode 5 will release after July 26th's maintenance. In order to play Episode 5, you'll need to download a patch which requires 3.1 GB of space. In addition, maintenance will occur at an earlier time than usual. 

Click the pink link above to convert the schedule for your timezone.



34 thoughts to “PSO2 Is Searching For Heroes In Episode 5!”

  1. All of that seems seems more and more interesting. This feature to allow to join PT in other Blocks for EQ is just great too.I just hope I'll be able to update and play when EP5 will be released ^^' (I live in a touristic region, usually I have a good network but there are so much tourists I've been hardly able to log recently.)

    1. it helps with practically every quest in any situation
      – left out from crowded blocks (and they have slot in mpa)
      – in crowded block full of AFKs (for God's sake) and you're like lacking 1-2 people

  2. Omg. I'm honestly losing my shit over Alma being voiced by Mamiko Noto. That means we could get a Mamiko Noto voice ticket some day. Omg how I've wished for this ;;;w;;; <3

  3. What if the 1st character that reached the requirements to unlock Hero (with 3 titles achieved of course) , will the following characters have their Hero class unlocked when titles are shared in the same account ??

    1. Titles are account based, as long as the titles are attained on the account, anyone should have access to Hero.

    2. Heck, I plan to make a new char JUST to be a Hero. Each char will have to take the client order from Koffie, but because the CO is based on just having the titles, everyone on your account will pass it instantly. Granted, this is all assuming Sega doesn't throw some massive curveball at all of us that they still haven't told us about.

    3. Then they realized they have to level hero and all the subs to 80(75+21+5) just so they can do 80/80 crap. Feels bad when I see people write about new characters, makes me want to throw up thinking about having to get everything capped after that stupid level increase.


      Could you name some quests where you can get instant Lv80?

      Grinding Ep 1-4 LQ for ~5 hours just to level up from 50 to 75 is way too slow for me. I would like to level up from Lv50 to Lv80 in ONE or max TWO hours. Please send help.

    5. 50 to 80 in 2 hours is impossible. If it was possible, pretty much 99%+ of the total playerbase would already be lvl80 in every single class of the game.

      Keys + Boosts do help a lot. For example, I got all 21 class excubes required in ~1.5 hour by spamming stored Bonus Keys from the past week. That's almost 40million exp

      You do not have to reach 80 in every class to enjoy the game. And no, the content that requires 80/80 is not mandatory for attaining "bis"; it's just some extra reward. 75 on your 2 favourite classes for XH is more than enough, and that is doable within 1 month of creating a new account.

    6. @YAY

      You can reach level cap fast if you got lucky with gold keys and happen to land on a boost week.

      I stacked on 410% EXP, which equals to 820% because of boost week. Went from mid 77 to mid 80 in 2 Tokyo golds, then got a level or so off a Rappy key and half a level off the leftover silver keys.

    7. R.I.P, people trying to justify some non-existent dream where making a new char is worth it.

    8. I have seven characters. Five of them are maxed. I love all of them. All of them have in-character autowords. All of them have good gear, working on better gear. The other two… I made for Hero class. 2000+hrs in the game. 😉
      People like me exist. To us, it is worth it, because it's fun. You don't need to be end-game to be PLAYING THE GAME.

    9. New char = 350 extra bank space. For us f2p players that's an increase in the scale of over 100% to our storage capacity.

  4. how di do the secod part of episode 1 chapter 5 i completed the quest multiple times and chose the different option but nothing different happens

  5. They're specifically calling this their /first/ Advanced Class, which implies there's more on the way, right?

    If so, please give us something other than Bouncer than can use Dual Blades. They're cool but that class is annoying as hell to play. Maybe an Ambidextrous char that focuses only on using dual weapons, like DBs, TDs, TMGs and Knuckles. I'd play it.

    1. I'd like a hands+feet specialization
      (Can use fighter/bouncer, but bouncers kinda.. lacking some PA skills)

    2. Useless (or near-useless) Break Stance or having to have a rainbow set of Dual Blade for Elemental Stance.
      Not everyone wants to grind the same weapon 6 times over. Make that 36 times if you want them +35.

    3. If we're going to get more "expert" classes (上級), we better get one for each damage type. Melee better get a sword and shield. Ranged better get a shotgun or crossbow, something to target more than one spot on an enemy (if they have more than one lock on point). Tech better get slicers and whatnot.

    4. I myself really wish for a snake blade to make an entrance to the game. Just like Jet Boots, it's a weapon you'd barely ever see elsewhere.

    5. Is this Predicting advanced classes time? I can do some of those.
      1. Novice advanced class: dbsaber + rod + partisan. When all starter classes begin to severely fall behind hero, it will become unfair to make newcomers to play those. So a novice advanced class covers that, you dont have to unlock anything, and all weapons have the same long stick type PAs, so it will be easy to learn and play for anyone.
      2. Wheelchair veteran class: wired lance + launcher + jboots. This is an ultimate expert class that tests your skills with most inferior weapons around. Special wheelchair stance returns your weapons to their state before episode 3, while jboots can only cast technics.
      3. Exclusive psow class, dual gunslash + shotgun mode rifle + dbsaber that shoots slicers. All the weapons you were asking about since 2004, in one package. Will be scheduled to the very last episode.

    6. Damn son, that sounds interesting

      but I want TD+Shotgun mode rifle+wand combination instead
      TD will play like dual dagger assassin for bossing, shotgun will have burst that is good for medium range mobbing/some boss as well, and Wand is for close range mobbing where you smack everything but with PA, not only normal attack

  6. one character have 80-Bo and Br, and another one have 80-Fo, so can i play Hero class or need all in one character?

  7. i was hoping for a class that allowed us to use twin claws, like un PSU, but this one looks promising enough

    1. well, theres already ton of weapon available, I kinda agree with their approach that rather than making new one, they made new class that use older weapon isntead , just has completely different mechanic so it feels like new weapon

      I hope they do this for the remaining weapon and maybe make a combination to balance the current Satk meta,around 50% of people use satk based build,30% ranged and 20% tech (according to price ratio of noble and affix in general)
      and that suck, and worst they made class like SU who is tech based to has ratk and satk switch and most people go with satk since SUFI, some SUGU as well and now SU tech based is rare, like wtf sega

    2. Melee has about twice as many classes as ranged and tech, hence the prices.

    3. they might one day make a adv class that uses a alternative moveset for Wired Lance or Knuckles to function like that, it's suggested that they may make more Adv classes

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