PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Galaxy Weaponoid

Galaxy Weaponoid
(Available Until 10.10.2018)



— Female —

ニレンカムイF[Ba] ║ Twin Kamui F [Ba]
ニレンカムイF紅[Ba] ║ Twin Kamui F Crimson [Ba]
ニレンカムイF夜[Ba] ║ Twin Kamui F Night [Ba]
ニレンカムイF雪[Ba] ║ Twin Kamui F Snow [Ba]
ニレンカムイF影[Ba] ║ Twin Kamui F Shadow [Ba]
ニレンカムイF月[Ba] ║ Twin Kamui F Moon [Ba]

— Male —

ニレンカムイM[Ba] ║ Twin Kamui M [Ba]
ニレンカムイM紅[Ba] ║ Twin Kamui M Crimson [Ba]
ニレンカムイM夜[Ba] ║ Twin Kamui M Night [Ba]
ニレンカムイM雪[Ba] ║ Twin Kamui M Snow [Ba]
ニレンカムイM影[Ba] ║ Twin Kamui M Shadow [Ba]
ニレンカムイM月[Ba] ║ Twin Kamui M Moon [Ba]


ニレンカムイF[In] ║ Twin Kamui F [In]
ニレンカムイF紅[In] ║ Twin Kamui F Crimson [In]
ニレンカムイF夜[In] ║ Twin Kamui F Night [In]
ニレンカムイF影[In] ║ Twin Kamui F Shadow [In]
ニレンカムイF鋼[In] ║ Twin Kamui F Steel [In]
ニレンカムイF桜[In] ║ Twin Kamui F Sakura [In]



シューティングドライブ[Ba] ║ Shooting Drive [Ba]
シューティングD・雪[Ba] ║ Shooting Drive Snow [Ba]
シューティングD・紅[Ba] ║ Shooting Drive Crimson [Ba]
シューティングD・夜[Ba] ║ Shooting Drive Night [Ba]
シューティングD・雅[Ba] ║ Shooting Drive Elegant [Ba]


シューティングドライブ[In] ║ Shooting Drive [In]
シューティングD・雪[In] ║ Shooting Drive Snow [In]
シューティングD・紅[In] ║ Shooting Drive Crimson [In]
シューティングD・夜[In] ║ Shooting Drive Night [In]
シューティングD・桜[In] ║ Shooting Drive Sakura [In]



ラヴィス=ブレイド[Ba] ║ Lavis Blade [Ba]
ラヴィス=ブレイド影[Ba] ║ Lavis Blade Shadow [Ba]
ラヴィス=ブレイド紅[Ba] ║ Lavis Blade Crimson [Ba]
ラヴィス=ブレイド夜[Ba] ║ Lavis Blade Night [Ba]
ラヴィス=ブレイド桜[Ba] ║ Lavis Blade Sakura [Ba]
ラヴィス=ブレイド雪[Ba] ║ Lavis Blade Snow [Ba]



ノクスカディナ[Ou] ║ Nox Cadina [Ou]


ノクスカディナ[Ba] ║ Nox Cadina [Ba]
ノクスカディナ雪[Ba] ║ Nox Cadina Snow [Ba]
ノクスカディナ紅[Ba] ║ Nox Cadina Crimson [Ba]
ノクスカディナ夜[Ba] ║ Nox Cadina Night [Ba]
ノクスカディナ雅[Ba] ║ Nox Cadina Elegant [Ba]
ノクスカディナ栗[Ba] ║ Nox Cadina Chestnut [Ba]


— Male —

ライトニングE服・M ║ Lightning E Wear M
ライトニングE服・M影 ║ Lightning E Wear M Shadow
ライトニングE服・M紅 ║ Lightning E Wear M Crimson
ライトニングE服・M夜 ║ Lightning E Wear M Night

ライトニングE服2・M ║ Lightning E Wear 2 M
ライトニングE服2・M影 ║ Lightning E Wear 2 M Shadow
ライトニングE服2・M紅 ║ Lightning E Wear 2 M Crimson
ライトニングE服2・M夜 ║ Lightning E Wear 2 M Night

— Female —

ライトニングE服・F ║ Lightning E Wear F
ライトニングE服・F影 ║ Lightning E Wear F Shadow
ライトニングE服・F紅 ║ Lightning E Wear F Crimson
ライトニングE服・F夜 ║ Lightning E Wear F Night

ライトニングE服2・F ║ Lightning E Wear 2 F 
ライトニングE服2・F影 ║ Lightning E Wear 2 F Shadow
ライトニングE服2・F紅 ║ Lightning E Wear 2 F Crimson
ライトニングE服2・F夜 ║ Lightning E Wear 2 F Night


Female Voice Tickets

  • 女性共通ニレンカムイVo ║ Female Twin Kamui Voice
  • 女性共通シューティングDVo ║ Female Shooting Drive Voice
  • 女性共通ラヴィス=Bボイス ║ Female Lavis Blade Voice

Male Voice Tickets

  • 男性共通ライトニングEVo ║ Male Lightning Espada Voice
  • 男性共通ノクスカディナVo ║ Male Nox Cadina Voice

Lobby Actions

  • 442「ウェポノイドポーズ1」║ 442 [Weaponoid Pose 1]
  • 443「ウェポノイドポーズ2」 ║ 443 [Weaponoid Pose 2]
  • 444「ウェポノイドポーズ3」 ║ 444 [Weaponoid Pose 3]
  • 445「ウェポノイドポーズ4」 ║ 445 [Weaponoid Pose 4]

Female Recolors

  • ヤミガラス・レプカ紅[Ou] ║ Yamigarasu Repca Scarlet [Ou]
  • ヤミガラス・レプカ燃[Ba] ║ Yamigarasu Repca Burning [Ba]
  • ヤミガラス・レプカ雪[Ba] ║ Yamigarasu Repca Snow [Ba]
  • ブルージーレクイエム服 影 ║ Bluesy Requiem Attire Shadow
  • ブルージーレクイエム服 紅 ║ Bluesy Requiem Attire Crimson

Male Recolors

  • アヴェンジャー影[Ou] ║ Avenger Shadow [Ou]
  • アヴェンジャー玄[Ba] ║ Avenger Mysterious [Ba]
  • アヴェンジャー冬[Ba] ║ Avenger Winter [Ba]


  • ヤミガラス・レプカ[Ou] ║ Yamigarasu Repca [Ou]
  • ヤミガラス・レプカ[Ba] ║ Yamigarasu Repca [Ba]
  • アヴェンジャー[Ou] ║ Avenger [Ou]
  • アヴェンジャー[Ba] ║ Avenger [Ba]
  • ブルージーレクイエム服 ║ Bluesy Requiem Attire


  • ヤミガラスヘアー ║ Yamigarasu Hair
  • ブルージーレクイエムヘアー ║ Bluesy Requiem Hair
  • アヴェンジャーヘアー ║ Avenger Hair

Makeup / Body Paint

  • ヤミガラスペイント ║ Yamigarasu Paint


  • ブルージーレクイエム翼L赤 ║ Red Bluesy R Wing L
  • ヤミガラスの仮面 ║ Yamigarasu Mask

Voice Tickets

  • 女性共通ヤミガラスボイス ║ Yamigarasu Voice
  • 女性共通ブルージーR Vo ║ Female Bluesy-R Voice
  • 男性共通アヴェンジャーesVo ║ Male Avenger-es Voice

Item Enhancers / Mag Devices

  • フードデバイス/射撃 ║ Food Device / R-ATK
  • 進化デバイス/ヤミガラス ║ Evo. Device/Yamigarasu
  • 特殊能力(打撃&PP/2) ║ Special Ability (S-ATK & PP/2)


Scratch Bonus

Play this scratch a specific amount of times for exclusive bonus items!

(1) Draw the AC Scratch 5 times to receive:

  • Free Salon Pass

(2) Draw the AC Scratch 10 times to receive:

  • Yamigarasu Panel

(3) Draw the AC Scratch 15 times to receive:

  • Bonus Key Kazuchi Raid

(4) Draw the AC Scratch 30 times to receive:

  • G Weaponoid Ticket

(5) Draw the AC Scratch 60 times to receive:

  • G Weaponoid Ticket

(6) Draw the AC Scratch 120 times to receive:

  • G Weaponoid Ticket

(7) Draw the AC Scratch Gold 2 times to receive:

  • Ragol Memory

(8) Draw the AC Scratch Gold 4 times to receive:

  • Bonus Key Magatsu [Silver]

(9) Draw the AC Scratch Gold 6 times to receive:

  • Bonus Key Rappy F

(10) Draw the AC Scratch Gold 12 times to receive:

  • G Weaponoid Ticket

※Players can receive each item only once. All of these items are untradeable.
※G Weaponoid Ticket allows you to choose 1 item from this AC Scratch.



Fun Scratch


  • ロング三つ編み ║ Long Braids

Body Paint / Makeup

  • 頬染め ║ Blush
  • 足袋&手袋M 白 ║ White Tabi & Gloves M
  • 足袋&手袋M 黒 ║ Black Tabi & Gloves M
  • 足袋&手袋F 白 ║ White Tabi & Gloves F
  • 足袋&手袋F 黒 ║ Black Tabi & Gloves F


  • ストレートまゆ ║ Straight Eyebrows


  • メセタネックレス ║ Meseta Necklace
  • レアドロネックレス赤 ║ Red Rare Drop Necklace
  • レアドロネックレス虹 ║ Rainbow Rare Drop Necklace
  • エクスキューブネックレス ║ EXCube Necklace
  • ブレストアーマー ║ Breast Armor
  • ブラックレッグスカーフ ║ Black Leg Scarf
  • 茶リスのしっぽ ║ Brown Squirrel Tail
  • レッドパール ║ Red Pearl
  • ホワイトパール ║ White Pearl
  • ループアンクレットP ║ Loop Anklet P
  • ループアンクレットY ║ Loop Anklet Y

Lobby Action

  • 338「手をつなぐ」 ║ 338 [Hold Hands]

Room Items / Theme

  • ツキ・ミー ║ Tsuki Mii
  • ミニガーデン ║ Mini Garden
  • シシオドシ ║ Bamboo Water Pipe
  • プレゼバコウラ ║ Preze Bakoura
  • シティー・ストリートA ║ City Street A
  • シティー・ストリートB ║ City Street B
  • シティー・ビルディング ║ City Building
  • スモッグメーカー ║ Smog Maker
  • コウヨ・ウツリー ║ Autumn Tree
  • マ・ツタケ ║ Matsutake Mushrooms

9 thoughts to “PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Galaxy Weaponoid”

  1. Lightning E's cape being glued to the waist makes it completely worthless.
    Reminds me of trashy Dark Souls 2 cape physics.
    PSO2 already has some great capes with amazing physics, both built in costumes and stand alones, why would they mess up this one?

  2. Version 2 had no cape indeed but that doesn't solve the cape issue on Version 1, does it ? The reason why the cape is poorly designed is because it's a MALE costume. If it had been an outfit for nude sluts, it would have been perfect (like ALL female costumes btw). But since it's for men, SEGA doesn't care. Have you ever tried Epiras Westie [Ba] just once ? I did. That made me want to puke.

    1. I mean, there's lots of broken female outfits, like pretty much any of the larger dresses, so… probably more to do with SEGAc being lazy and trashy? They put their B-team on this one, that's all.

    2. Imagine having sea sickness from an imperfect rigging on a costume made for a game on Vita console.

    3. lmao biased much? A lot of female costume actually have broken physics. It's one of the reason i still use Frontier [Ba] + Kannagi [Ou] to this day. There's actualy a lot of that i'm interested in but after seeing it used in battle and doing some LA i decided to not buy it.

    4. Ive noticed quite a few online games like this does this, actually
      Why is that?
      Sometimes it gets me, but im not really THAT bothered, tbh.. just curious

    5. What? A single game having inconsistent quality between assets?
      It's an MMO that was active for like 6 years now, so different teams do models and textures at different times, probably. I'm just speculating here.
      Chances are people that were doing this scratch were not as, well, involved as those who did earlier ones.
      I mean looks at cape physics for refined school uniform, warrior cloak or team cape, those are amazing, but anything made since then look more like cardboard, much less like cloth.

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