PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Golden Week 2020! Support Item Selection

Golden Week 2020! Support Item Selection
(Until 5.13.2020)

Attribute Changers


Special Ability Affixers


Ability Protectors

  • 特殊能力保護(7枠以下)|  Ability Protection (7s or lower)
    ※This item is Untradable


Grinding Items

  • 属性強化+10% | +10% Attribute Enhance
  • 強化リスク軽減(完全)| Grind Risk Reducer (Full)
  • 強化大成功(100%)| Great Grind Success (100%)


Mag Devices

  • フードデバイス/打撃 | Food Device / S-ATK
  • フードデバイス/射撃 | Food Device / R-ATK
  • フードデバイス/法撃 | Food Device / T-ATK
  • フードデバイス/技量 | Food Device / DEX
  • マグ支援枠拡張デバイス | Mag Support Slot Expansion Device

5 thoughts to “PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Golden Week 2020! Support Item Selection”

  1. When is a "Reverie receptor" because I made the mistake of doing my "Mana Reverie" on a 10 * weapon while thinking I could transfer it to my 15 * thanks to the "Reverie Catalyst" I am disgusted.

  2. Everytime I come check the updates in psublog I am really disappointed with the EQ's, it just doesnt make me want to start the game, i am done playing these EQ and Ultra hard doesnt change anything. I have basic Novel weapon affixed and i don't need an upgrade of 100atk, also doesnt want to pay any more money just to get Lobby action to sell in player shop for affixing other jobs weapon, fk that, can't even do TACO bells anymore, wtf is TACO Ah.

    I would like to know the state of PSO2 in our countries, is it going to be on platform like steam anytime during the future years guys ?

    1. I haven't touched EQ since I completed my welfare Liberate.
      I still play daily.
      Game has so much content and so many things to do, EQs constitute barely 5% of the entire game.
      My only complaint is that story updates are extremely sparse, but then again it's another ~5% of a gigantic game.

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