PSO2 (JP) AC Scratch: GW Arrival! Accessory Select 2021

GW Arrival! Accessory Select 2021
(Until 5.12.2021)




Voice Tickets

Item Set Voice Actor Tickets
女性追加ボイス214箱 Nao Tōyama 女性追加ボイス214
女性追加ボイス215箱 Kumiko Watanabe 女性追加ボイス215
女性追加ボイス216箱 Manami Numakura 女性追加ボイス216
女性追加ボイス217箱 Yūko Kaida 女性追加ボイス217
女性追加ボイス218箱 Chiwa Saitō 女性追加ボイス218
女性追加ボイス219箱 Rina Sato 女性追加ボイス219
女性追加ボイス220箱 Satomi Kōrogi 女性追加ボイス220
女性追加ボイス221箱 Hitomi Nabatame 女性追加ボイス221
男性追加ボイス180箱 Yuichi Nakamura 男性追加ボイス180
男性追加ボイス181箱 Chō 男性追加ボイス181
男性追加ボイス182箱 Takuya Eguchi 男性追加ボイス182
男性追加ボイス183箱 Takehito Koyasu 男性追加ボイス183
男性追加ボイス184箱 Jôji Nakata 男性追加ボイス184
男性追加ボイス185箱 Tetsuya Kakihara 男性追加ボイス185
男性追加ボイス186箱 Takahiro Sakurai 男性追加ボイス186
男性追加ボイス187箱 Hiroyuki Yoshino 男性追加ボイス187


Lobby Actions

Ticket Name
37「座る3」 37 "Sit 3"
110「ダンス20」 110 "Dance 20"
195「ぐるぐる」 195 "Running in Circles"
429「座る5」 429 "Sit 5"
452「チェアダンス」 452 "Chair Dance"
455「封印と解放」 455 "Seal & Release"
482「ダン・ボウル」 482 "Cardboard Box"
501「桜を見る」 501 "Watch Cherry Blossoms"
509「カタナポーズ」 509 "Katana Pose"
523「Aライフルポーズ」 523 "Assault Rifle Pose"
539「キック3」 539 "Kick 3"
565「タリスポーズ」 565 "Talis Pose"
578「独楽回し」 578 "Spinning Top"
593「三代目KKポーズ」 593 "3rd Gen. CC Pose"
629「Bボウポーズ」 629 "Bullet Bow Pose"
630「スライディング」 630 "Sliding"
634「ジェットブーツポーズ」 634 "Jet Boots Pose"
635「線香花火」 635 "Sparklers"
641「しゃがむ2」 641 "Crouch 2"
642「大剣/長槍」 642 "Sword/Partizan"
643「吹っ飛ぶ2」 643 "Blown Away 2"
646「カトリポーズ」 646 "Katori Pose"
647「ユクリータポーズ」 647 "Yucreta Pose"
648「ラスターポーズ」 648 "Luster Pose"
649「尊ぶ」 649 "Respect"
653「長銃/大砲」 653 "Rifle/Launcher"
666「長杖/導具」 666 "Rod/Talis"
668「PRポーズ4」 668 "PR Pose 4"
673「ロデオポーズ1」 673 "Rodeo Pose 1"
675「双小剣/鋼拳」 675 "Knuckles / T Daggers"
686「イドラマトイポーズ」 686 "Idola Matoi Pose"
728「ロデオポーズ2」 728 "Rodeo Pose 2"


Scratch Bonus

Play this AC Scratch a specific amount of times for exclusive bonus items!

First Lap
Frequency Rewards
5 times Arkuma Slippers
10 times Arkumami Slippers
15 times GW Arrival! AS 2021 Ticket
20 times Blindfold Towel
25 times 256 "Encourage 1"
30 times GW Arrival! AS 2021 Ticket
35 times 257 "Encourage 2"
45 times GW Arrival! AS 2021 Ticket
55 times 268 "Flight Form"
60 times GW Arrival! AS 2021 Ticket
Second Lap
Frequency Rewards
15 times GW Arrival! AS 2021 Ticket

※Collecting all items in the First Lap will enter you into the Second Lap.
※The Second Lap can be repeated ad infinitum.
※All of these items are untradeable.
※GW Arrival! AS 2021 Ticket allows you to choose 1 item from this AC Scratch.

6 thoughts to “PSO2 (JP) AC Scratch: GW Arrival! Accessory Select 2021”

  1. Almost nothing is in the shop, because there are no shops.
    I have all this meseta with nothing to spend on.

    1. I … don't think this one's actually available in the game yet. Did Sega release the lineup a few days early?

    2. They did. As soon as maint started this week they released the lineup for GW and Oracle Renewal 4. Golden Week starts in half an hour from when I'm writing this.

  2. Some of those are super expensive
    But yeah, no pass for the shop, less people selling
    I hope they do a permanent SG scratch for the add ability capsules since they also removed the mission pass

    1. I still think adding Mission Badges to the CM shop and Battle Arena shop would be the best way to go. Two neglected modes that need more people playing them (especially CM), and boom – you have a good faith decision that shows they still care about PSO2.

      Then again, this is Sega, so …

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