PSO2 JP: No Maintenance (5/5/2021)

Due to Golden Week, this week's Maintenance will be skipped. Check back later for new Campaigns and the new Scratch [Oracle Renew Collection 4] for this week.

The scratch will be live at 11:00 JST (the regular Maintenance time).

8 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: No Maintenance (5/5/2021)”

    1. Judging by the latest scratch item availability (at least the first 2-3) days then i would say yeah

    2. those same wales likely shell out the cash for premium, so they can still sell lol

      and freemium players will just excube stuff ig

    3. @Eriiii
      Whats the point? even if you gain meseta it will be useless in NG

    4. Buying the old garbage that's stupid expensive because you can't sell PSO2 stuff in NGS. I'd like that Sword of Promised Victory for NGS.

  1. Wait, are you saying that premium still gives you my shop access? I though they disabled listing new things altogether.
    Why would sega only disable shops for free players? That sounds horrible.

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