PSO2: New Genesis CBT 2 Survey Report


Player Report

Data was collected from logged in players during the Period (March 19th, 2021 ~ March 29th, 2021)

Basic Info

Class Level Ratio

  • 9% of players reached Level 15.
  • 41% of players surpassed Level 10.
  •  50% of players were under Level 10.

Battle Power

  • 26% of players had a total BP of over 1050.
  • 26% of players had a total BP of over 950.
  • 48% of players had a total BP of less than 950.


Class Popularity

  1.  Hunter – 26%
  2.  Gunner – 19%
  3.  Fighter – 16%
  4.  Ranger – 15%
  5.  Force – 13%
  6. Techer – 11%


Survey Responses

Days Played

  •  23% played 1 day.
  •  36% played 2 days.
  •  41% played 3 days.


Character Creation

The Character Creator has been evaluated highly by players, with 70% giving a satisfaction rating of "Good" or "Very Good". There have been complaints regarding changes to the interface, but Sega would like to ensure players that it was necessary to make creating characters for both PSO2 and New Genesis an easier endeavor.


In-game Interface

The planned countermeasures regarding the Storage Menu will likely be delayed, following confirmation of them impacting other aspects of the interface. Adjustments to other UI elements are being mulled and will be implemented post-launch. Previously announced font changes will be applied by launch.


In-game Graphics

The game's graphics are highly favored, but the team is looking into implementing settings to address concerns about the brightness of some effects.


Class Evaluations












Players appear pleased with the adjustment to Sword cancellation timing, but some would like it to be identical to that of PSO2. The team is going to focus on improving cancel timing for other weapon types before considering further changes. Additional concerns were voiced regarding the power and balance of Techniques, which will be addressed for launch.


Exploration Section and Battle Section

Adjustments to the spawning of mineral deposits for this test have not been received well, with many players reporting dissatisfaction with the amount. The team believes that the current frequency is appropriate for the incremental rate at which they intend limit breaks and unlocking potentials to occur.


Towers, Cocoons, and Trials

The Towers, Cocoons, and Trials seem to be appropriately balanced for first-timers, given the lack of change from the response of the first beta test. However, the team received negative feedback concerning the monotony of the Towers and the difficulty in understanding the target enemies and spawning locations with Trials. They will advance development of Trials, Towers, and Cocoons, based on the feedback they received while observing the current gameplay status from after the game launches.


Emergency Quests

Measures will be taken to ensure that the matchmaking issues encountered in the beta do not occur in the official release. A new Emergency Quest is in the works based on the positive feedback to the current difficulty level.


New Additions in PSO2:NGS

The team is taking concerns about the slow movement speed of Photon Gliding into careful consideration. Making adjustments to movement speed might make it difficult to maintain the current game speed, therefore, they will carefully assess the situation as the game progresses.


General Evaluation

  • 1% of players don't wish to play the game any longer.
  • 24% of players are willing to play if the quality of the game improves.
  • 75% of players want to play.


While the majority of the playerbase is excited for the June release of New Genesis, there was a 5% drop from the results of the first closed beta test. The team is working hard on addressing player feedback and will continue to improve the game as much as they can before and after launch.


12 thoughts to “PSO2: New Genesis CBT 2 Survey Report”

  1. "Making adjustments to movement speed might make it difficult to maintain the current game speed, therefore, they will carefully assess the situation as the game progresses."

    yeah, right… curse of using dx11 engine… just switch at least to dx12 or even better to vulkan… such open world game cant really be played on dx11 engine with drawcall limit of 2k…

    1. This is the first I've heard of such a limitation? Have you got any documentation that specifically explains that?

      I also believe when they mention "game speed", they are not referring to client performance, rather the speed of gameplay itself. The Photon Glide is slower than the Photon Dash so client performance isn't an issue here.

  2. They really liked character models? Guess thicc was too appealing to see what happens when you reduce hips below 50%

  3. The 5% drop-off is probably the people that were annoyed of all of the maintenances happening during the CBT. Notice also there's a LOT more people this time around that had not played all days due to just how, horrendously buggy the systems were (I mean MyShop went down MULTIPLE times throughout Day 2). Good to see it break in a beta and not the final release at least.

  4. The torso of the new body need to be fixed, the body has great legs and a bag of potatoes on top of it
    Also balanced damage for all classes, but that has been a "no" since ever

    1. Why would a Te ever do as much damage as a Fi? Or even half its damage? That's like asking a White Mage to do as much damage as a Dark Knight

    2. @ERIIII
      Funny you should say that, because in FF14, White Mages are capable of doing more damage than Dark Knights lol.
      "Balanced damage" for Te would mean Te's damage + damage given by support skills = damage done by other classes. In reality, that isn't the case. Nerfs to Te's damage far outweigh the support skills it's given outside of MPAs. Solo content is hell on Te just because "lol it's a support class." There is absolutely no reason Te should be 50% weaker than all of the other classes just because it has support skills.

    3. The analogy was for White Mage to Dark Knight in traditional FF games. I have no idea why FF14 made Dark Knight a tank when traditionally, it as a function sacrifices HP to deal MASSIVE burst damage.

      Also Te's overall balancing is garbage, and why I made the comparison in the first place. Te's literally NEED Lu sub and rainbow element Gunslashes to even beat Depth 100 Sodam lol.

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