PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Shining Live Stage

Shining Live Stage

Shining Live Stage
(Until 7.8.2015)


Sonia Repca

ソニア・レプカ ║ Sonia Repca
ソニア・レプカ影 ║ Sonia Repca Black Shadow
ソニア・レプカ紅 ║ Sonia Repca Crimson Red
ソニア・レプカ海 ║ Sonia Repca Blue Sea
ソニア・レプカ月 ║ Sonia Repca Yellow Moon
ソニア・レプカ鋼 ║ Sonia Repca Steel


Kirika Repca

キリカ・レプカ ║ Kirika Repca
キリカ・レプカ紅 ║ Kirika Repca Crimson Red
キリカ・レプカ海 ║ Kirika Repca Blue Sea
キリカ・レプカ月 ║ Kirika Repca Yellow Moon
キリカ・レプカ桜 ║ Kirika Repca Sakura Pink
キリカ・レプカ影 ║ Kirika Repca Black Shadow


Rinna Repca

リンナ・レプカ ║ Rinna Repca
リンナ・レプカ紅 ║ Rinna Repca Crimson Red
リンナ・レプカ海 ║ Rinna Repca Blue Sea
リンナ・レプカ月 ║ Rinna Repca Yellow Moon
リンナ・レプカ雪 ║ Rinna Repca White Snow
リンナ・レプカ影 ║ Rinna Repca Black Shadow


Marion Repca

– Male –

マリオン・レプカM ║ Marion Repca M
マリオン・レプカM紅 ║ Marion Repca M Crimson Red
マリオン・レプカM海 ║ Marion Repca M Blue Sea
マリオン・レプカM月 ║ Marion Repca M Yellow Moon
マリオン・レプカM銀 ║ Marion Repca M Silver
マリオン・レプカM影 ║ Marion Repca M Black Shadow

– Female –

マリオン・レプカF ║ Marion Repca F
マリオン・レプカF紅 ║ Marion Repca F Crimson Red
マリオン・レプカF海 ║ Marion Repca F Blue Sea
マリオン・レプカF空 ║ Marion Repca F Sky Blue
マリオン・レプカF雪 ║ Marion Repca F White Snow
マリオン・レプカF影 ║ Marion Repca F Black Shadow


Yuma Repca

ユーマ・レプカ ║ Yuma Repca
ユーマ・レプカ紅 ║ Yuma Repca Crimson Red
ユーマ・レプカ夜 ║ Yuma Repca Night Blue
ユーマ・レプカ空 ║ Yuma Repca Sky Blue
ユーマ・レプカ雅 ║ Yuma Repca Elegant Purple
ユーマ・レプカ影 ║ Yuma Repca Black Shadow



  • サクヤmodeC・レプカ冬 ║ Sakuya modeC Repca Winter
  • サクヤmodeC・レプカ紅 ║ Sakuya modeC Repca Crimson
  • ミスティ・レプカ玄 ║ Misty Repca Mysterious
  • ミスティ・レプカ紅 ║ Misty Repca Crimson
  • アルティナ・レプカ玄 ║ Altina Repca Mysterious
  • アルティナ・レプカ冬 ║ Altina Repca Winter

Sonia Female Voice – (Asami Seto)

  • 女性共通ソニアボイス (All Races)

Kirika Female Voice – (Saori Hayami)

  • 女性共通キリカボイス (All Races)

Rinna Female Voice – (Ai Kayano)

  • 女性共通リンナボイス (All Races)

Marion Female Voice – (Miyuki Sawashiro)

  • 女性共通マリオンボイス (All Races)

Yuma Male Voice – (Nobunaga Shimazaki)

  • 男性共通ユーマボイス (All Races)

Marion Male Voice – (Miyuki Sawashiro)

  • 男性共通マリオンボイス (All Races)

Lobby Action

  • 185「ダンス35」 (/la dance35) Dance 35


  • サクヤmodeC・レプカ影 ║ Sakuya modeC Repca Shadow
  • サクヤmodeC・レプカ雪 ║ Sakuya modeC Repca Snow
  • ミスティ・レプカ ║ Misty Repca
  • ミスティ・レプカ影 ║ Misty Repca Shadow
  • アルティナ・レプカ ║ Altina Repca
  • アルティナ・レプカ影 ║ Altina Repca Shadow
  • レイジ・レプカ ║ Rage Repca
  • レイジ・レプカ雪 ║ Rage Repca Snow
  • レイジ・レプカ栗 ║ Rage Repca Chestnut
  • サクヤロングツイン ║ Sakuya Long Twin
  • 火傷跡 ║ Burn Scar
  • サクヤ・タイツ&手袋 ║ Sakuya Tights & Gloves
  • スーパーロングマフラーA ║ Super Long Scarf A
  • スーパーロングマフラーB ║ Super Long Scarf B
  • ネコ耳キャップA ║ Cat Ear Cap A
  • ネコ耳キャップC ║ Cat Ear Cap C
  • アホ毛C ║ Ahoge C
  • ウェストリボンA ║ Waist Ribbon A
  • 赤ぷよぼう ║ Red Puyo Hat
  • カーバンクルポシェット ║ Carbuncle Pochette 
  • 進化デバイス/ソニック人形 ║ Evo. Device / Sonic Doll
  • *焔龍閃滅刀 ║ Dragon Flame Sword
  • *魔導宝器スキュラ ║ Magical Treasure Scylla 
  • *霊刀雪姫 ║ Soul Blade Yukihime
  • クラス追加(バウンサー) ║ Class Addition (Bouncer)
  • クラス追加(ファイター) ║ Class Addition (Fighter)
  • 属性変化(闇属性) ║ Attribute Change (Dark)
  • 属性変化(氷属性) ║ Attribute Change (Ice)
  • 属性変化(雷属性) ║ Attribute Change (Lightning)
  • 特殊能力追加(法撃) ║ Add Special Ability (T-ATK) 
  • フードデバイス/打撃 ║ Food Device / S-ATK


FUN Scratch

Lobby Action

  • 183「食べる」 (/la eat) Eat

Shining Resonance Music Discs

  • 虹の旋律
  • 母なる星の祈り
  • 鏡の国のマリオネット
  • 恋の嵐

Sonic Series Music Discs

  • Reach for the Stars
  • Wonder World


  • ミディアムエッジ ║ Medium Edge
  • レース付ソックス&手袋黒 ║ Black Lace Socks & Gloves
  • レース付ソックス&手袋白 ║ White Lace Socks & Gloves
  • レース付ソックス&手袋桃 ║ Peach Lace Socks & Gloves
  • アームブレード ║ Arm Blades
  • オーソドックスサングラス ║ Orthodox Sunglasses

Shining Blade Music Disc Revival

  • 翠の森の精霊詩
  • 山吹色に萌ゆる風
  • 夏色のマーメイド
  • 紅き情熱の唄
  • 輝く旗のもとに

FUN Shop

  • 184「ポーズ17」 (/la pose17) Pose 17
  • シーナリーパス・海岸 ║ Scenery Pass / Coast



19 thoughts to “PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Shining Live Stage”

    1. Yeah, I think the shorts would look really good on girls too. I guess there's not enough skirts for girls though. XD

    1. By that, do you mean the music that plays during E-Codes with Quna? Then it's either:

      終わりなき物語 – Owari Naki Monogatari
      OUR FIGHTING ver. Miyabi

      If it's anything like Shironian Pandemonium, the song that's played will be randomised whenever she appears, but it should be one of those

  1. Female, female, female … would be nice, if there were more clothing or hairstyles for male-type players. Every ingame group is a harem to me.

    1. i personally hope to see more sexy outfits for male characters. y'know… more skirts and more skin showing (at least outside of the typical shirtless barbarian look). conversely, i'd also like to see more conservative, yet stylish outfits for female characters.

      even things out a bit in the gendered clothing aesthetics front, sega. i don't think that's too much to ask for. (it probably is.)

    2. EXACTLY ^ And while they're at it, I want a collab with uta-pri and other similar anime/otome games too… lol. Oh well. They are too biased towards male players. Almost ALL the female outfits are fan-service-y. That's fine and all, but at least do the same for male characters, it's so one-sided.

    3. Yes I am with you!
      The sad thing is, I am sure a lot of the fans will disagree with us because they simply don't like or are scared of what female fans tend to like…

      (More TL;dr)
      But the thing they should know is, there aren't any female-oriented games like PSO2. All the action MMORPGs out there are already aimed at straight men, and we enjoy this gameplay more than them, so you can't exactly tell female fans to go "find another game", and it's not like we are vowed to silence. It helps to rant and complain a little, in more ways than one.

      I know if they did a collab with something like Dramatical Murder, which even suits the sci-fi theme, they would have gotten so many new fans and so much money due to how intensely popular it is with the other half of the gamer/anime fan population(yes there are many fujoshi/fudanshi playing, both foreign and Japanese), but the problem would have been the straight male fans' fears coming to life.
      So, instead they'd rather do collabs of ecchi/harem anime aimed at men, even if it lacks the sci-fi theme or story.

      Personally, I didn't mind collabs of things like Fate/stay series, since that can appeal to both genders despite being more for guys, but I feel collabs like the Yuru Yuri and Prisma Illya should have had at least something genderbent for guy characters(like how they genderbend male costumes for girl chars even when the collab already has an equal number of girls… I am looking at you, Tales of Zestiria collab, despite the fact that girls needed pants), or another collab with a "mostly-guys cast" alongside them to make it more… gender equal. They don't seem to even try at all most of the time, and it's painfully obvious they favor real life guys playing on girl characters, and even girls who play on girl characters don't get as much out of it from a lot of outfits being too sexual to be considered good dignified fashion.

    4. Agree 100%~
      Sexy male outfits seem limited to outfits that aren't exactly "sexy", like swim trunks… I mean they just aren't really stylish like the countless stylish+sexy girl outfits, they're just plain simple swimwear.

      (TL;dr post begins)
      Seems the closest example to what I want more of is something like the Orakio Jacket or Hana Yui Ougi for guys, stuff that's stylish and form-fitting. I'm sick of the bulky ugly unfashionable and unsexy armor that is the majority of male outfits, and I am also sick of the standard boring "pants with blazer" outfit as well, it's like they can't be arsed to actually design something good-looking that compliments the male body shape or beauty in general, for men.

      I doubt Sega's gonna start catering to people like us though. They seem to only care about the straight male fans who want sexy or moe girl stuff like they always have been doing.
      The posters from this collab are borderline hentai already, and the collabs seem to be more male-oriented stuff to begin with, aside from maybe the Attack on Titan one long ago.

      I think one of the reasons though, which is understandable from the customer loyalty/business aspect, is that because the target demographic is already pretty set, they do not want to scare their target audience away by making them think, "Oh no, the female/gay fans are taking over", which is already proven to be a PR thing on par to scandals, for at least a certain animation studio, apparently…
      Well that's just my observation, not saying it's what they're absolutely thinking.

    5. Everything you said is so on target. I feel refreshed just reading your post that I'm not the only one thinking this way haha 🙂

    6. No need to feel alone. I've met quite a few Japanese players who were girls playing on guy characters, who all feel the same way, as well as my female teammates and friends I've brought to the game. XD

      I think we don't have much presence because we tend to be more on the low-down, and I know a lot who I have met were more on the ambiguous side, as a way to avoid "online sexual harassment". I know for a long time I did too… Well I still do keep ambiguous unless I need to speak up like now.

      It is kind of unfair how it works, in the real world, men have more privileges than average, while in most games(and anime), it's the opposite(but only for the sake of men's eye candy). >.<

    7. the following is a truth of marketting:

      attractive male characters appeal only to straight women and gay men.
      attractive female characters, however, maintain their appeal for straight women and gay men.

      it's not even a "sex sells" argument. pretty girls have a wider appeal.
      even granting statistical outliers like the "oh no girls I'll get cooties" variety of gay men (like my best friend from highschool, hoo boy that fella is theatrical about it) and the overgrown 12 year old crowd who can't seperate the concept of "this character belongs to me" from the concept of "this character is me"(see: the people catered to by only having one of the two Nier games released in the US because that one had the conan wannabe and the other had a prettyboy), sega is going to make more money off clothes for females.

      even if they're really good at screwing them up one way or another. like with pants-on-head-stupid shoes. or having some derpy permanent accessory that doesn't behave right on any body type but a twig. or making long skirts fly up for maximum pantyshot when you run but making short skirts behave as if they're sewn to the wearer's rear. or making skirts balloon out and clip horribly if your girl's hips aren't consisted with a prepubescent boy's. or…

      you get the idea. they have the right marketting idea but are bad at implementation.

    8. You're forgetting one thing: This is Japan. Pretty boys sell just fine over there. Pretty pre-pubescent boys also sell alarmingly well over there. Both to men and women. They could be doing the pretty girls AND pretty boys at the same time and appealing more than they are without actually changing the ratio of female to male costumes that we currently have (which is still bullshit, but I know who they're marketing to). There's also plenty of otome games with tittastic girl characters that they could use alongside any attempts at drawing in the ladies/fudanshi, if they did want to take that risk. But again, it's not even a necessary risk if they just put a little more effort into the few male costumes they put out.

      And I know skinservice sells, but if they checked their own game, they'd see that a lot of "cool" female clothes seem to have higher demand on the player market. (Then again, if they actually checked their market, they'd know what colors or shades of colors to STOP MAKING. Again, not a "make less", just "change what you ARE making.") Not saying all the revealing outfits should stop, just that they're neglecting the "cool" and sci-fi sides more than they should. Especially since it's goddamn Phantasy Star. Was really hoping Nova would be bringing it back, but hahahah nope…..

      But also, yeah, whoever's designing the shoes needs to have their feet chopped off. Iconic shoes only work in special cases, and most of those cases still aren't for serious costumes. Additional pieces that just don't work on their own skeletons, too.

      I also stand by the opinion that a new default standing pose would do absolute wonders for how costumes can be perceived.

    9. I would like to see costumes sci fi themed, like in the good old days of PSO1, I'm tired of school costumes and all that shenanigans that has nothing to do with the IP PHANTASY STAR ONLINE series.

    10. Yeah, I wonder if they'll ever stop making school uniforms and make more of the sci-fi style like the old games had. I feel like they've been straying off a bit much with making so many modern-day school uniforms that just don't look like they belong on a space ship.

    11. I want more outfits in the style of the Weltraum bunny suits – the hard plastic and form fitting latex bodysuits are sci-fi futuristic and visually appealing. But the fact is the ARKS ships are giant Macross Megaroads or even the original SDF-1 with a living breathing civillian city in the center. So naturally there would be regular clothing to purchase from the stores. If you call ancient spellcaster robes and pirate outfits regular clothing XD. To recall from PSUniverse's Line Shield explanation – you can wear any clothes you wish and be protected by a personal photon shield.

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