PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Sparkling Resort

Sparkling Resort
(Until 9.4.2019)



ジェネ水着B[Ba] | Gene Swimsuit B [Ba]
ジェネ水着B海[Ba] | Gene Swimsuit B Sea [Ba]
ジェネ水着B影[Ba] | Gene Swimsuit B Shadow [Ba]
ジェネ水着B陽[Ba] | Gene Swimsuit B Sun [Ba]
ジェネ水着B雅[Ba] | Gene Swimsuit B Elegant [Ba]
ジェネ水着B空[Ba] | Gene Swimsuit B Sky [Ba]



ブルージーR水着[Ba] | Bluesy R Swimsuit [Ba]
ブルージーR水着 空[Ba] | Bluesy R Swimsuit Sky [Ba]
ブルージーR水着 影[Ba] | Bluesy R Swimsuit Shadow [Ba]
ブルージーR水着 月[Ba] | Bluesy R Swimsuit Moon [Ba]
ブルージーR水着 雅[Ba] | Bluesy R Swimsuit Elegant [Ba]
ブルージーR水着 葉[Ba] | Bluesy R Swimsuit Leaf [Ba]



渚のラッピービキニ[Ba] | Beach Rappy Bikini [Ba]
渚のラッピービキニ雪[Ba] | Beach Rappy Bikini Snow [Ba]
渚のラッピービキニ葉[Ba] | Beach Rappy Bikini Leaf [Ba]
渚のラッピービキニ雅[Ba] | Beach Rappy Bikini Elegant [Ba]
渚のラッピービキニ海[Ba] | Beach Rappy Bikini Sea [Ba]
渚のラッピービキニ紅[Ba] | Beach Rappy Bikini Crimson [Ba]



アルカーノデリエ[Ba] | Arcano Delier [Ba]
アルカーノデリエ紅[Ba] | Arcano Delier Crimson [Ba]
アルカーノデリエ桜[Ba] | Arcano Delier Sakura [Ba]
アルカーノデリエ雅[Ba] | Arcano Delier Elegant [Ba]
アルカーノデリエ影[Ba] | Arcano Delier Shadow [Ba]
アルカーノデリエ陽[Ba] | Arcano Delier Sun [Ba]



ベザンテレーツェル[Ba] | Besante Ratsel [Ba]
ベザンテレーツェル雪[Ba] | Besante Ratsel Snow [Ba]
ベザンテレーツェル夜[Ba] | Besante Ratsel Night [Ba]
ベザンテレーツェル紅[Ba] | Besante Ratsel Crimson [Ba]
ベザンテレーツェル桜[Ba] | Besante Ratsel Sakura [Ba]
ベザンテレーツェル陽[Ba] | Besante Ratsel Sun [Ba]



渚のラッピーサーフ[Ba] | Beach Rappy Surf [Ba]
渚のラッピーサーフ雪[Ba] | Beach Rappy Surf Snow [Ba]
渚のラッピーサーフ葉[Ba] | Beach Rappy Surf Leaf [Ba]
渚のラッピーサーフ雅[Ba] | Beach Rappy Surf Elegant [Ba]
渚のラッピーサーフ海[Ba] | Beach Rappy Surf Sea [Ba]
渚のラッピーサーフ紅[Ba] | Beach Rappy Surf Crimson [Ba]


アネット水着B | Annette Swimsuit B
アネット水着B桜 | Annette Swimsuit B Sakura
アネット水着B雪 | Annette Swimsuit B Snow
アネット水着B影 | Annette Swimsuit B Shadow
アネット水着B海 | Annette Swimsuit B Sea
アネット水着B陽 | Annette Swimsuit B Sun


Female Recolors

  • アクティビティサマー影[Ou] | Activity Summer Shadow [Ou]
  • アクティビティサマー玄[Ba] | Activity Summer Black [Ba]
  • アクティビティサマー紅[Ba] | Activity Summer Crimson [Ba]
  • クランマリーヌ夜[Ou] | Clan Marine Night [Ou]
  • クランマリーヌ玄[Ba] | Clan Marine Mysterious [Ba]
  • セラフィ水着 紅[Ou] | Seraphy Swim. Crimson [Ou]
  • セラフィ水着A空[Ba] | Seraphy Swim. A Sky [Ba]
  • セラフィ水着A雅[Ba] | Seraphy Swim. A Elegant [Ba]
  • セラフィ水着B空[Ba] | Seraphy Swim. B Sky [Ba]
  • セラフィ水着B雅[Ba] | Seraphy Swim. B Elegant [Ba]
  • ジェネ水着 玄[Ba] | Gene Swimsuit Mysterious [Ba]
  • ジェネ水着 桜[Ba] | Gene Swimsuit Sakura [Ba]
  • アネット水着 玄[Ba] | Annette Swimsuit Black [Ba]
  • アネット水着 茜[Ba] | Annette Swimsuit Madder [Ba]
  • セクシービキニ雪[Ba] | Sexy Bikini Wear Snow [Ba]
  • セクシービキニ茜[Ba] | Sexy Bikini Wear Madder [Ba]
  • セクシービキニ/F雪[Ba] | Sexy Bikini / F Snow [Ba]
  • セクシービキニ/F茜[Ba] | Sexy Bikini / F Madder [Ba]

Male Recolors

  • バーニングサマー海[Ou] | Burning Summer Sea [Ou]
  • バーニングサマー玄[Ba] | Burning Summer Black [Ba]
  • バーニングサマー冬[Ba] | Burning Summer Winter [Ba]
  • バーニングサマー静[Ba] | Burning Summer Tranquil [Ba]
  • クランマラッド影[Ou] | Clan Maraud Shadow [Ou]
  • クランマラッド曜[Ba] | Clan Maraud Day [Ba]
  • パンサーVパンツ雪[Ba] | Panther V Pants Snow [Ba]
  • パンサーVパンツ雅[Ba] | Panther V Pants Elegant [Ba]
  • パンサーVパンツ/F雪[Ba] | Panther V / F Snow [Ba]
  • パンサーVパンツ/F雅[Ba] | Panther V / F Elegant [Ba]
  • ブーメランパンツ海[Ba] | Boomerang Pants Sea [Ba]
  • ブーメランパンツ/F海[Ba] | Boomerang Pants / F Sea [Ba]

Female Voice #197 (CV: Sora Amamiya)

  • 女性追加ボイス197
  • 女性C追加ボイス197

Male Voice #163 (CV: Eri Kitamura)

  • 男性追加ボイス163
  • 男性C追加ボイス163

Lobby Actions

  • 538「バナナボート」 | 538 [Banana Boat]
  • 539「キック3」 | 539 [Kick 3]



  • ジェネツインテール2 | Gene Intake 2
  • アネットヘアー | Annette Hair
  • ストラトスヘアー | Stratos Hair
  • 編みこみアップスタイル | Braided Updo
  • マリーヌヘアー | Marine Hair

Face Aesthetics

  • イラスト風メイク | Illustration Style Makeup


  • ステラヘッドギア2 | Stella Headgear 2
  • ブルージーレクイエム翼L  | Bluesy Requiem Wing L
  • ブルージーレクイエム翼R | Bluesy Requiem Wing R

Lobby Actions

  • 431泳ぐ2」 | 431 "Swim 2"
  • 432「マリンポーズ」 | 432 "Marine Pose"

Mag Device

  • フードデバイス/法撃 | Food Device / T-ATK

Grind Support

  • 特殊能力(射撃&PP/2) | Add Ability (Shoot&PP/2)



Scratch Bonus

Play this AC Scratch a specific amount of times for exclusive bonus items!

Normal AC Tickets
Frequency Rewards
5 times PSZERO Memory
10 times Bonus Key Magatsu [Silver]
15 times Tri-Boost +150%
25 times
Nagisa Swimwear Shadow Set
30 times Sparkling Resort Ticket
40 times Bonus Key Magatsu [Gold]
50 times EX Tri-Boost +200%
60 times Sparkling Resort Ticket
120 times Sparkling Resort Ticket
Gold AC Tickets
Frequency Rewards
2 times Free Salon Pass
4 times Bonus Key Tokyo [Silver]
6 times Lucky Crepe
12 times Sparkling Resort Ticket

※Players can receive each item only once.
※All of these items are untradeable.

※Sparkling Resort Ticket allows you to choose 1 item from this AC Scratch.
※EX Tri-Boost can be used together with other boost items. Duration effect is 360 minutes.


FUN Scratch


  • ピラートバンダナ | Pirate Bandana

Face Aesthetics

  • チーククラブ 黒 | Cheek Club Black
  • チーククラブ 青 | Cheek Club Blue
  • ゆったりミニまゆ | Calm Mini Eyebrows
  • イラストまつげF 黒 | Black Illustration Lashes F
  • イラストまつげF 紺 | Blue Illustration Lashes F
  • イラストまつげF 茶 | Brown Illustration Lashes F
  • イラストまつげF 白 | White Illustration Lashes F


  • アンカータトゥーM | Anchor Tattoo M
  • アンカータトゥーF | Anchor Tattoo F
  • パイレーツフラッグ | Pirate's Flag
  • クラブアイパッチ | Club Eyepatch
  • クラブタイ | Club Tie
  • ブレストキャノン | Breast Cannon
  • レッグバレットベルト | Leg Bullet Belt
  • 首掛け双眼鏡 | Hanging Binoculars
  • ブルーアームスカーフ | Blue Arm Scarf
  • ブルーレッグスカーフ | Blue Leg Scarf
  • 垂らしスイカ | Hanging Watermelon
  • ウクレレ | Ukelele
  • ツバ広麦わら帽子 茶 | Wide Brim Straw Hat Brown
  • サングラスネックレス 黒 | Sunglasses Necklace Black

Lobby Action

  • 243「スイカ割り」| 243 "Watermelon Splitting"

Room Items / Themes

  • プライベートプール | Private Pool
  • シーベイジングセット | Sea Bathing Set
  • カットスイカ | Cut Watermelon
  • メロンソーダ | Melon Soda
  • パイレーツキャノン | Pirate's Cannon
  • 錆びたイカリ | Rusty Anchor
  • 海賊船の舵輪 | Pirate Ship's Helm
  • リゾートライト | Resort Light
  • リゾートローテーブル | Resort Low Table
  • リゾートソファ | Resort Sofa
  • リゾートラグ | Resort Rug
  • リゾートスタンド | Resort Stand
  • リゾートスクリーン | Resort Screen
  • リゾートロングチェア | Resort Longchair
  • リゾートパーム | Resort Palm
  • リゾートプランター | Resort Planter
  • リゾートフルーツ | Resort Fruits
  • リゾートプレート | Resort Plate
  • リゾートパンケーキ | Resort Pancake
  • リゾートファン | Resort Fan
  • リゾートサーフボード | Resort Surfboard
  • リゾートジャグジー | Resort Jacuzzi
  • リゾート・テーマ | Resort Theme


11 thoughts to “PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Sparkling Resort”

    1. CAST parts only come every other scratch *at best* and the last one (with the edgy demonlord stuff) already filled that quota you know.

  1. The edgelord cast was such a boring addition, seriously we're not all edgelords. I just want something more practical and yet futuristic and not gundam or edgelord.

    1. I'm an edgelord but huge purple spikes are not edgy, they are simply silly, they belong to a 70s children anime evil robot at best, a satirical parody kind of edgelord, that you might find in konosuba and the like, at worst.
      Vanguard Bandits designs look tame compared to that.

    2. Curious as to what do male players want in their costume. Its like theres not many choices honest. I believe for males theres like dozens of trenchcoats in modern and futuristic styles. We have had a cowboy, pirate and many samurais ninja, Doctor outfit. I honest dont know what else. Hard to come up with a cool combo of Pants and a shirt compared to girls skirts and blouses.

      I know – how about a policeman? I dont believe there is a police man outfit when there is a sexy female one for years. Or would more scifi outfits be welcome like an astronaut or super sentai skintight suit and helmet?

    3. It's not that Sega is out of themes. Male clothes end up looking like an after thought and females will get 6 of the same ole bikini while guys get 1 shitty one

    4. I fail to see the difference in potential variety between shirt-and-pants and blouse-and-skirt.
      It's just demand and supply. More people want female clothes so there are more female clothes.
      Least people want cast parts so there are so few cast parts.

    5. @Sena Sunshine

      For me, as female playing male characters, I want more sexy or revealing male outfits (like crop tops, thigh highs, shoulderless w/long armlets, etc), or basically just unisex versions of all the female outfits. There really are beautiful male fashion designs out there, just that they aren't considered casual wear IRL, much like half the female clothing in PSO2. Figure skater/dancer costumes, boy band clothing, punk or ouji lolita, male costumes from fantasy/sci-fi series, etc… there's really countless ideas out there but I think Sega is too shy to use many of them, or maybe they really do have some kind of strict quota for their designers, of "1 male outfit per every 5 female outfits", to keep the game anime-girl-centric. (Kind of a shame since the older games weren't so extremely unbalanced with males/females)

      There have been a few nice male outfits that aren't plain suits/coats, but most that I particularly liked were player designs (Morphotissimo, Hanayui Ougi, etc).
      Also would love some traditional Japanese Wa-style outfits, even in this case, a normal plain layerable Haori, Hakama, Kimono, Yukata set, which would be fun to mix and match with the more flashy/fantasy Wa-style outfits.

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