PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Twinkle Splash

Twinkle Splash

Twinkle Splash
(Until 6.25.2014)

Aquaria Coat

アクエリアコート Aquaria Coat
アクエリアコート空 Aquaria Coat Sky Blue
アクエリアコート月 Aquaria Coat Yellow Moon
アクエリアコート雪 Aquaria Coat White Snow
アクエリアコート雅 Aquaria Coat Elegant Purple
アクエリアコート桜 Aquaria Coat Sakura Pink


Officer Coat

オフィサーコート Officer Coat
オフィサーコート紅 Officer Coat Crimson Red
オフィサーコート海 Officer Coat Blue Sea
オフィサーコート雅 Officer Coat Elegant Purple
オフィサーコート雪 Officer Coat White Snow
オフィサーコート影 Officer Coat Black Shadow


Canary Piece

キャナリィピース Canary Piece
(6 Colors)


Twinkle Robin

ティンクルロビン Twinkle Robin
(6 Colors)


コーブレス・ボディ Cobres Body
コーブレス・アーム Cobres Arms
コーブレス・レッグ Cobres Legs
コーブレス・ヘッド Cobres Head


グルマイカ・ボディ Gurmica Body
グルマイカ・アーム Gurmica Arms
グルマイカ・レッグ Gurmica Legs
グルマイカ・ヘッド Gurmica Head


Frog Rappy Suit

フログ・ラッピースーツ Frog Rappy Suit


Recolors and Color Variations

  • レイドスフィーダ Raid Sfida Crimson
  • レイドスフィーダ葉 Raid Sfida Leaf
  • サファイギリアス鋼 Sapphi Gilias Crimson
  • サファイギリアス雪 Sapphi Gilias Snow
  • ウィグナー・ボディCV Wigner Body CV
  • ウィグナー・アームCV Wigner Arms CV
  • ウィグナー・レッグCV Wigner Legs CV
  • ウィグナー・ヘッドCV Wigner Head CV
  • エヴァレット・ボディCV Everett Body CV
  • エヴァレット・アームCV Everett Arms CV
  • エヴァレット・レッグCV Everett Legs CV
  • エヴァレット・ヘッドCV Everett Head CV


  • ロングリボンB Long Ribbon B
  • ホワイトバタフライ White Butterfly
  • ピンクバタフライ Pink Butterfly
  • *バヴ・ザ・タウラス Vav the Taurus
  • クラス追加(ハンター) Class Addition (Hunter)
  • クラス追加(レンジャー) Class Addition (Ranger)
  • 属性変化(炎属性) Attribute Change (Fire)
  • 属性変化(風属性) Attribute Change (Wind)
  • 属性変化(光属性) Attribute Change (Light)
  • 特殊能力追加(射撃) Ability Affixer (R-ATK)
  • フードデバイス/技量 Mag Food Device / DEX

Mai Nakahara Female Voice 45

  • 女性追加ボイス45
  • 女性C追加ボイス45 (Cast Ver.)

Takahiro Sakurai Male Voice 47

  • 男性追加ボイス47
  • 男性C追加ボイス47 (Cast Ver.)

Lobby Action

  • 追加ロビーアクション105 (/la headbanging) [Head Banging]


FUN Scratch


  • 二重まぶた 黒 Double-fold Eyelids Black
  • 二重まぶた 青 Double-fold Eyelids Blue
  • 二重まぶた 茶 Double-fold Eyelids Brown
  • ダブルビッグリボン Double Big Ribbon
  • ピンクダブルビッグリボン Pink Double Big Ribbon
  • ゴールドクレセント Gold Crescent
  • クレセントヘッド Crescent Head
  • ニードリル Knee Drills
  • タウラスステッカーA Taurus Sticker A
  • タウラスステッカーB Taurus Sticker B
  • 追加ロビーアククラシックテーブルン09 (/la worry)
  • 追加ロビーアクション10 (/la shy)
  • ナベリウスパパガイ Naberius Papagay
  • エレガントバスタブ Elegant Bathtub
  • オリ・オリ Ori Ori
  • クラシッククッション Classic Cushion
  • クラシックキャビネットClassic Cabinet
  • クラシックナイトスタンド Classic Night Stand
  • クラシックベッド Classic Bed
  • クラシックダンロ Classic Fireplace
  • クラシックシェルフ Classic Shelf
  • クラシックテーブル Classic Table
  • クラシックソファ Classic Sofa
  • クラシックローテーブル Classic Low Table
  • クラシックチェア Classic Chair
  • クラシックマット Classic Mat
  • クラシックライト Classic Light
  • クラシック・テーマ Classic Theme

 Lobby Action

  • 追加ロビーアクション106 (/la wave2) [Wave 2]

Music Disc

  • ビオル・メデューナ戦 Biol Meduna Battle

21 thoughts to “PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Twinkle Splash”

  1. Looks like females get the ugly end of the stick for this AC scratch, why is there no female officer's coat? What we get this time around is well, a bit ugly to say the least

  2. Canary Piece set is good with Squirrel tail. You'll look just like squirrel Elin. seriously. . .

  3. I'd check that with my more elin-shaped character, but I think it'd clash with the rest of her appearance. (and of course the fact she's 6'5", lol)

    but dem cast parts, man. I don't know who thought the leg covers on gurmica series were a good idea, but yeeesh.

  4. Gurmica series is SO badass, the rest is quite meh, and I don't own a male Cast. Looks like some nice stuff can be obtained from Fun scratch instead, so it's ok, I saved my munny :D.

  5. I would just like to point out that we have not had the 5% element boosters on the AC scratch for months now. What the fuck SEGAC you introduce Bio weapons and you take away the element boosters? Dick move.

  6. Aquaria Coat looks bad to me so it'll be skipped. Some people priced this a 1 million on ship 2 lol.

    Canary Piece looks good for kawaii or loli types.

    Officer Coat looks awesome.

    Twinkle Robin seems to be made with kid looking avatars in mind.

    Cobres…. Looks bad to me but some people like it.

    Gurmica reminds me a bit of front mission. I like it.

    Well there you have it 2 good male costumes so you can stop saying only female gets the good stuff. (for now)

  7. I believe I already saw someone in the Canary Piece, it was cute but not for anyone, I guess.
    Xie's new CO are easy as ever with good XP at the end, it's nice. I just don't understand the Mr.SomethingThatWantsToHitYouTwiceToBeHappy mission. Never succedeed it, this thing NEVER wanted to hit someone in my party twice. ><

    Anyway, Frog Rappies are nicer than Egg Rappies. ^^

  8. If they made the aquaria coat closer fitting to the character's shape it'd be 200% better, but as of now it makes your character look pregnant, pretty sure there are no pregnant ARKS.

  9. Its not supposed to fit to the character's shape, that's the thing. Its a bell-like raincoat for kids.

  10. It bells out too much in the front, they dont have to make it catsuit form fitting but just make it fit a little closer, especially at the bottom of the chest, then it wouldn't look so bad.

  11. if your character has hips worth noticing, it flares out absurdly, like most anything else with a skirt on it. they really need to rework the meshes on those things for characters without stick-thin hips.

  12. i liked the aquarius outfit! with the hood hairstyle it so cute >w< its not supposed to be form-fitting, the shape is intentional ^^ ik ppl are upset bc the new outfits dont show off tits and ass lol XD sometimes its just about being cute (or in canary case, being loli) ^^

  13. oh also! てるてる坊主 teru teru bozu, its actually a paper doll ^^ thats what it should be named for english patch

  14. Aquaria Coat don't look cute at all. It looks ugly as sin and it's not because it don't show up skin.

  15. Common sense ppl, its a raincoat. If the person wanted to show skin/get wet they probably aren't wearing a raincoat as first choice.

  16. Yes it's supposed to be a rain coat, but the way it flares out now makes characters look pregnant, even thin characters.
    (or atleast in my toon's case an athletic build)

  17. see, though, "info", the problem is it's not supposed to show T&A… but if your character doesn't have skinny hips, it flares out excessively and ends up showing ass every time your character even leans forward somewhat.

    and most skirts that aren't tight to the body end up doing that, too.

    also, "teru teru bozu" is the correct name for that thing. yes, it's a paper doll, but it's a specific kind, made on the general idea of wishing away rain; it's named for the shiny bald heads of monks.

  18. You people, seriously?

    Not every outfit is gonna be nor has to be a winner.

    Besides, glitchy/ill-fitting outfit? Don't wear it.

    There are plenty of cute/fetishy/pandering outfits for females already.

    I mean, shit, we got kimonos, bunnysuits, chinese dresses, maid outfits, those ones with incredibly high heels…

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