PSO2 JP: ARKS Promotion Squad Broadcast Rewards #2

ARKS Promotion Squad

Sega is releasing another set of secret phrases from the latest ARKS Promotion Squad broadcasts. Enter the phrases directly through PSO2's in-game chat to receive the rewards right away at the Visiphone.

※The post will be updated as they are announced.


(1) Speak the phrase やればできるゆあ to receive a lobby action.

  • 232「グラビアポーズ2」 ║ Gravure Pose 2 (/la gravure2)
  • ※Deadline: May 2nd @ 23:00 JST


(2) Speak the phrase そうはさせません to receive a lobby action.

  • 231「バキューン」 ║ Bang Bang (/la bang)
  • ※Deadline: May 5th @ 23:00 JST


(3) Speak the phrase となかわゆい to receive character voices.

  • Male EX Voice A10
    • 男性[EX]ボイスA10
    • 男性C[EX]ボイスA10 (Cast ver.)
  • Female EX Voice A18
    • 女性[EX]ボイスA18
    • 女性C[EX]ボイスA18 (Cast ver.)
  • ※Deadline: May 6th @ 23:00 JST


(4) Speak the phrase けつたそ to receive a lobby action.

  • 230「カンチョー」 ║ Kancho (/la kancho)
  • ※Deadline: May 9th @ 23:00 JST


(5) Speak the phrase ぷゆにゃん to receive a lobby action.

  • 229「ネコポーズ」 ║ Cat Pose (/la nekopose)
  • ※Deadline: May 12th @ 23:00 JST


(6) Speak the phrase べるさいゆい to receive character voices.

  • Female EX Voice A19
    • 女性[EX]ボイスA19
    • 女性C[EX]ボイスA19 (Cast ver.)
  • ※Deadline: May 13th @ 23:00 JST




19 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: ARKS Promotion Squad Broadcast Rewards #2”

    1. We're going on a field trip. A field trip. A fiiiieeeld… trip. A field trip. A fieeeeld trip. A field………. trip.

    1. Uh, missed it? It's available now, just type the hiragana message above in any of your chats before the deadline listed and you get it.

    1. For starters something everybody misses is the chat box has to be active. By active I mean as if you mean to type stuff in it. I think about the last two lines posted will turn your cursor into a beam that allows you to select text. When selected, press CTRL + C to copy and CTRL + V to paste.

    2. I usually come here and highlight/right click to copy and either log in to the game or (I use virtual fullscreen) navigate back to the game, press enter and CTRL+V in general chat to paste it in the chat window.

  1. Does anyone know if these are also good on the jpn ps4 version? I'm not having any luck with getting anything after I put some of those in 🙁

    1. I know it works on psvita, you I hope you're saying them in the chat, and then checking the Visiphone afterwards.

    2. How did you get the phrase in game on the ps4? ( sorry have a friend whose wondering)

  2. ugh, anyone else having issue with game guard? it seems to have blacklisted GN Field. GG window says that it have found a debugger in memory and asks to unload it and restart. It happened persistently since this morning (EST).

    1. PlayerX, I had to disable my antivirus to get it to work, had the exact same problem (AVGFREE)

    2. thanks, whitelisting did the job. AVG left it untouched for months and decided to screw it today.

    3. AVG has been getting more and more silly about 'catching' things that are not viruses.

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