PSO2 JP: Harukotan's First Time Attack Quest

~November 25th, 2015~


Harukotan Time Attack

Introducing the [Extermination Practice: Harukotan] Time Attack quest! Race against the clock, slaying hordes of Kuronite and Toy Darker foes in quick succession and defeating the Gal Gryphon boss awaiting at the end. Unlike other Time Attack quests, defeated enemies will not award items or experience.


Harukotan Klotho Order

Klotho will receive a new client order, tasking you with clearing the new Time Attack quest. While you're at it, you can take on Girard's new rare enemy client order targeting Gal Gryphon and Gryphon Gels.


Genesis Weapon Camos

The Genesis weapons wielded by the Council of Six, Theodor, and Matoi can now be yours in the form of new weapon camos. Completing the Matter Boards of each episode will net you some [Creator's Emblem] title rewards! This item can be traded in at Zieg's shop to receive a Genesis weapon camo of your choosing.


Scarlet Detective (AC Scratch)

Aria's Butei High School Uniform
武偵高校アリア制服 (Aria's Butei High School Uniform)

From the ongoing TV anime series, Aria and the Scarlet Ammo AA, comes the costumes, hairstyles, and weapons of lead characters Aria and Akari! Winter coats and Chinese style CAST parts will also appear in the scratch, alongside a new variation of the China Dress.


Akari's Butei High School Uniform
武偵高校あかり制服 (Akari's Butei High School Uniform)
Norno Rosette
ノルノロゼット (Norno Rosette)
Cradle Coat
クレーデルコート (Cradle Coat)
Xianghu Series
シャンフー (Xianghu)
Sengami Series
センガミ (Sengami)
Meili Blossom
メイリーブロッサム (Mĕilì Blossom)
Akari's Submachine Guns
*あかりの短機関銃 (Akari's Submachine Guns)
Aria's Twin Swords and Guns
*アリアの双剣双銃 (Aria's Twin Swords & Guns)
Panda Cap
パンダキャップ (Panda Cap)

※Looking for naming suggestions for the Chinese costume & parts.


22 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: Harukotan's First Time Attack Quest”

  1. "Unlike other Time Attack quests, defeated enemies will not award items or experience."

    Was there ever a point people did TAs for the drops or exp o_O

    1. There was a time when people did SH Sanctum TAs just to try and get the 10* katana Quartz dropped (Susanoo I think…), 'course now that thought is obsolete. They're obviously taking off the drops cause of Gal Gryphon as a boss to avoid another possible influx of Gal 13*, not really understanding why would you cut off XP though.

    2. Correct, that was the Susano Guren that was well-sought out for Braver Hunters back in Episode 2, I remember people also going to the Exploration quest for it too. I also recall an Interrupt Ranking for it that boosted rare drop rate for Quartz at the time as an incentive to do the ranking.

    3. My question is, why the hell did they put gal gryphon in harukotan to begin with? Does gal gryphon look like a kuronite to you?

    4. Gryphon have been showing up in whatever quest since summer, but apparently now its a problem in Time Attack.

    5. Each TA has several stages in it that's divided into parts with many other bosses in it, for example, in Nab II does it make sense to have Fang banther(forest boss) in the Tundra area while sanctum has quartz(floating continent boss) in it? , do we have to spoon feed you people with common sense too now ? B-Onions are really sickening ignorant

    6. Actually…. Nab 2 and Sanctum bosses do make more thematic sense. Especially considering the Fang cats don't have any quest (outside of the rare Forest EQ) where you can guarantee an encounter with them. That aside, it's on Naberius and they're natives.

      This also applies to Sanctum TA. It's the Dragonkin's sacred shrine and Quartz is… you guessed it… a dragonkin! It's not like you haven't seen him/her in there before either as the story mode has shown Quartz running around the shrine with Aki while worried about their god of sorts and we've seen the same for Vol going to the floating continent area to deliver a message. Still fits the theme of X enemy type for planet Y's TA.

      Gryphon isn't a Kuronite but is showing up as the boss for the Harkotan TA which breaks all the previously established TA logic. Of course, Gryphon itself is an anomaly as far as PSO2 is concerned so it kinda shows up wherever it wants. Plus a TA with it means that we can now get COs for killing it which is a plus of sorts.

    7. At some point people were running second Amduscia TA for some drops, because enemies there broke level 51 barrier (was it 56?) and could drop something I don't remember, and it wasn't possible to get that level on a free field. It was still hardly attractive though.

      This time they turned off drops, because new TA is just a round arena with enemies falling on your head, and that includes bosses and gryphon. So that's that.

    8. I guess this is a counter-measure if XH+ Time Attacks ever become a feature in the game, as players could potentially abuse the system to get Gal 13*s if drops were allowed.

  2. HO.

    We're FINALLY getting Genesis Weapon weapon camo's. ;o;

    We can finally wield Clarissa!!! I wish Clarissa would be compatible with Partizans, but it's probably Rod only. Oh well…

    Do we get Creator's Emblems from EVERY Matter Board, or just from the EPISODE3 Matter Boards?

    1. The video shows a title giving out a Creator's Emblem for finishing EP1 Matter Board(s), so it seems there could be one for doing some, if not all of the EP1 and EP2 MBs, then possibly one for each completed Matter Board in EP3?

  3. Following what Tymek say, I suppose you can only grab ONE Genesis Weapon camo. Well, what a bummer. I wanted both Clarissas and Theo's one. >:

    1. famitsu/dengekiPS seem to think you get one emblem per ep3 matterboard completed, commenting a maximum of eight emblems, but 11 camos.

    2. (and yes I am aware that disagrees with what the video suggests, which would amount to getting four passes. don't shoot the messenger. maybe someone mistranslated the magazine page, I don't know for sure.)

    3. I assume, too, it's 1 emblem = 1 camo. If that's the thing, then I'm cool with getting just 4 emblems, will be enough to get all the camos I want.

      …If it's 4 emblems per camo WELL, same thing I'm sad about.

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