PSO2 JP: Harukotan's First Time Attack Quest

~November 25th, 2015~


Harukotan Time Attack

Introducing the [Extermination Practice: Harukotan] Time Attack quest! Race against the clock, slaying hordes of Kuronite and Toy Darker foes in quick succession and defeating the Gal Gryphon boss awaiting at the end. Unlike other Time Attack quests, defeated enemies will not award items or experience.


Harukotan Klotho Order

Klotho will receive a new client order, tasking you with clearing the new Time Attack quest. While you're at it, you can take on Girard's new rare enemy client order targeting Gal Gryphon and Gryphon Gels.


Genesis Weapon Camos

The Genesis weapons wielded by the Council of Six, Theodor, and Matoi can now be yours in the form of new weapon camos. Completing the Matter Boards of each episode will net you some [Creator's Emblem] title rewards! This item can be traded in at Zieg's shop to receive a Genesis weapon camo of your choosing.


Scarlet Detective (AC Scratch)

Aria's Butei High School Uniform
武偵高校アリア制服 (Aria's Butei High School Uniform)

From the ongoing TV anime series, Aria and the Scarlet Ammo AA, comes the costumes, hairstyles, and weapons of lead characters Aria and Akari! Winter coats and Chinese style CAST parts will also appear in the scratch, alongside a new variation of the China Dress.


Akari's Butei High School Uniform
武偵高校あかり制服 (Akari's Butei High School Uniform)
Norno Rosette
ノルノロゼット (Norno Rosette)
Cradle Coat
クレーデルコート (Cradle Coat)
Xianghu Series
シャンフー (Xianghu)
Sengami Series
センガミ (Sengami)
Meili Blossom
メイリーブロッサム (Mĕilì Blossom)
Akari's Submachine Guns
*あかりの短機関銃 (Akari's Submachine Guns)
Aria's Twin Swords and Guns
*アリアの双剣双銃 (Aria's Twin Swords & Guns)
Panda Cap
パンダキャップ (Panda Cap)

※Looking for naming suggestions for the Chinese costume & parts.


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