PSO2 JP SG Scratch: Bright Dark Heroine

Bright Dark Heroine
(Until 6.14.2017)



イノセントクラスタ[Ou] ║ Innocent Cluster [Ou]
(6 colors)


イノセントクラスタ[Ba] ║ Innocent Cluster [Ba]
イノセントクラスタ海[Ba] ║ Innocent Cluster Blue Sea [Ba]
イノセントクラスタ紅[Ba] ║ Innocent Cluster Crimson Red [Ba]
イノセントクラスタ桜[Ba] ║ Innocent Cluster Sakura Pink [Ba]
イノセントクラスタ雪[Ba] ║ Innocent Cluster White Snow [Ba]
イノセントクラスタ影[Ba] ║ Innocent Cluster Black Shadow [Ba]


イノセントクラスタ[In] ║ Innocent Cluster [In]
イノセントクラスタ海[In] ║ Innocent Cluster Blue Sea [In]
イノセントクラスタ紅[In] ║ Innocent Cluster Crimson Red [In]
イノセントクラスタ桜[In] ║ Innocent Cluster Sakura Pink [In]
イノセントクラスタ雪[In] ║ Innocent Cluster White Snow [In]
イノセントクラスタ月[In] ║ Innocent Cluster Yellow Moon [In]


【双子・女】戦闘衣 ║ Double Battle Suit F
【双子・女】戦闘衣 雪 ║ Double Battle Suit F White Snow
【双子・女】戦闘衣 紅 ║ Double Battle Suit F Crimson Red
【双子・女】戦闘衣 夜 ║ Double Battle Suit F Night Blue
【双子・女】戦闘衣 雅 ║ Double Battle Suit F Elegant Purple
【双子・女】戦闘衣 鋼 ║ Double Battle Suit F Steel Gray


ヴィエルキュティス ║ Viel Cutis


イノセントキュティス ║ Innocent Cutis


命纏衣 ║ Mikoto Matoi


レコードキャプチャー ║ Record Capture


【敗者】戦闘衣 ║ Loser Battle Suit
【敗者】戦闘衣 雪 ║ Loser Battle Suit White Snow
【敗者】戦闘衣 紅 ║ Loser Battle Suit Crimson Red
【敗者】戦闘衣 夜 ║ Loser Battle Suit Night Blue
【敗者】戦闘衣 雅 ║ Loser Battle Suit Elegant Purple
【敗者】戦闘衣 影 ║ Loser Battle Suit Black Shadow


【双子・男】戦闘衣 ║ Double Battle Suit M
【双子・男】戦闘衣 雪 ║ Double Battle Suit M White Snow
【双子・男】戦闘衣 紅 ║ Double Battle Suit M Crimson Red
【双子・男】戦闘衣 夜 ║ Double Battle Suit M Night Blue
【双子・男】戦闘衣 雅 ║ Double Battle Suit M Elegant Purple
【双子・男】戦闘衣 鋼 ║ Double Battle Suit M Steel Gray



  • 女性共通【双子】ボイス ║ Female Voice – Double
  • 女性共通マトイボイスB ║ Female Voice – Matoi B
  • 男性共通【敗者】ボイス ║ Male Voice – Loser
  • 男性共通【双子】ボイス ║ Male Voice – Double

PSO2 Music Discs

  • ルーサー戦 ║ Luther Battle
    • PSO2 #71: Confronter
  • ファルス・アンゲル戦 ║ Falz Angel Battle
    • PSO2 #72: Majestic & Imperial Dynasty
  • アポス・ドリオス戦 ║ Apos Dorios Battle
    • PSO2 #73: Alchimista
  • 敗者戦 ║ Loser Battle
    • PSO2 #74: la L’inno per il “IDOLA”
  • アンガ・ファンダージ戦 ║ Anga Fhandarge Battle
    • PSO2 #90: Anga Fhandarge
  • ファルス・ダランブル戦 ║ Falz Dourumble Battle
    • PSO2 #107: Chaotic Dynasty
  • 双子戦 ║ Double Battle
    • PSO2 #108: “IDOLA” the Audacious JOKER
  • 深遠なる闇戦 ║ Profound Darkness Battle
    • PSO2 #109: Unfathomable Darkness

Ability Affixers

  • 特殊能力追加(攻撃総合) ║ Ability Affixer (Attack Fusion)
  • 特殊能力追加(防御総合) ║ Ability Affixer (Defense Fusion)
  • 特殊能力追加(攻撃継承) ║ Ability Affixer (Attack Transfer)
  • 特殊能力追加(防御継承) ║ Ability Affixer (Defense Transfer)
  • 特殊能力追加(心身継承) ║ Ability Affixer (Mind & Body Transfer)

EX Boosters

  • EX獲得経験値+75% ║ +75% EX EXP Booster
    • Additionally boosts Rare Drop & Meseta by 25%.
  • EXレアドロップ倍率+75% ║ +75% EX Rare Drop Booster
    • Additionally boosts EXP & Meseta by 25%.
  • EX獲得メセタ+75% ║ +75% EX Meseta Booster
    • Additionally boosts EXP & Rare Drop by 25%.
  • EXトライブースト+50% ║ +50% EX Tribooster


SG Recycle Shop Listing

Product List # of Required SG Scratch Items
Innocent Cluster [Ou]
Innocent Cluster [Ba]
Innocent Cluster [In]
Double Battle Suit F
Loser Battle Suit
Double Battle Suit M
Matoi Loop Tail
Double Hair M
Double Hair F
Loser Hair
Innocent Headgear
Loser Headgear
Loser Earring
Double Hair Ornament M
Double Hair Ornament F
Female Voice – Double
Female Voice – Matoi B
Male Voice – Loser
Male Voice – Double
Calamity Staff Requiem
SG Recycle Badge
Creator’s Emblem
+150% Tribooster


※SG Scratch costumes do not support the Attachment Gauge.
※All of the items included within the SG Scratch are untradeable.


30 thoughts to “PSO2 JP SG Scratch: Bright Dark Heroine”

    1. Would be if these were AC scratch stuff. Literally a personal problem if you spend cash on SG though, and the recycle shop does exist.

    2. You’re entirely welcome to simply ignore the whole scratch you know. That’s what I did with the previous one.

    3. Cosmetic whale bait is one of the most simple, least invasive ways to make money for your game. I have no idea how people can’t see that.

      If you don’t get it? Well then it obviously wasn’t meant for someone who didn’t want to drop $$$. It literally affects nothing in your gameplay experience.

    4. My working theory is they’re simply buttmad over having a hard time getting said cosmetics.
      ʅ ( • ε • ) ʃ

    5. They had a really, really healthy profit margin from this game. They just had to service all the fucking debts they incurred during the early 2000s. This untradable shit is a step beyond.

      I put my money where my mouth is, I pay for scratches and trade for stuff that I couldn’t get when I reach my real-money budget limit. Who the fuck are you to criticize me for criticizing a company that I support with my fucking money.

    6. @Random right SEGA buttraepd you and you took it like a man that you are. They eroded one of the central aspects of the game, trading for customized parts, and you just took it standing up. Good fucking job. Wanna know what the Catholics thought of this?

    7. Nice combination of nonsensical hyperbole and delusions of entitlement you have going there. Can you repeat that though? Couldn’t quite hear you over all the current AC/FUN scratch stuff being traded on the player market and the SG being earned by playing the goddamn game…

    8. lmao the butthurt is real here.

      Sega has done a surprisingly good job keeping the game F2P. I’ve been paying for premium since 2012, but never felt compelled to pay for a scratch until the PSU scratch (for the Board LA, cause PSU Nostalgia). Even then, I only pay for premium because it’s convenient, I wouldn’t lose anything without it. Sega, even if the actual game balance is fucked, has managed to make a working F2P model just out of cosmetics and small conveniences, which I think is pretty impressive.

      I find people who still get mad about it are just people who didn’t get the outfit they wanted for their precious waifu.

    9. God Forbid they make money off cosmetic items to keep a free to play game running!

      Fuckin’ slimeballs!!! Ruins the entire game’s balance!

    10. Its not even about policy. Neither usual time limited scratch nor scratch bonus bothered author, because he could always buy everything for meseta off people that actually had to pay.
      But as soon as same system appeared in more accessible form (free draws, half a year length) and prevented him from relying on other players spending their money, he considered the same system he always used WORSE. Not because its “dirty” or “money grubbing”, but because this time, his own wallet was threatened. If we are to consider gachapon draws unfair, we have to start from the very beginning, not from mere SG system. Otherwise all of it is just hypocrisy.

    11. I get where just about everyone is coming from. If you’re trying to be a top tier player – you will have to pay. It’s unfortunate as similar games like Path of Exile have managed to avoid this problem. However – you can still be a *very* high caliber player as a Free Player – I’ve never paid a dime for this game, yet have full Saiki set and six 13* weapons fully grinded at max potential and max element. Being on a team that can set and achieve goals – like rare drop boost trigger farming Saiki sets for everyone – is far more important than the minor to moderate advantages paying players get IMO. Your strategy will need to be a bit different if you’re a Freeium player like me – especially when it comes to having a much more restricted amount of inventory space – but it can be done – and without *too* much hassle. Heh.

    12. Not in the perspective of acquiring lingerie bits that owners forget about after a week, no. It doesn’t hold at all.

    13. Keep in mind we have >>7 months<< to get the scratch items we want before it goes away.

      If you can't manage that then either your RNG is somehow thew worst in the world, or you were too lazy to gather stargems.

      Not trying to butthurt but I had 4000~ gems before the scratch started and I haven't bought any yet.

  1. I just hope they change the RECYCLE SHOP, because there’s nearly NOTHING in this recycle.

    There’s no VIEL accessories whatsoever, no viel costumes ETC ETC i think they should change that and correct it to add more accessories since recycle is already bloody expensive.

    1. That’s the whole point, make some items scratch only so you feel compelled to pay to keep scratching.

      Ironically, I got all the items not in the SG recycle shop on my only 10 scratch, but nothing that I wanted. :/

  2. Okay, so I used my SG on the scratch, and I got a Double Male costume, problem is, all my characters are female… I can’t sell it, so what can I do with it?

    1. Pretty much store it until you get 40 unwanted SG Scratch items and then trade that in for something you actually wanted.

    2. Time for you to RECYYYYYYCLLLLLLLE! Really, either just recycle it or make a single dude. Or not, and recycle it. That’s all you can do since Sega’s full pants-on-head with the whole “Star Gem scratches can’t be traded or sold or shared!” crap.

    3. go to sg recycle shop and trade it for stuff (or at least the sg recycle badge to save slots if u have more than 1)

  3. Make a male character, make a male unison partner, buy 39 more SG scratches and trade in 40 items at the recycle shop, leave it in a character’s storage forever as a reminder of why gambling is a horrible addiction, or trash it and put it out of your mind as a sunk cost.

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