PSO2 Live Broadcast Recap #34

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 Post Livestream Update

  • Added minor tidbit with PSO2es.
  • Added PSO Concert tidbit.


ARKS Festival

Secret phrase august

Say おどったろう in chat sometime between now through 8/26 maintenance to receive these wonderful items from the live broadcasters and Takenobu Mitsuyoshi at a later date:

  • Mitsuyoshi Hair
  • Momoi Hair
  • Ichitaro Hair
  • Light & Fluffy Chignon
  • Mitsuyoshi Glasses

These items can be retrieved from the visiphone some time in a future maintenance.



EQ Boost Poll 2

★ Emergency Quest Boost Poll ★

  • Viewers selected [A Profound Invasion] for the Emergency Quest Boost.
  • The Boost will occur after the ARKS Dance Festival on August 16th @ 22:00 JST
  • +200% Rare Drop and +200% EXP Boost.
  • Extra +10% if you attend the Live Event.



Cosplay Contest Winner

PSO2's 3rd Cosplay Contest

  • Congratulations to Shoumatsuya for winning the Cosplay Contest



Otsukimi 2015

Otsukimi Lobby

  • Otsukimi Lobby (~10/14)
  • Traverse the clouds in the lobby.
  • Otsukimi Bingo (~10/14)
  • Otsukimi Xie
  • New Bingo Rewards


7th Dragon Scratch

Early September Update

  • Collaboration with 7th Dragon 2020-II
  • Hacker & Lucier costumes, hairstyles, & accessories
  • A variety of other costumes and parts.


7th Dragon 3

November Update

  • 7th Dragon III code: VFD collaboration.
  • Samurai, (Female) Fortuner, and (Female) Rune Knight costumes, hairstyles, and accessories.
  • PSO2es Collaboration too


Kuron L EQ

Early September Update

  • New Kuron Emergency Quest for a limited time
  • Luna Nyau summons Gal Gryphon?
  • New weapon Drops.


  Mega Dimension

Late September Update

  • New Scratch (Mega Dimension Heroine)
  • IF, Uranus Uzume, and Purple Heart's costumes, hairstyles, and accessories.
  • SEGA Hard Girls Accessory and Room Items
  • Weapon Camos too.


Ragol Memory Next

Late September Update

  • More items at the Ragol Memory Exchange Shop
  • Fomar and Fomarl Repca.
  • New Client Orders for Ultimate Naberius & Ultimate Lillipa! (Hans & Franka)


Ultimate Naberius Adjust

Late September Update

  • Ultimate Naberius Readjusted.
  • Adjusted enemy behavior, stats, and drops.
  • New 12 weapon drops.
  • Get 13 "Nemesis" weapons by trading in Garrel crystals.


PSO2es Event Update

PSO2es Updates

  • New 9 ARKS Quest.
  • We finally reach to the story's conclusion.
  • What will be the fate of Seraphy and Dr. Cohen.
  • New Boss: Blu Ringahda
  • Please wait for a followup report on future story developments.


 PSO2es Limited

PSO2es Event & Updates

  • Emergency Quest Ranking Event.
    • PSO2es limited costume (King Rappy Suit) & Rare Items
    • Rank high or achieve certain scores to receive Operation Stars and get all sorts of items.
  • Improved the contents of the Tutorial
  • PSO2es My Shop feature will finally support 12 weapons and 11 units
  • Relaxed interlocking EXP Cap from PSO2 to PSO2es.


PSO2es Event updates

PSO2es Event And Update

  • PSO2es first 12 chip will be a weaponoid designed by Yuji Himukai!
  • 12 chips will appear for a limited time in certain scratches as a "Seasonally Rare Chip"
  • New Weaponoids, characters, PAs, and Technics will be added in the future.


Road Map 2015 Autumn 

Episode 3 Roadmap

Fall 2015

  • New Story Quest
  • New Dark Falz
  • New 12 Person Boss Battle
  • New Anime Collaboration Scratch
  • Limited Quest


  • New Video Game Collaboration Scratch
  • New Time Attack Quest
  • New Mining Base Defense
  • Extreme Quest Expansion

(And a new legend begins…)


~ PSO2 The Animation Preview ~


~ End of Episode 3 ~


Reborn Episode 4

 Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode 4

  • Reborn: Episode 4 will be coming in 2016.
  • New Title Logo coming along with the release.


PSO2 for PS4

PSO2 2016 Announcement

  • PSO2 has been announced for Playstation 4. It will be playable at this year's Tokyo Game Show!


PSO2 Setting Material

Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode 1&2 Setting Material Collection (Tentative Title)

  • Contains illustrations and explanation materials to the world of PSO2.
  • Interviews with the main staff.
  • Item Codes are also available.


PSO 15 Concert

PSO 15th Anniversary Concert: Sympathy 2015

  • Yuji Naka (PSO1 Producer) and Takao Miyoshi (PSO1 Director) will appear as guests.
  • Additional performers: Shouta Aoi and Emi Nitta

29 thoughts to “PSO2 Live Broadcast Recap #34”

  1. Getting stream news from Bumped:

    Pros: Everything's translated for you! Get all the news you need to know!

    Cons: Miss the other three hours of fun stuff, like the ARKS Grand Prix Exhibition Match.

    1. those three hours are sleep time I wish I had back, after staying up for the broadcast. I don't understand why they felt a need to spend that long on a variety show; aren't those all over japanese TV anyway?

    2. I think so, I wouldn't know much about Japanese TV. I admit, at least an hour and a half was pure filler, I had to go find something else to do while the stream killed time. ARKS GP Exhibition Match was definitely the non-news highlight of the night, though.

    3. Players came from all over Japan. Since we didn't get a Grand Prix yet, this event had to be worth coming for.

      Someone who doesn't understand japanese/know the culture would find it boring (especially if you are only watching for update stuff) but people who came (me included) had a really fun time.

  2. Was happy watching the Broadcast on Twitch and seeing how happy people were about what the Hyperdimension Neptunia vs SEGA Hard Girls Collaboration was going to give.

    And of course, good Hairstyles always end up being expensive. Be prepared to farm

    1. Now that collab to me was very disappointing…I was expecting Neptunia's look itself, Noire's (my favorite character and also she has a lot of protagonist in the franchise) Blanc and Bert and maybe Iffy as well (i dont mind purple heart tho) instead… yeah we got that but at least we are getting a collab witht hem so hopefully we will getting actual stuff from neptunia next time

    2. Possibly. The only reason we think there was only Purple Heart, Uzume and IF's costumes and whatnot is because those are the main characters in the Spin-off game for the Neptunia side.

      I don't pay too much attention to the AC Scratches that come out and whatnot, but do they ever go back and do another Scratch except add more items? The only series I can think of was the Fate series, but as I recall, not all of the Fate series is connected (The Illya ones being separate,) but not sure if SEGA has gone back before and done it for others besides that.

    3. I think the part I find most disappointing is that they had neptune in her original costume on the promotional picture for the colab, and yet, the costume isn't even going to be in it. It's really upsetting that they would bait like that. Probably won't even get a neptune voice either, just a purple heart voice which is really already in the game since battleship yamato.

    1. Yeah… As long as it doesn't mean "US/Euro version = No access anymore to JP servers like with SEA versions".

    1. Owell, that stuff will presumably be tradeable so it's not like *all* hope is gone.

      'Course the prices will be up somewhere around the heliopause

    1. i've said it in chat on multiple characters, in multiple areas, and haven't received anything. what am i doing wrong?

  3. Can someone post the japanese name for "Episode 1&2 Setting Material Collection" so I can search it on this September? Thanks

    1. [ ファンタシースターオンライン2 EPISODE1&2設定資料集 ]
      Please keep in mind that the book's title is subject to change.

  4. Well, I have to admit I was "fearing" some wrong good news like "US/EURO Servers are coming to service!" (Which will remember what happened to SEA zone to everyone, be happy), but finally here are some real great news! Some won't be happy and say some things like "Yeaaah well the game exists since 2012 and you just remembered that the first PSO was a console game and no PC, you stupid", but that means we have still a long time to play with again. Let's enjoy it.

    1. Doubtful – unless you live in Japan since PSO2 is only coming out for PS4 in Japan, not USA/EU.

  5. …the code:VFD thing -does- say samurai(male) as well as female.
    slightly disappointed to not see vanisher in the costume list for that, but eh…runeknight and fortuner should do the job.

    not having a vanisher weapon as a spear/launcher camo seems like a wasted opportunity to do something unusual.

    that male cast set is totally a Windam, though.

    the jp commentary I'm hearing about the neptune/seha collab comes off kinda disappointed, even if it's understandable why the selection is as meh as it is.

    the comments on the anime… yeah, they're not impressed. nor am I, really. not that I had expectations because game adaptations tend to be unimpressive anyway.

  6. by the way, in case someone was wondering about the text on the teaser, I got a friend to translate it:

    "This winter, everything will end.
    The ultimate lifeform has been born
    Resist against the destiny of extinction
    The existence that surpasses DF
    The traveler of time
    What will they see at the end of it?
    And then, a new Phantasy will begin"

  7. and then sega made me disappointed that there won't be Vanisher stuff in the code:VFD collab, just by putting up the little "class teaser" clip:

    nice, relatively orthodox armor that wouldn't have stupid footwear, and a partisan/launcher camo (of all combinations to have…) would be nice.

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