PSO2: New Genesis At Tokyo Game Show

The next colossal update for PSO2 will be in the form of PSO2:NGS. Fans have been waiting for news, and the time has come! Check out TGS on September 25th for the latest info.

Corner Name

  • PSO2 NEW GENESIS Introduction

Broadcast Content

  • Delivery of the latest information and gameplay of PSO2:NGS

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10 thoughts to “PSO2: New Genesis At Tokyo Game Show”

    1. The vast majority of costumes that cover the hands don't have fingers, so.. there's that. If "parts" are referring to cast arms, yeah that would suck, but anything else is moot.

    2. I care more about fingers looking like fingers by itself than fingers moving tbh. Fingers moving all the time will look weird but if they add that then they should ad different fingers movements per costumes just for variety.

  1. Hopefully they will change " Ash " face. People are already doing memes about the new "Ash" face 'saying that this is a PSO2 x Michael Jackson collab. They still have time to fix their stupid and bizarre face.

    1. "They still have time to fix their stupid and bizarre face."
      It would be far better if people used this time to fix their stupid and bizarre comments. Because reproaching this precise game for having which is no more than manga's faces in an era when every JP games offer the same thing (just take a look at the recent FFXVI trailer) is the quintessence of ineptitude.

    2. my dude that's just my opinion. notice how I just talked about "Ash" face and not all characters. the only problem I see is how they drastically changed Ash face from badass chara PSO2 to drugs user face in NGS. I don't want a realistic face. I just wanted to see the badass Ash from PSO2 on NGS without the drugs user face. at least this new "Ash" face is being used for memes. that's the only positive thing about it. :^D

  2. Since when PSO2 Ash falls under "homogenized look"?
    It's NGS Ash that looks like generic anime/jrpg pretty boy protagonist with stupidly happy face and feminine traits.
    PSO2 Ash has stern determined masculine face, something you rarely see in japanese products these days.

  3. Rather wait for proper gameplay to discuss over something as petty as a changeable personal preference to the main protagonist. Knowing PSOs track record tho, guys complaining about how main guys look to the point of being that anal about it, will not be playing main "guys" in the first place.

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