PSO2 The Animation Drama and Character Song CDs

PSO2 The Animation Drama CD

PSO2 Anime Drama CD ~Seiga Festa 2027~
Drama CD ~Seiga Festa 2027 Path to Success!~
ドラマCD 〜清雅祭2027成功への道! 〜

PSO2 The Animation is launching its first ever drama CD, featuring the cast of Seiga Academy's student council as they get ready for the upcoming school festival.

  • Release Date: June 8th, 2016
  • Price: ¥2,800

Track List

  1. 遊園地ラプソディ 〜Scene.1〜
  2. 遊園地ラプソディ 〜Scene.2〜
  3. 遊園地ラプソディ 〜Scene.3〜
  4. 遊園地ラプソディ 〜Scene.4〜
  5. 終わりなき会議 〜Scene.1〜
  6. 終わりなき会議 〜Scene.2〜
  7. 終わりなき会議 〜Scene.3〜
  8. 戦う覚悟 〜Scene.1〜
  9. 戦う覚悟 〜Scene.2〜
  10. Cast Comment


Story 01 – Amusement Park Rhapsody

Seiga Academy's student council visits an amusement park in search of fun before the school festival. Between roller coasters, a haunted house, and a pool, there's sure to be loads of fun in store. Even Kota comes along for the ride in the perfect ending to this slapstick story.

Story 02 – Endless Meeting

With just a small amount of time left before the start of the school festival, the student council stays overnight to make the final preparations.

Story 03 – Battle Preparation

Dawn rises as the student council meeting wraps up. They head to a family restaurant for breakfast, where Aika receives a transmission from Oracle.


PSO2 Anime Drama CD Benefits

Item Code Benefits

  • CDパッケージマット4 ║ CD Package Mat 4
  • PSO2アニメ壁シール3 ║ PSO2 Anime Wall Sticker 3
  • 男性共通ラッピーボイス ║ Male Voice – Rappy
  • 女性共通ラッピーボイス ║ Female Voice – Rappy
  • リリーパうきわ ║ Lillipa Inner Tube

※The item code included with purchases of this product expires on June 30th, 2018.


PSO2 The Animation Character CD

PSO2 Anime Character Song CD Art
PSO2 The Animation Character CD
「PSO2 ジ アニメーション」キャラクターソングCD

Enjoy the vocal stylings of PSO2 The Animation's cast this summer with the debut of a new character song CD!

  • Release Date: July 6th, 2016
  • Price: ¥2,800

Track List

  1. 『プロローグ』
  2. 『エレメントの勇気』
    • Performed by Itsuki (CV: Shouta Aoi)
  3. 『prism moment』
    • Performed by Rina (CV: Ayaka Suwa)
  4. 『auditor pride』
    • Performed by Aika (CV: M・A・O)
  5. 『冥刻に穿たれるジャッジメント・コア』
    • Performed by Kota (CV: Nobunaga Shimazaki)
  6. 『憧れeveryday』
    • Performed by Mika (CV: Rie Murakawa)
  7. 『コケティッシュシンドローム』
    • Performed by Silva (CV: Emi Nitta)
  8. 『エピローグ』


PSO2 Anime Character CD Benefits

Item Code Benefits

  • CDパッケージマット5 ║ CD Package Mat 5
  • PSO2アニメ壁シール4 ║ PSO2 Anime Wall Sticker 4
  • 254「Voパフォーマンス」 ║ Vo Performance



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