PSO2: The Mysterious Black Cocoon

~ October 24th, 2018 ~


Episode 5 Chapter 6

As the black hole expands, a large black cocoon sprouts on Omega. With no knowledge of what lies in store, our hero and the Cuent army advance.


Legendary Valkyria (AC Scratch)

Phantasy Star Online 2 is collaborating with Valkyria Chronicles 4, the latest in Sega's tactical role-playing series, for a new AC Scratch! Featured within are Riley Miller and Kai Schulen of the Federation Army, alongside the "Winter Witch" of the Imperial Army, Crymaria Levin. Will the bonds of comrades burn bright through the bitter cold of the battlefield?


カイ・シュレン・レプカ[Ou][Ba] | Kai Schulen Repca [Ou][Ba]
レイリィ・レプカ[Ou][Ba] | Riley Repca [Ou][Ba]
クライマリア・レプカ[Ou][Ba] | Crymaria Repca [Ou][Ba]
柬衣真君[Ou][Ba][In] | Eastern Astral [Ou][Ba][In]
東衣仙妃[Ou][Ba][In] | Eastern Celestial [Ou][Ba][In]
メイガス・シリーズ | Magus Series
フラメル・シリーズ | Flamel Series


Support Item Selection

~ October 31st ~

The support item revival scratch is back for another go, with an assortment of goods tailored towards grinding your gear and raising Mags!



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