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PSO2 Vita

PSO2 Vita Guide

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18 thoughts to “PSO2 Vita Guide”

  1. use the guide here to bypass the IP block.
    However, instead of downloading spotflux, download Soft Ether from VPNGate.
    Connect to a Japanese VPN, then set up a virtual router, make sure you chose the VPN connection to share in the connectify settings.
    Then connect your Vita's wifi to the virtual router and enjoy playing! It worked for me. It was worth the hours of google searching.

    1. IP blocks should be illegal to international rights (racism) and only used to block DDoS >_>

  2. I don't have a PC but I have a vita so are there any ways to play this on SEA ? If I use VPN do I have a high chance to get banned?

    1. The PSVita and PS4 version only work on the JPN version of PSO 2. No way to have it connect to the SEA version.

    2. This is what I am wondering as well. I wished they lifted the ip ban for the SEA players. Bummer , I need a VPN in order to play the jp psvita pso2 because I'm from Singapore.

    3. Well, I even bought the physical copy of Vita PSO2 ep3 and still got IP blocked. Damn wasted that money tho …

  3. I have few questions about pso2 on ps vita. First – how many it weights now?
    2. Does it lag at 12/12 mpa?
    3. Vita version includes all stuff from PC/PS4 versions? I mean locations and other stuff

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