PSO2's Episode 5 Story Takes Us To The Holy Kingdom Of Epic

~ May 23rd, 2018 ~


Chapter 4 – Part 2

Our tale moves to the desertous Kingdom of Epic. What are the intentions of Epic's young ruler, Margareta? And what of the appearance of Apprentice's four divines?


Margareta (CV: Nao Tōyama)


Rebirth of Desire for Knowledge

Challenge the [Altered God] Omega Falz, an even more powerful boss with enhanced strength and defense, with a party of up to 4 players. This rematch will be released as a Trigger Quest, requiring a main and subclass of level 80 to participate. The Quest Trigger can be obtained as a drop in the [Incarnation of Knowledge] Emergency Quest.


Imitating the body of Dark Falz itself, this quest drops an exclusive camo known as [*Dalz Legein]. The camo is equipped to handle several weapon types, including Sword, Partizan, Double Saber, Gunslash, Assault Rifle, Bullet Bow, Talis, Wand, and Jet Boots.


Winners Design Side B (AC Scratch)

The second half of the winning 5th Anniversary Item Contest entries arrive!


グラスラージュフリル[OuBa] | Grassoulage Frill
フレイランツェH[Ba] | Frei Lanze Hosen
カラカズラ | Karakazura
ポップ・ラ・ソーサリーF | Pop La Sorcery F

ポップ・ラ・ソーサリーM | Pop La Sorcery M

メルキュリーナ [Ba] | Mercurina
トイフェルノンネ | Teufel Nonne
レドーム・ユニット | Radome Unit
クローハンド | Claw Hands

クローブーツ | Claw Boots

デフォルメマスク | Deformed Mask
*ウロボロス | *Ouroboros
*デスペラ・トランケ | *Desperado Case
*ソロソウルレニックス | *Solo Soulenix


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