Sachiko Kobayashi Performs In Newest PSO2 Update

~ August 10th, 2016 ~


Sachiko Live Event

Famed "Last Boss" enka singer, Sachiko Kobayashi, is set to arrive in PSO2 as a goodwill ambassador of Earth. She'll perform "Youkoso ARKS," an original song created by indie artist Beat Mario, in a new live event.

The performance will excite and bewilder players with its ludicrous visuals, such as the Mega Sachiko. In the final stretch of the event, Sachiko even takes to the skies over the audience aboard a Phoenix.

At the request of the audience, Sachiko will perform an encore of her rendition of "Senbonzakura." You won't want to miss the spectacle as ray guns sprout cherry blossoms across the lobby.

If you're attending the ARKS Festival, don't forget to pick up the Youkoso ARKS CD which contains item codes for the music disc, a jukebox, and a panel featuring a cutout of Sachiko Kobayashi.


Godzilla VS PSO2

The King of the Monsters resurges aboard the ARKS Ship! Godzilla, featuring his Heisei series design, will appear in the Shop Area lobby for a limited time, unleashing his signature roar and atomic breath.


The ARKS League

Mimi PSO2

A new Ranking System will automatically separate players into 20 person groups where they must compete for the highest score. This system tasks players with completing various objectives, like defeating a specific enemy.

You can find details on your current league by speaking to Mimi in the Gate Area lobby. She'll also supply you with Star Gems and other rewards based on your placement in the ranking.


New Story Board Events

Enga, serving as liaison of the Earth Guides, pays a visit to Oracle. Suddenly, he and Hitsugi begin to argue. "What is her reason to fight" is a question Hitsugi frets over, but as the story moves forward, someone makes their appearance…


Devils Trailer

This story update gives you the first chance to play in the new Las Vegas field. Here you can see new Phantoms including the maniacal boss, "Devil's Trailer."


The Earth Guides

As you progress through the story, you'll see members of the "Earth Guides" appear in other quests around Earth.


SG Scratch Recycling

SG Scratch Recycling

Those unlucky with the SG Scratch can trade in all those unwanted items for an item they actually desire. For example, you can trade in 40 SG Scratch Items to receive an [Elder] Battle suit.


Collection File Expansion

Collect File Improvements

Premium Set users will now be able to hold up to 5 Collection Sheets. The interface has also been adjusted so that you can conveniently view the sheet's distribution period and cooldown times.


New Chat Commands

My Fashion Chat Command

The wait is finally over! Now you can switch to any of your fashion presets with the new (/mf) chat command. In addition, you can use the (/face) command to change your character's facial expression.

Aside from that, Cut-ins will no longer temporarily reset the direction of your character's eyes if the (/ce) command is in use.


Weaponoid Potentials And Other Features

Imperial Pick Weaponoid Potential

New weaponoid potentials for Imperial Pick, Nasuyoteri, H44 Missouri T, and Momijihime are coming along in this update.

Other New Features

  • Bulk AC/SG Scratch drawings similar to the 1000 FUN Scratch game.
  • Ext Receptors from PSO2es Emergency Quests which boost the affixing success rates of Flict, Alter, and certain other Special Abilities.

Weaponoid Potential Adjustments

The following Weaponoid Potentials will receive buffs to their power.

  • 跳空の撃 for Kazanou
  • 巌たる闘志 for Red Scorpio
  • 烈地の撃 for Strike Brute
  • 瞬拍の烈閃 for Blade Dance and Tenimusou
  • 究極の災い for Psycho Wand
  • 封龍の咆哮 for Dragon Slayer

Limit Drive Potential Adjustments

Limit Drive will receive the following buffs:

  • Power Buff at Level 1
  • Power Buff at Level 2
  • Relaxed PP Consumption at Level 2
  • Relaxed PP Consumption at Level 3


Seaside Vacation (AC Scratch)

High Neck Bikini
ハイネックビキニ[Ba] ║ High Neck Bikini [Ba]

New swimwear is finally here, now supporting layered wear functionality! Additionally, the popular sexy bikini and speedo costumes are back in the form of basewear. These new basewear outfits will be eligible for the Beach Wars PSE bonus effect.


Sexy Monokini
前結び半袖シャツ[Ou] ║ Tie-Front Shirt [Ou]
セクシーモノキニ[Ba] ║ Sexy Monokini [Ba]
Calris Sailor
カルリスセーラー ║ Calris Sailor
Hawaiian Shirt & Aloha Shorts
ハワイアンシャツ[Ou] ║ Hawaiian Shirt [Ou]
アロハパンツ[Ba] ║ Aloha Shorts [Ba]
Sexy Bikini Basewear
セクシービキニ[Ba] ║ Sexy Bikini [Ba]
Panther V Pants Basewear
パンサーVパンツ[Ba] ║ Panther V Pants [Ba]



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