Sega Teases New Phantasy Star RPG for iOS/Android

30th Anniversary Production

Sega has released a teaser site for a new Phantasy Star RPG. In a recent interview with Famitsu and 4Gamer, Satoshi Sakai mentioned there were plans to develop a new project to commemorate Phantasy Star's 30th anniversary. The game is expected to release for the iOS and Android platforms.

In addition, the site displays a countdown which ends approximately on July 24th at 12:00 (JST). We expect more details about the project by then.

11 thoughts to “Sega Teases New Phantasy Star RPG for iOS/Android”

  1. " New Phantasy Star RPG" YEAH!
    "IOS and Android" noooooooooooooooooooooo "whimper"
    … okay there is at least a non zero chance it wil be a proper RPG and no gacha crap but we all know they will go where the money is … which is gacha crap.

  2. lol most gacha game is only bad if you play the games with your dick. Not gonna deny that there's a lot of p2w gacha games tho. Hoping that at least the gacha is similar to Another Eden where gacha characters is basically a DLC characters if compared to offline/console games.

  3. [sarcasm]Well, I guess we can all say that we're all in for a very awesome and fully fleshed out game made for gamers. [sarcasm]

  4. Probably Phantasy Star HD remake for mobile devices…and I'd love it.

    And btw…if you check website right now You'll notice that picture was changing all the time and now we can see that it was a female protagonist in helmet [which also may refer to Alis from PS1-4]

    Check crest on website girl's medallion and crest on Alis's Armor:

    Anyways…just 20 hours left till we fignd out 😀

    1. Alis is only the prtagonist in PS1. In PS4 there's an "Alys" character but her original name is Lyla, with nothing to do with the original one (even their last names are different).

    2. Thanks for correcting me 🙂 I never played PS1-4 since I didn't even know about it's existence when I had Sega Mega Drive console. So I only read through story on PS wikia few years ago 🙂 Time to start taking some memory pills 😀

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