Special Survey: Facility

Episode 5's second Advance Quest, and it marks the start of the second Arks Boost Rally. Head to the final area to challenge the Boss Enemy.

Quest Type: Advance Quest
Player Limit: 4-Player
Quest Objective: Head to the final area
Clear Condition: Defeat the Boss Enemy in the final area
Failure Condition: Time Limit runs out or Defeated in the final area
Time Limit: 01:00:00

Level Req. Lv.40+ Lv.55+
Enemy Level Lv.56~60 Lv.66~80
Meseta Reward 0 0
EXP Reward 0 0
Cost Advance Capsule a (x1) Advance Capsule d (x10)

※Enemy Level depends on Risk


Boss Enemy Appearances

The following enemies will randomly appear as the Boss Enemy in the final area.

Falz Douran & Falz Dourill


Nepto Casadora & Rheo Malludard