Tackle New Steps in the Latest Divide Quest Expansion

November 11th, 2020 Update


Divide Quest Expansion

Steps 31 – 35 are coming to the Divide Quest! Omega and Earth fields can now be found among these and all previous steps. The weekly progress resets are no longer, so climb the steps at your own pace.


New ★15 weapons can drop in the Divide Quest, along with several weapon camos.


monchi and Stooky

Additional winners from the Character Contest Special will appear in the lobby as NPCs!


Mission Pass – Season 3

The third Mission Pass is here! Clear new sets of Tier Missions each week and earn rewards such as the [Evo. Device / Majo Neko].


Senran Shinobi Dance (AC Scratch)

The breastselling Senran Kagura franchise is collaborating with PSO2! Grab a titillating assortment of cosmetics and room items, featuring Asuka, Homura, Yumi, and Miyabi.



Battlewear Collection (SG Scratch)

November 18th, 2020

Gear up and hit the battlefield in new color variations of Oracle combat uniforms!



Winter Support Item Select (AC Scratch)

November 18th, 2020

Get ready for the winter season with a new support item scratch! Expect to see the [Ability Protection (8s or lower)] item appear.

15 thoughts to “Tackle New Steps in the Latest Divide Quest Expansion”

    1. I know right? My full tank Etoile gets one shotted by Dorito and there is nothing I can do.
      I guess you have to have reflexes of 16 years old star craft pro player to beat it perfectly.

    2. if full tank etoile get one-shotted by dorito then its pretty badly geared etoile. Just avoid hitting boss until u get full PSE buff in conquest mode.

    3. 1. don't go solo
      2. get HP drink
      3. @MAX…Et gets OSed? :thinking: my luster doesn't get OSed with 1500HP…check units? try HP drink?

    4. WDYM "how is it possible" Techers, the class with the lowest pDPS, are clearing it no problem and u guys die as Etoile, the tankiest class in the game???

    5. Who the heck says dont go solo. Soloing is the easiest way to clear it because of the massive damage boost you get.

    6. Lol old content back in March and around 8 months have passed but people still complain on how hard dq is, it is either u guys don't put any effort on gameplay/gear or simply not using brain to play at all.

    7. DQ is only hard if you don't know what you are doing.
      1:Solo is easier than multi, and Varuna does not attack as frequently in solo if you focus shiva. focusing both also makes its easier
      2:Gear. You are probably not geared enough to do it. I won't go into too much detail on this, but I will say s5 Mysterious purpose solves A lot of issues due to lifesteal.
      3:Class. DQ solo is easier/harder depending on the class (and your knowledge)

  1. I think the upcoming scratches will break a PSO2 record for the most simultaneous scratches happening at any one time. By my count, that will make it 6 AC scratches and 3 SG scratches plus the obligatory FUN scratch thrown in there for good measure. And thats not counting the respective gold scratches.

    1. Because game is done. All "new" content is just rehashed old stuff with higher numbers.
      The only thing Sega can possibly do is to rain cosmetics people will want to get and carry over into NGS.

  2. "Because game is done. The only thing Sega can possibly do is to rain cosmetics (…)"
    We'll see that (as well as your misjudgement) when the Non-Episode 7 is released !

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