Phantasy Star Portable 2: Dragon Sakai Suit and School Uniforms

Ah yes, Spring has sprung in Japan at least. Looks like the cherry blossoms budding and waiting to fill the world with their precious colors! A new download item will be ready just in time for April fools day!

So today Sakai is introducing the Dragon Sakai Suit for both men and women! This sparkly outfit comes with an incredibly huge bowtie! Also, Space Channel 5 enthusiasts will enjoy the Hal Dress, PEAK UP!!! (I'm expecting these outfits to sneak inside that PSUJP 2nd Update.) These outfits are available only at the Japanese Playstation Store on March 31st.


Download Items

ドラゴンサカーイスーツ [Dragon Sakai Suit]
(Men OR Women Clothes and Parts)
300 Yen


ハルドレス [Hal Dress]
(Women Clothes and Parts)
300 Yen



One of the cool things I like about DLC is how you can introduce new story elements out of nowhere, thus the "Disciplinary Committee Executor" was born! The next download item for April will include brand new school uniforms! Executors keeps peace and order within "Clad Academy." Wait a minute, Clad Academy? Where did this come from?


Disciplinary Committee Executor

Each of these or what you could call "elite hall monitors", will proudly show their status through a nifty armband. There's also a signature flower like logo on top of their overcoats which will act as a lineshield changing color based on the element. The executors also come with a unique weapon but Sakai didn't want to reveal what it is at this time.


PSP2 Items in PSU Japan

Two items from Phantasy Star Portable made their way into the game as well as lots of other outfits but that will be in another post.

Twin Blaze (Double Saber)


PanzerFaust (Grenade Launcher)