Phantasy Star Portable 2: Main Character Clothes, My Room and Partner Machinery Details, Vivienne?

Sakai updated today with another question and answer session. Let's go through some of them.


Main Character Clothes

Yuto outfit

A hugely requested feature, now you'll be able to wear the main character clothes, as you can see in both pictures. The male is wearing Yuto's outfit whereas the female is wearing a color variation of Emilia's outfit.

emilia outfit

Go all Gothic with Emilia's outfit.


My Room and Partner Machinery

vision phone 2

There isn't that many changes to My Room if you've been following PSU:AoI. My room is a feature where you can decorate and remodel using a "reform ticket". Both features can be accessed through your Partner Machinery. Unfortunately you will not be able to use a "Move Pass" (this is a feature in PSU:AoI where you can move your room to another planet.) Sakai will go into more details tomorrow about your "Vision Phone."

my room no reform

Sakai has greatly enhanced the amount of Partner Machinery available. Now you will get about 60 different types. You can evolve some of them by either purchasing evolution devices in stores or obtaining it through some other means.

Partner Machinery has the following options:

  • My Room Tutorial
    Read a tutorial on the functions of your room.
  • PM Function
    Allow your PM to evolve with an evolution device.
  • Reform My Room
    Change the look of your room with a "Reform Ticket"
  • Room Goods Management
    Customize your room, you can turn this option on or off.
  • Jukebox Management
    Play Background musicin your room by obtaining various Jukebox Discs.


Rare Drop Boost

Previously the Drop Boost rate of items and meseta were increased based on which title you attached. In PSP2, both of these systems are now implemented as an "ability" in the ability customize system. The ability applies to each respective player.  There is also another system that handles the rare drop boost, based on the leader, this effect will attach to the whole party. It sounds as if the leader has the option of turning this on or off.

As for Drop Rate increases, it was noted that in PSP1, certain items stopped appearing, but he says not to worry about this in PSP2.

Will Vivienne Appear?


Sorry, Sakai blurred it out…

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Phantasy Star Portable 2 Official Site Updates: Hoshin Engi Artist Collab, My Room, Partner Machinery Dragon And Retro

The official site updated today, and if you visit this blog you already know it's going to be a re re re hash of information already released. So to make this interesting we"ll add some new elements inside. It's nice to see NA video game news sites covering Phantasy Star Portable 2 but for some reason they seem to skip out on a majority of the major changes that were announced. If you follow this blog or other fan sites you'll be pretty much in the know days before Sega of Japan releases official news overseas. Cool ain't it! POWA UPU!

The official site became very white… They also added Promo Video 3, which has already been uploaded on Youtube a few weeks ago.


Hoshin Engi Collaboration


Ryu Fujisaki, artist for the manga Houshin Engi, created a pretty strange outfit. It's like a cross between dot hack and Kingdom Hearts. The outfit is called Blank Epoch and Shin no Zou (Telltale Hearts) which are knuckles with freaky glowing effects.


Let's knock down enemies with these knuckles!


PM Dragon and Retro

Due to popular demand, Partner Machinery selection has increased. This time two new types have been introduced. Dragon and Retro type attaches a "support effect" with the player.

pm dragon

Dragon Type: PM 500
It floats! It Attacks! It reduces Fire and Ice Damage!



Retro Type: GH 510
It small! It Attacks! It reduces fire and lightning damage.


Customize your room!


You can change the theme of your room by purchasing a reform ticket. Change to any style you want, go from a gymnasium themed room to a cute and girly pink paradise!


Up to four people in both multi modes can enter your room.
You can purchase a whole assortment of furniture and objects!


Type Counter


Enhance your character's class by visiting the type counter. Here you can upgrade your class by spending "extend points" to add or remove weapon categories and grades. Make your ideal class in any way you want.


You can also embed "abilities" in your character to enhance their battle style. Try out the abilities "Full Charge Shot" "Wild Blast" and "PP Guard Save" and more… For more information read here and here.

Fate/Stay Night Collabs

Fate Stay Night's Archer and Saber costume and items make an appearance in the game. Read below for extra details.



Photon arts for items like Excalibur: Sword of Promised Victory
will have an extra effect applied to them.


saber archer

Saber and Archer's costume will come in many colors!


Evangelion Collabs


There will be various Plug Suits for the Evangelion Collaboration in addition to the Lance of Longinus spear.

  • Password Plug Suits
    • Shinji Plug Suit
    • Asuka Plug Suit
    • Rei Plug Suit
  • Downloadable Plug Suits (available at a later time)
    • Kaworu's Plug Suit
    • Mari's new and old plug suit.
    • Asuka's Test Plug Suit
    • Plugsuits are from "Evangelion 2.0 You can (not) Advance".

Hatsune Miku Collaboration


Hatsune Miku's leek will appear in the game! Not only will the leek appear, but it shall also appear as twin sabers, saber, wand, and rifle. There will also be 4 different kinds of leeks.

nagimiso vn02

Nagimiso's "Miku VN02" costume design will also appear!


For each of these collaboration costumes, both humans and casts will be able to wear them. You can obtain certain collaboration goods by inputting a special password, or downloading them for free.

Tomorrow Sakai will talk more about the playable demo version that will be released November 1st, 2009.

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PSPo2: Use Technics in 3 Steps! Finish Chain Combos! Mirage Blast LV10

We had a bit of a confusion regarding 3 step Technics, but now we can follow up on some more details. The concept is a little bit tricky to follow so we'll have a follow up explanation later on.

  • What is "3 Step Technics"
    • Release 3 Technics consecutively.
    • You may only use this feature with the wand or the rod.
    • Unfortunately, Madoogs can not use this feature!
    • You can release Foie > Foie > Foie in quick succession. (read 3 step casting time)
    • You can also alternate between different technics.
  • How to Alternate 3 step Technics
    • Technics can be alternated using the square and triangle buttons
    • (ex. □Foie > △ Barta > □Foie)
    • However, you must use the front palette or back palette to alternate technics.
    • (ex. Front□Foie > Front△ Diga > Front□Foie) = SUCCESS!
    • (ex. Back□Diga > Back△ Foie > Back□Diga) = SUCCESS!
    • (ex. Front□Foie > Back△ Diga > Front□Foie) = UNACCEPTABLE!
  • 3 Step Technic Casting Time
    • The Casting time will be shorter based on which attack you are on.
    • The first attack will have a casting time of 100%
    • The second attack will have a casting time of 70%
    • The third attack will have a casting time of 50%
  • Technics with range (AREA OF EFFECT)
    • A Technic with area of effect will hit a boss in multiple areas.
    • For example: Shougai PSO says how Rafoie would hit in multiple areas on a boss in PSO.
  • Chain Combo (A quick Review)
    • When you do a regular attack your chain combo tallies up.
    • The higher the combo the stronger the Photon Art Damage
  • Chain Combo FINISH
    • A "chain combo finish" means you have broken the combo.
    • This is where the damage of the Photon Art is increased…
  • Triggering A Chain Combo Finish
    • Pressing the Triangle button will automatically finish your chain combo
    • Photon Arts will break your chain combo!
    • Charge Shots will break your chain combo!
    • Technics (assigned to the Triangle button) will also break your chain combo!
  • Mirage Blast
    • Mirage Blast is similar to an SUV, you equip it like a unit.
    • Once your Blast Guage is full you will unleash the mystical creature!
    • Mirage Blast can be equipped at Level 10!
  • Nano Blast
    • Nanoblast tattoo starts at Level 10!
  • SUV
    • SUV can be equipped at Level 10!
  • Shortcut Order
    • Shortcut order allows you to specify what your NPC should focus on,
    • This feature uses chat shortcuts to command the NPCs.
    • You can assign 7 shortcut orders!

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Don't worry, I was too! Here's how Chain Combos work. All normal attacks will contribute to the chain combo. Since a normal attack is the default square button on PSP, you can spam square all you want to add to the combo. While doing so you won't use up any PP and everything will be great! A photon art receives higher damage when you break the combo, this is known as a "Chain Combo Finish".

Unlike Phantasy Star Zero, anyone can break the chain combo, even Techers. The button that is assigned to breaking a chain combo is the default triangle button. With this knowledge, you should strategically use the triangle button, not only for PP sake, but for your teammates.

If you want an enemy to die faster, you (if your soloing) or your team mates must rack up chains with the square button. Then unleash the final blow by pressing triangle which triggers your Photon Arts. Make sure your team is well versed on effectively using this feature.

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