The Next PSO2 Ship Competition brings us the Sakura Cup

~ March 23rd, 2016 ~


EP4 Story Events

Unlike the fearful Hitsugi and Al, Kohri remained composed, guiding the two as if she'd come to some realization. Thanks to her help, they manage to escapebut an unexpected character lies in wait


Sakura Cup & Lobby

Sakura Lobby 2016 Banner

The Sakura Lobby returns, filled with the calming sight of cherry blossom trees and falling petals. New to this year's version is the inclusion of a decorative ARKS Ball, giving players the impression of the ancient sport of Kemari.


Arkumami Intercom

Our sixth ARKS Ship Competition will be held, with new prizes based on Arkumami. The [Sakura Cup] will split all ships into four groups in a battle for points. This time, the limit on how many points an individual can contribute will be raised as well.


Arkumami's prize shop will also include items such as Lambda Grinders and Challenge Mile tickets.


Jeané NPC

PSO2 Jeané NPC

PSO2es' Jeané character will appear in PSO2's lobby for a limited time! By completing her client orders, players can earn Chip Fragments. Trade them at her exchange shop to get prizes such as the [*Jeané Pillow ] weapon camo or a PSO2es Poster room item.


Jeané Pillow Camo

She may pop up during Emergency Trials to raise your spirits with her cheerful demeanor and help you defeat foes. You can even get Lambda Grinders by clearing these trials.


Jeané Partner Card

By completing her client orders, you can also unlock Jeané's partner card! She mains the Fighter class and wields a double saber.

Her star-shaped [Stella Tears] combat uniform and [Jeané Twin Tails] hairstyle will appear in the upcoming AC Scratch.


Star Chef Galaxy (AC Scratch)

Café Cook Coat F
カフェコックコートF ✪ Café Cook Coat F [In] / [Ba]

Blend in with the staff of Franca's Café with new chef uniforms! Otherwise, go for an academic look with Tensei Academy student uniforms or stylish ARKS trainee blazers.


Café Cook Coat M
カフェコックコートM[Ba] ✪ Café Cook Coat M [Ba]
Cyleion Repca
キュレイオン・レプカ ✪ Cyleion Repca
Tensei Academy Uniform F
天星学院制服F[Ba] ✪ Tensei Academy Uniform F [Ba]
ストライプ1[In] ✪ Stripe 1 [In]
Tensei Academy Uniform M
天星学院制服M[Ba] ✪ Tensei Academy Uniform M [Ba]
ボクサーパンツ1[In] ✪ Boxer Briefs 1 [In]
Academia Blazer F
アカデミアブレザーF ✪ Academia Blazer F
Academia Blazer M
アカデミアブレザーM ✪ Academia Blazer M



11 thoughts to “The Next PSO2 Ship Competition brings us the Sakura Cup”

  1. sakai needed to feed his fetish some more, after all.

    wish he'd do it with something besides just school. give us a kancolle collab or something, the destroys can offer more variety in spamming uniforms down everyone's throat. and then we can also have some outfits people might actually want, too.

    1. Then you realize it costs money to collab which is being used for various other things as PSO2 isn't the only game they have out.

      Give these things time.

  2. I gotta say… that baseline Tensei grey just might be the single most visually boring iteration of the Japanese school uniforms I've ever seen. :/

  3. "yawn" jesus i thought the area was cool but this fucking anime cliche shit is starting to rip at my braincells i dont understand why they felt the need to do this shit and i dont know why they decided to hop away from phantasy stars unique universe filled with mystery and exitement. but ive learned one thing. ultimate amduscia is like half life 3 its never coming

    1. ye totally everyone was excited about ep1 story and didn't go "aaa get out with your anime cliche shit". Braincells, mystery and excitement, theyre all gone in that order. Lol.

    1. Lol.. I bought a pack of scratches and ended up getting the Present lobby action.. kinda torn between selling it and turning my char into a present box lol…

  4. They should just release Hitsugi's hair, Annette's hair and costume.. not these lame generic looking school uniforms we pretty much kinda have a bunch of already.

  5. After datamining, this scratch will have Gene costume too, i hope its not a reward from scratching X times.

    i.imgur com/wz3VZ0F.png
    i.imgur com/42sb7K0.png

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