Three New Suzuhito Yasuda Characters Join PSO2

~ June 21st, 2017 ~


Special Training: Episode 3

In [Special Training: Episode 3], players will battle bosses across Planet Harukotan and the calamitous Naberius and Lillipa fields introduced in Ultimate Quests. Join up to three other players and play at your own pace, as the quest will clear regardless of whether time runs out.

Xie has a new client order with more 5th Anniversary Badges to reward!


Suzuhito Yasuda Collaboration #2

Three characters designed by manga artist Suzuhito Yasuda will grace the lobby for a limited time! Yozakura Quartet's Lila will be joined by original characters Ely and Quina. Clear their client orders to get their partner cards and discover how and why they've boarded the ARKS Ship.


With their orders out of the way, Clara, Nix, and Kizika will appear in Franca's Café. These characters were also designed by Yasuda and made their first appearance back in 2015. Now's the opportunity to grab their partner cards in case you missed out before.


The three newcomers can also pop up during Emergency Trials.


Eccentric Girls (AC Scratch)

Gear up in the latest fashions from your favorite space pop idol Quna, or take to the seas in Hagito Phemut's uniform! Outfits and weaponry based on Yasuda's character designs will also be available.


りら・レプカ | Lila Repca
エリシランス | Elysilance
マカタクイナ | Makata Quina
ミューズフラウ[Ou・Ba・In] | Muse Frau
緑玉の礼装[Ou・Ba] | Emerald Formalwear
*ブルームブラスター | *Bloom Blaster
*エリアコーディ | *Ely Accordi
*クイナスピカ | *Quina Spica

19 thoughts to “Three New Suzuhito Yasuda Characters Join PSO2”

  1. This is fucking stupid! Sega needs to stop. Stop with collabs, stop with clusterfuckery even quests, and ACTUALLY PLAYTEST THEIR SHIT. Giving enemies shit tons of HP and making them all able to 1shot players isn't difficulty, It's bullshit. Look at how little damage they're taking in this demo vids…. Its because they have to buff the absolute fucking hell out of their characters because they wouldn't be able to record otherwise. Look how low the damage is that they're inflicting too…. None of this is realistic…. the game isn't even a ghost of what it once was….. Its less than a ghost…. its….. its….. its dark matter at the furthest reaches of the universe! This is beyond lame, I'm fucking done.

    1. PSO2 SEA is the example when the boss and difficulty harder than original and hard as dark soul. But they closed, so no for it. And they do nerf for some quest on next month patch.

    2. You realize there's defensive mechanics on every single class right? So even if you don't have good gear and/or still getting one shot then there are very easy ways to just not get hit due to blocking or dashing. And I don't get the problem you have with their damage in the demo vids. They look like they're using 1 star weapons. They're just showing off the enemies coming out with the mission which is why you don't see any killed because they're not doing real damage lol.

    3. This game is the very definition of easy.. If anything they need to make realistic requirements for expert so they can make a more challenging difficulty, you know.. expert instead of just xh.. People always have the option to do easier, but there is no such option for harder than xh. I think it would be nice if we had to actually use some of those defensive options on our trees for once just to survive unavoidable mechanics. Such a waste that things like guard stance are a waste of space. But, like others said, don't let the door hit you where (insert politically correct nonsense here) split you.

    4. The game has gameplay that simply prevents extra difficulty to be factored in without making it "unplayable". Bosses already have abilities that can oneshot some of the most frail end-game builds, and players have ways to recover back to full hp at any case, sometimes without even requiring player action to do that. Unless this changes, the game will continue to be a spamathon. The 80% healing debuff was imo the most ideal way to deal with this, but since that would mean that players would have to learn to avoid and to take cover, it was panned.

    5. well, there is no "end-game builds" on this game actually, "best build today" you mean I presume. the boss might be a bit hard, but ever since episode 4 the game is getting more and more simplified mechanism as new content pushed in, I really miss bosses like maggy and elder

    6. Sorry, I'm used from western-type mmos. I meant "builds for what is currently the latest content / content that drops the 'best' equipment".

      The game hasn't become more simplified. If anything, both Mother and Deus have more attacks than either Elder of phase1 Magatsu, and with less room for player error. It's just more formulaic. As others have said, EP4 bosses share the theme of "you do negligible damage normally, but if you make the boss go vulnerable, you deal supermega damage for a limited time". Maggy was like this too. It's not a bad design, it just promotes the idea of "don't try much, except for when the boss drops down, so use all cooldowns asap". Heck, the only reason you have to tryhard instead of doing autoattacks/non-target-requiring PAs in non-vulnerable phase is to try to beat your own time record.

    7. I am actually agree with this. When I just started playing at around Ep2 game was actually pretty hard for a new player and felt like a mix between monster hunter and devil may cry 3. Since then it became really easy and more stat-dependent except for specifically designed solo missions like solo XQ or phaleg battle which can't be accessed until you hit level cap and are still kinda stat dependent really.
      So if you're done, then it's ok, it's better to stop playing something you don't like than trying to adapt to a completely different game it became.
      I still can enjoy it, even though now it's more of a mix between dynasty warriors and diablo2 and since I love those two just as much as monhum and DMC3 I still can enjoy PSO2 in its current form.

  2. If only choosing top, bottom, and footwear was an option then I would get Makata Quina's boots. But alas we cannot so I care not for any of those 'original' character's outfits.

    If Quna wasn't in here I could outright skip this whole scratch.

    1. Given the clothing design for the females would you seriously want them making some thing for males as well? It's awful enough as it is.

      And some how the first one was way worse…

    2. the ratio of female to male characters are 70:30. If you want to design new costumes, what gender do you favor?

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