Trick or Treat at the Quarry in This Year's Halloween Event

~ October 11th, 2017 ~


EP5 Chapter 2 – Part 3

Our heroes journey forth towards Verun's capital as Schlegger continues to fan the flames of war from his throne. What lies in the pasts of Gettemhart and Melphonsina that fuels their profound hatred of the emperor?

Trick or Treat 2017

You're in for a fright this Halloween night, as the Trick or Treat Emergency Quest makes its return! A major overhaul was made for the 2017 iteration, with the quest now taking place in the Quarry.

Various obstacles and enemies, now including Esca Darkers and Phantoms, litter the field. An assortment of characters will assist in your efforts along the way, dressed in their best Halloween attire.


Wearing Halloween themed outfits during this quest will trigger a special [Costume Bonus] PSE effect, slightly increasing the EXP and Rare Drop Rate.

Halloween Costumes


Trick or Treat 2017 Collection

The Trick or Treat 2017 Collection adds two new weapons to the Fornis family. Sheets for ★13 Viola and Aero eggs can also be found within.


Matoi (Halloween)

Matoi is carving out the role of host for this year's Halloween festivities in a spooktacular new outfit. There's a peculiar quality to this variation of Matoi, however. Perhaps inquiring about and completing her client orders will solve this mystery.


*マジカルロリポップ | Magical Lollipop

Her client order rewards include access to her Partner Card and the [*Magical Lollipop ] weapon camo.


Halloween 2017 Bingo

Exterminate the seasonal quest's roster of foes and clear Matoi's client orders to clear spaces on the Halloween 2017 Bingo card. This year's treats include the formerly released Jackolan Mag and a new [*Jack Ignis ] Twin Machine Gun camo.


Latan Empe Rappy

The Latan Empe Rappy will haunt the fields this Halloween season!


Misty Dark World (AC Scratch)

Strike terror into the hearts of your enemies this All Hallows' Eve in delightfully devilish apparel!


プロウラークラスタ [OuBaIn] | Prowler Cluster
ノクターナルミスティ[OuBaIn] | Nocturnal Misty
レクイエムバインド[OuBaIn] | Requiem Bind
ダルモルス | Dalmors Series
フェマーレ | Femaleigh Series


[Some contributions by Lostbob117]


11 thoughts to “Trick or Treat at the Quarry in This Year's Halloween Event”

  1. Nice to see a seasonal get a major change… at least one that is unleashing a episode 4 horror no one liked. I just hope they don't make the mistake of messing around with the general seasonal happenings.

    I do wonder if people complained them never changing(in a good way) to get them to do this though

  2. I don't know if there gonna be a blog dedicated to upcoming October and December updates from TGS.
    So I just leave it here:
    1. We'll get new Buster Quest variation with Darkers and "Omega Elder" will attack buster towers during "ACCIDENT" phase.
    2. New 13* weapons will be added as new collection for buster [Dark Blast themed]: Sword,Launcher,dualblade,gunslash and wand [last till April 11th 2018].
    3. New 14* Sword [Omega Elder Pain] will be added as drop from Buster quest.
    4. New SG Scratch Outfit [Dark Falz・Rod] from PSO2es will be added besides returning Persona/Elder/Double/Apprentice outfits.
    5. New lobby Action [DF Warp]
    6. Matoi and Xion style items will (re)appear in one of upcoming AC-scratches [DF Matoi/Angelos Matoi/Ep2 Xion]
    6. We'll finally get cinematic intro for Episode 5 showing EQ boss [Elthoron Dragon]. And of course we get that EQ.
    7. Based on video there might be new weapon type: Sword and Shield [since there was a character running with a plasma sword in LEFT hand and a medium-size shield on right hand] or maybe it's even a new class.
    About Dark Blast:
    – Transformations will have passives and actives that have to be unlocked with exp and level up further with exp U gain during transformation.
    – We'll be able to set an animation from our lobby actions list to use for transformation
    – Transformation will last 60 seconds.
    That's most interesting and notable things so far.

    1. * Transformation will last 60 seconds*
      that so short wish it can last longer than 1 minutes 🙁

    2. That Sword and shield is just a EQ gimmick and not a new weapon type. It's solely there to allow non hero classes to not be useless in the EQ.

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