Unlocking Class Level 80 and 90 for PSO2

Class Level 80 Unlocking

You are required to earn a Title in order to unlock level 80 in each class. Once you acquire this Title, you must head to Koffie and turn in the Client Order for the class you wish to raise.


Title For Non-Summonersabc

English Name Japanese Name
Pioneer of <class> NT Upgrades <class> 新世強化の開拓者
  • You'll need one ★13 NT weapon natively equipped by the class.
  • This ★13 NT weapon needs to have a grind value of [+35]

※Talk to [Lachesis] at the Title Counter to unlock the Title!


Title for Summoners Only

English Name Japanese Name
Pioneer of Summoner Pet Development サモナーペット育成の開拓者
  • You'll need to have a ★13 Pet at level 120.

※Talk to [Lachesis] at the Title Counter to unlock the Title!


Lv. 80 Unlocking Guide

Class Title Condition
Only one weapon category required per class
Hunter Sword Wired Lance Partisan
Ranger Assault Rifle Launcher
Force Rod Talis
Fighter Twin Dagger Double Saber Knuckles
Gunner TMGs Assault Rifle
Techer Wand Talis
Braver Katana Bullet Bow
Bouncer Dual Blades Jet Boots
Summoner ★13 Pet at Lv.120


Koffie's Client Order

Once you acquire the Title, head to Koffie and select the Client Order which matches your class abbreviation. レベル75制限解除試練・Xx

Class Level 90 Unlocking

You are required to earn a Title in order to unlock level 90 in each class. Once you acquire this Title, you must head to Koffie and turn in the Client Order for the class you wish to raise.


Required Title

English Name Japanese Name
Creator of Solid Defense 盤石なる防具の創造主
  • Equip a ★12 Unit in all three slots with a grind value of [+10].

※Talk to [Lachesis] at the Title Counter to unlock the Title!


Koffie's Client Order

Once you acquire the Title, head to Koffie and select the Client Order which matches your class abbreviation. レベル80制限解除試験・Xx


154 thoughts to “Unlocking Class Level 80 and 90 for PSO2”

  1. I can see a bit of QQ stemming from the fact that only 1 weapon is needed for Ranger/Gunner and Force/Techer, meaning players who play those combos as main need only 1 weapon to get 2 classes to 80, while everyone else needs 2.

    But since the 5 levels are like ~30hp and ~15atk boost with 0 extra skillpoints (if I've understood previous posts correctly), I doubt it's too much of a difference.

    1. Wait, really? What would be the point of 5 more levels if you don't get 5 extra skill points then?

  2. I WAS RIGHT!! I knew they make a title for those requirements. That means we should only need to do the "Perfect <class< SP CO" on any one character. Lucky for us both requirements are account based, or should be.

    1. Well not like you wouldn't want to get those done *anyway* for the SP sooner or later, ofc…

      Actually… if you have the new cap unlocked then the classcube shenanigans basically shift to level 80 for any alts that aren't yet done with all that? Now suppose they'll be at level 80 exp reqs, whatever those will be, rather than the current 75 ones?

      …I think I'll be getting and hoarding a bunch of various cubes just in case SEGAc decides to go max troll. >_>

    2. You say that as if it would be worse but i think that would actually be better. You get 5 more sp sooner instead of grinding exp and taking a long time to get 4 extra via perfect class COs. The only downside would be for characters, whom you haven't completed the perfect class COs, would take somewhat longer to get those 4 extra SP. Those alternate characters should be able to go straight to lv80 if you've earned the titles for the respective class. Not as much of as issue as you're making it out to be.

    3. Just saying that depending on how exactly SEGA goes about it in practice actually getting those 21 classcubes after capping could take a LOT longer than it does atm.

      And, well, grinding subclasses is pretty cancerous as is. :/

    4. Yeah except you won't have any mainclass skills or, often enough, Gears (depending) since the skilltree is set up as a *sub*.

      You may or may not also be quite out of the water with how the class actually plays, which tends not be a good state to go into high-level content in…

      Ofc you can put your usual main as sub and use some multiclass weapon (if a suitable can be found; 2016 badges?) but that's still going to be pretty gimped…

      All in all not the kind of stuff you want to spend any longer than necessary in. ʅ ( • ε • ) ʃ

    5. Also not even the point.

      Which was that as written the system seems to produce some rather odd scenarios. Consider: assume Char A has class 1 fully capped, and Char B has classes 1 and 2 uncapped. As written apparently once the new cap rolls in A can simply continue leveling 1 without a hitch – but B will have to reach lv 80 before it can start earning the classcubes for those COs and 4 SP (that A can contribute by earing cubes too is beside the point). *Meanwhile* once B hits 75 on class 2 it'll work on those cubes as normal and then proceed on towards 80.

      This leads to the rather bizarre scenario where if a given class is unqualified for post-75 on your account it'll actually max out its skill points *sooner* than one that qualifies, all other things being equal…

      Nevermind now if earning class cubes at lv 80 needs substantially more exp than at 75.

    6. Not knowing a class will definitely be a detriment to your ability to play it, but the game is 90%+ soloable. The game isn't only XH EQs. You can do a lot of lower level content to max your other classes, it just means that you won't level at the maximum possible rate.

      Heck, the game allows you to form groups. You can always play with friends who will agree that you will be on a class you don't know. And you will help them when they need to level a class they don't know.

      Or you can just join LQ mpas where noone cares anyway and where failure is not even mathematically possible (hyperbole but you catch my drift).

  3. i still wondering why there ll be no sp for lv76-80?

    last year i hope they will add another class again this year or maybe another race, not this almost pointless leveling up.

    1. The goal seems to be mainly as a requirement for future content. We don't know what the stat gains for those levels will look like either, could be a bigger chunk of stats. Theres already a LOT of SP to use so I'm kind of glad there won't be more if no new skills are added.

    2. Where in the world are you people getting info that no new skill points will be distributed any way?

    3. Looked through and couldn't find anything in regards to no new skill points being distributed, did see that no skills were confirmed at the very least.

  4. "Expert Blocks (March 22nd) Requirements
    A: Clear the first five stages of Solo Extreme Quest: [Heaven & Hell]
    B: Grind a ★13 (or higher) NT Weapon to +35 OR Raise a ★13 Pet to Lv. 120"

    Nothing changes – neverending lame fags with no dps welcomed to EXPERT blocks… There must be all 10 stages S-ranked in both Solo Extremes for REAL Expert… T_T

    1. One thing I do with the rare EQ leecher I run across in the XH 75 blocks is that I will literally go to where they are – stand on top of them – and call them out in normal chat as a leecher for everyone to see – for about 10 seconds – then suggest everyone blacklist them. Only do this when yr sure tho or you'll be the one lookin like a jerk. 🙂 Honestly though, it's been a few months since I've had any leechers even in random MPA EQ's – Ship 02. Seems to happen much less often than before – least in those blocks.

    2. Yeah I'm not sure why they haven't put in a mission idle timer to kick idle players. I assume it's because Japan is usually good at following manner guidelines so they don't get a huge number of complaints.

    3. Because proof of having cleared some of the hardest soloing content in the game is proof that the player will not go facebooking during an EQ because it's "beneath" him and "it's farm mode and easy anyway".

    4. No requirement will stop people from idling during EQ. That's why they need to put in something to deincentivize or get rid of people who are without a doubt doing virtually nothing. And the more they promote doing the same boring content over and over, the more leechers there will be.

      I've been seeing a lot of people doing stuff like sitting on the campship for the ENTIRE EQ (never coming down to loot, even), walking around the boss arena doing no damage until the very end, then MAYBE doing ~100k damage, while everyone else has dealt 8-10m. A lot of those people wear full +rare drop equipment, and some have far better equipment than me.

      I think they should make it so if you're below something like 0.5% damage, healed other players for less than a certain amount, or have only collected a tiny number of crystals, you shouldn't get loot or File meter.

    5. I'm gonna be honest I've NEVER understood people who say they see people idle and AFK in emergencies constantly. Is Ship 2 really that terrible? Honest question, because I'm on Ship 6 and I've almost NEVER seen it.

    6. yep. if you've ever wondered why in general some people shit on the playerbase, it's probably things you're not seeing much outside of ship 2.

      ever seen a full party of four players use dance la in the middle of pd, or caught people in the top ranked teams repeatedly idling at the porter when stuff like the current lq come out? at least in my experience, it's not even surprising anymore

      only good thing to say about it is the chance of running into bm players does drastically decrease for me during jp peak hours instead of en hours

    7. I almost never see leches either, the absolute worst I see is just people with ungodly low DPS. Ship 2 isn't nearly as horrid as people make it out to be.

    8. Ship 2 isn't bad. It's people who play in terrible blocks and make sweeping statements about how all MPAs/PUGs are bad. People who actually pay for premium and can get into good blocks can find MPAs that perform as good as well organized teams. You get what you pay for.

    9. in the end, it's luck that put you in what kind of mpa

      since even with prem and good block, chances are bad players already camped too

    10. @Fael
      I don't know about other ships, but once you get on B-001 block at ship 2, you will realize how "terrible" at there.

    11. @Soran – If you play on B001 on Ship 02 it's your own fault for being terrible. Go to the XH blocks with REAL players like 17 and 18 are currently. OR you could do like the rest of us and run EQ's with your team in any block.

    12. @Soran

      lol block 1 on ship 6 is just the social block, people go there and hang out and don't even run anything, it's kinda cute

    13. On Ship 2 you basically only go to B-01 to collect dirty SAs, and that at the risk of developing several different kinds of cancer.

      Why anyone would try to run EQ *there* is quite beyond me.

    14. Surprisingly, EQs at Ship02 B-001 seem to be successful and at a fast rate too, compared to B-012, B-013 and the rest of the XH blocks. I guess the reason is that players there belong to the upper spectrum of the "skill" measurement, and therefore finish quests so quickly that they have a lot of free time in their hands to do… what it is they do there.

      Maybe Sega should rename B-001 to Social and make new players go straight to B-002 and onwards. I mean, they wouldn't want to miss a potential longtime customer because the first things they saw after creating a character were SA with "wtf?!" content

    15. Basically when the game came out and /v/ was like "WE'RE GOING TO MAKE SURE WE MAKE SHIP 2 THE ENGLISH SHIP" me and my friends were like "well we know where NOT to go" and I don't regret that decision whatsoever.

    16. The "basic" XH blocks basically contain the people who for whatever reason cannot meet even the current, not terribly steep, entry requirements for Experts.

      It's… not terribly surprising if PUGs in those have some issues.

      I'm quite willing to believe you can find better groups in B-001; whether that's worth the brain damage exposure to the Colourdul Local Peculiarities of the block causes is another topic topic entirely.

    17. B001 i think not the gear issue, rather social issue

      when they leech, you're just unlucky because they're in mood to ruin people's run and you're in it. Also, since they tend to gang up by themselves for good run, so good luck finding.

    18. They should just reduce rewards based on activity, not on damage dealt. A newly dinged 70 with a subclass below 50 and matterboard equipment cannot compete with a 75/75 veteran who has 13* fully grinded and attributed weapon and 3x 12* units and knows boss mechanics.

    19. and remove combat escape, and remove scape dolls, and remove automate scrubline, and…

      yeah, if you want to talk about skill first you have to remove all of the crutches. since one of those makes sega money, it ain't happening, and you're in the wrong game. PSO2 ain't going to become dark souls online, and both the likes of you and the likes of kimura need to accept that before you all kill the game.

    20. Reading through old comments and seeing this makes it pretty clear why I get messages in English containing criticism about how I play… Scape Dolls are one thing, and I agree, but Combat Escape and Automate Halfline (or Deadline, if anyone uses it for whatever reason) are TANK skills. Which, believe it or not, are USEFUL TO TANKS LIKE ME. Ever been in a mining defense, down to the last tower, last SPIT of HP on it, and SUDDENLY everything runs the other direction? That was a Hunter's Warcry. A Hunter who probably is using Absorption and Automate Halfline (and even a Chainsawd Lv.3 if they're really invested). Just because you, and so many others, go for DPS DPS DPS, don't think that's the only thing that matters, or that everyone does it…

    21. Yes, you can be a good – well what counts for "tank" – in PSO2 and still do decent DPS – all depends on how you set up your skill tree and your subclass. However – you will have to trade some DPS for HP or Automate-halfline – or my preference of Iron Will/Never Give up – and this is a trade those of us who play a lot of solo missions are more than willing to make. I can still kill all bosses on SH in 10 seconds or less (ok maybe 20 with Rodos). The key is to only pick Automate-Halfline OR Iron Will/Never Giver Up in the Hu subclass (or main class) – only choosing one frees up lots of SP for ATK Up and HP Up. I have War Cry purely for the TD missions.

    22. @slayme
      Uhh, S-Atk Up isn't worth the SP cost most of the time tho. Warbrave would give you more damage for a way lower SP cost. Rather than taking S-Atk Up i prefer maxing all utility skills like Gear Boost and Charge Parrying. Also IMHO Iron Will isn't that good, 25% chance to die is a lot. Better get automate and block/dodge as you can unless for some reason you don't want having automate (like using Gyx).

    23. @SGPR – Yeah I don't care for auto-mate – especially when im right in the middle of doing something and since i have relatively high HP anyways. Also – I don't main Hu – just sub – and the way I have my char set up works best for me with my Blades Bo main. Your mileage may vary.. 😉 Is not bad for Katana main either…

    24. Wow that's new for me,i never seen people doing that before in ship 4 or i just less experience
      Since i'm just Braver level 1 till now Hero level 76–
      I seen a lot of people who just leveling up like crazy in Ship 4 (ALSO ME)
      I'm not a big fan of be a lazy guy or leechers thing
      That just make me feel garbage

    1. Dude… The current requirements are way too lax, but Jesus Christ you don't need to make them that absurd…

    2. In such a casual game where most EQs are impossible to fail and most players who want to run things quickly join teams, I'm surprised theres a concept such as Expert Blocks at all. The only people who join random EQs are people who have no other options, so I don't even find the current requirements as lax.

    3. You seem to have rather unrealistic ideas about teams. They do not magically equal people being capable/available/online/interested whenever, you know. If nothing else timezones and different personal schedules exist.

      And nobody likes having their time wasted by someone else's incompetence.

    4. I'm not sure how its unrealistic when it's literally why the feature exists and literally what almost all players do??? I don't see how it's unrealistic considering it has always been the case for me and most everyone I know. Even when my team members aren't on, I have friends I play with in nearly the same time zone whom I can count on.

      Have you seen the member capacity for teams? Have you seen how many teams are organized for the sake of being for competitive players only (not the case for mine, personally)? Those teams will also include what time zones they're playing in or what schedules are common for them.

      I really don't understand how its a hard concept to grasp, it's the same as any game that has ever been created with a team feature. If i go into random MPAs with other 11 people I don't know, I'm just the same as you or anyone else, I'm partying with 11 other people on this planet whom I can't be certain I can depend on. This is the same concept as random matching in any game ever created. Do I enjoy having a bad party? Not as much as a good one, no. Can any force on this earth stop it from happening ever? Absolutely not.

    5. I addressed the concerns you responded with lol if you look for a team geared towards what you want (fast, competent play) you can find it. I think we simply just can't see eye to eye on anything whatsoever so it's probably best to leave it at that.

      I think our PERSONAL feelings towards teams/guilds in games are different, which is a matter of opinions and simply not worth cluttering a blog with.

    6. I'm totally agreed. FAEL keep on saying join the team. I must say. sir, please be more realistic. A team is not a solution for everyone.
      There Will be a time WHEN you need to do on PUG anyway.
      – when your team is not active.
      – when you have so much less time to join the group. being late/ tight schedule/ pt group is full
      Many more reason who doesn't want to go with team can be debate so much I will just pick up some example.
      – An elite team gib the damn boss too fast that question you why the hell you play this game. just 1-2 min and done.
      – When you play with your team some time you will get bored so fast for A reason. Sometime you want to play with new player in PUG for a change.
      – You're not in a mood ask for PT (surely many are like this) wanna one click a button and be done with it.
      – PUG group has its charm. your playstyle will have to adapt with PUG group performance this will or may makes you get more fun
      rather than keep playing with the same person same team everytime. Same pattern. You get bored so fast.
      – some group required you to put your name on google spread sheet for a reserved seat. You don't want to put your name there if you're not sure you can make it on time or something up and you have to cancel it.
      – A team pt full of xxx meta class but nobody want to bother play RA or supportive role sometimes it is happened. This is not really a big problem but in many game when it is too persist will cause some annoyance to some player.
      – much much more that I have to stop NOW or I'm gonna miss EQ and other game coop xxxxing limited time event in 10mins.

      PS. English is not my primary language I apologies for my bad grammar please understand.
      PS.II this is not a threat. No right or wrong but different opinion.

      I love the game. Grind game. But I know how to keep playing it without getting bored.
      For other issue. A PUG group manner. Yeah I'm totally agreed with RANDOM. Lots of people hate bad manner leecher in EQ,LQ. a few minutes afk is alright, acceptable something urgent might come up can't be help.
      But! if repeated by the same person. Consequencely 6 time in a row standing at the drop spot at the beginning of LQ. Looped for SIX room in row is totally a xxxx and get in my black list so fast.
      FAEL you're telling me and other to get in a team to run away from this bad kind of person. Running away from PUG charming point .Meet other good new / old face player in PUG. Are you kidding me? I know that you don't mean it for everytime to go with team. But in reality, really? it is just luck. But if a maggot is a regular it will be a sore eye when you met them each every time.

      In conclusion, the game need some adjustment or punishment that's it. No need to say GO FIND TEAM every time. Not a permanent solution in this case. It is just a run away. Same rot when you're back to PUG and just luck meet THE Maggot or same kind of bad manner people again.
      Now this is rude. sorry…

      For those who care PUG community health. Try recording a clip in action of those leecher and privately post/host somewhere then linked it for Sega to view. Fill a file the Feedback/ support care. whatever.

      Oh, I met those maggot in premium block. Just in case. B17 this one(6 in a row) is fresh 3-4days ago. Still in my black list. heh…. that xxx person in arks card say team recruiting willing to help everybody. The name is in Jap Neptune with two kanji satomi. mi that use a word with "see"

      All I can say is ". . ."

    7. I'm by no means saying no one should ever join MPAs. I'm saying it's a way to minimize how much time you have to spend in them, if you'd like to find a way to do that.

      I agree that there's no reason for ANYONE to ever AFK or leech on a MPA. If someone is idle too long in an MPA they should be kicked out of it by a timer, plain and simple. I've stated before that fortunately I don't see this much on Ship 6, it rarely ever happens. Players tend to have very good manners.

      You sound like you're fed up with bad manner players which I would be too. There's never any excuse towards leeching or AFKing. Sega needs to kick out players like that from MPA.

      I'm simply telling people who have the main focus of going as fast as possible and trash and look down on other players if they do poorly to find a team that is geared towards being competent. People who complain about taking extra minutes and say other players hold them down should definitely look for a team.

      I don't take any offense from your post lol don't worry. I actually agree with you, Sega should really do something to punish players for bad manners.

      Random's points usually involve "theres no excuse for players to play so poorly/have poor gear/not pull their weight" which I think in that case, he needs to find like-minded people who think the same as him to play with in a team. He wants a higher quality of player performance.

    8. Thank you for your reply FAEL. I'm sure that your post will clear misunderstand for everyone. Both of you

      FAEL and RANDOM are reasonable person some wording might misinterpret and carry a fuel of war? I don't

      I think the word incompetence that RANDOM keep saying is means for those who incompetence to upgrade their

      Should be "Ignorant" I said.
      The person who already know how the game mechanic work, how to spend upgrading their gear but refused to

      do so for their own unknown reason. Self interest, "I don't care". I'm sure that this kind of person that

      RANDOM trying to label them as incompetence is not really far off the point. IF I'm not miss


      As obvious, You (example of those ignorant)The person who already make it into expert block by any means

      (Crap tec/hu impossible to die build spamming normal atk and heal+guard stance or etc)
      This kind of person already learn good enough? on how to play and spending much leeching EQ AQVH/SH to

      lv75 in one or two days. I don't know.

      I'm sure that he doesn't mean or blamed competence person who is still in a process of "TRYING to get

      better" but still have a weak equipment. As I saw in a middle flow of both of your guys argument.
      If I remembered correctly, I noticed that RANDOM is aiming those bad manner word or ignorant bastard

      pointing to those person WHO is doesn't care "I don't want to spend now" " I saving meseta for some erotic

      lobby action" or something else self interest action.

      Anyhow, it is another MANNER issue those who CARE won't do things like that. They're prideful not to do so

      and it is a good thing(me too,cough). But nobody can tell those ignorant people to stop doing that because

      "I want to play like this" so what?"
      Another flaw in PSO2 that will never get fixed except to have a "Proper" gear check system during Serious

      Mode game EQ,LQ,UQ. etc. that required more player coorperative.
      That is why Sega is trying to add +35 13* title to get in expert block. But none sense if no check system

      before joining the room. Still, it will help screen out a lot of player who is not gear ready or should

      not be in Expert block yet to join much harder content. Some proper requirement is a must. We shall see.

      Now I feel sorry for those who don't have much time to play the game and have no luck doing gacha ticket.

      Don't kill me please…
      A wording to freeplayer is "Life is tough, try harder"

      About Ship6. Ship6 have a major of THAI people occupied there. just for your information. it is a

      suggested ship for THAI people when recommending other to join to go there. And will get more clot if

      Asiasxck stop operate their SEA server service. Actually, their server is dying because of missing

      content, bad translation and continuous-lili-lypa P2W content campaign.

    9. Content gets old. Not every team remains active for every single EQ, especially after most of the members have gotten what they want out of new content (such as their Astra weapon(s) of choice at +35). I'm glad you've apparently gotten a team that can be super active and on the ball at all times, but making a statement like "almost all players" is clearly made without any actual source. I could just as easily say almost every team I've seen is casual and does a few EQs here and there, if they happen to feel like it. It doesn't suddenly mean "almost all players" do what I've observed.

      And protip, you can make your point quite effectively without condescension dripping off your every words, Fael. If you take this game so seriously, maybe a break is in order.

    10. AIDA has a PSO2 discord that is partnered with discord, you're free to go in there and talk to everyone. In fact theres a ton of PSO2 discords that exist at this point, a bunch specifically for certain regions.

      My team has members from all over the world, which is why I included the fact I've had the same friends I've played the game with for the past 4 years who also live relatively in the same time zones as me. Taking a shot at me for "taking the game seriously" when I include in every post how little I care about if random MPAs take me 5 extra minutes is kind of silly. My point constantly is the level of random people doesn't affect me if I subject myself to it. That seems far less serious that being infuriated by MPAs taking extra time to the point I complain about it every update.

      My point here is "teams exist in this game for the same purpose as every other game" and "random matching in this game subjects you to the same problems as any other game". I don't think I'm too off the mark for thinking this.

      I'd say random matching is actually FAR more a problem in other games (mobas) where it can straight up entirely waste 45 minutes of your life for no reward whatsoever.

  5. Glad it's title based, but I still think the requirements are stupid for just a level cap. Blade and Soul China had the same extra skill points at level cap stuff, but with EXP bars for those extra points. When they raised the level cap, they had both the character level EXP and skill point EXP work together at the same time.

    PSO2 forcing people to get those extra points before they can advance is not great. The whole point of those extra points is to give people something optional and extra to do, AFTER they hit level cap. You know, just by playing, you achieve something before you realize it. Now it's a roadblock, a requirement to progress, a hurdle. That's not fun if you're stuck doing the same old stuff over and over.

    If they were going to change the Expert Block requirements to require +35, I kinda wish they made clearing stages 6-10 of Solo XQ1 and 2 a requirement instead. I beat XQ2 with a +31 40 element weapon the other day. I thought the weapon wasn't strong enough, so I was surprised that I still beat it.

    They should still convert all old 13 stars to NT, or change the requirements to include them. I've seen plenty of people outdo everyone's damage using 10603 Orbit or Austere, myself included. Now we have to go waste time and money farming +35 weapons that we probably won't use, because the ones we already have are better. The extra abilities unlocked at +35 aren't much of an incentive, either. Not much point redoing affixes for something like a +5% to PP regen from regular attacks. That's around 1 extra PP per hit. Big whoop.

    And I still think it's terrible that they give people so many options for the same few purposes, then let most of them rot away, and one day suddenly force everyone to follow a specific path.

    That reminds me, I saw an image on MMOLoda a few months ago, where Kimura was asked in an interview whether they intend to add more Crafting stuff, and if I understood correctly, he said something like "in actuality, not many people are doing Crafting, so no". He doesn't realize or care that people aren't doing it because he made it obsolete with lack of updates, and because it's not fun!

    1. The abilities weapons unlock at +35 aren't simply new affix stuff, theres also weapons that can grant Modulator or EXQ affix stuff at 100% while only taking one slot. Getting 13* weapons to +35 is included in almost all suggested item recipes now. It's something almost all players are already doing at endgame now even if they don't equip the item.

      I understand your concerns but this game's EXP curve really is very gentle, even if you do need to grind out 26 extra levels to hit 80. The amount of exp you get from max risk AQs is simply insane if your goal is to JUST get exp. People get characters from 1-75 in a day of work if thats their goal.

  6. Before Broadcast:
    – Nothing to do
    – Where's the level cap increase
    – This damn leecher with +0 *13 on Expert block

    After Broadcast:
    – The grind will take so much time
    – The grind is useless because my old weapon still can carry the leecher

    Seriously, Astra and the new Valentine CF is easy as hell you can easily get +35 if you put enough effort into it. Make sure to use those useless SG for instant retake if you're tight on time. Do 1 Astra per week and you'll get +35 weapon before the update hit, with 5 slot (3 free 2 SG) you can easily unlock the cap for 5 class.
    Don't forget that the grind is to UNLOCK lvl cap and expert block. That +35 weapon you get? It's just some bonus. If you're lazy and don't want to grind some weapon with 'lame' Factor/Potential, you can wait till your weapon of choice is available. You should think "Is it worth the trouble for unlocking lvl cap and expert block?", not "Damn all these *13 NT is shitty and not worth the grind". I myself only have +35 for Fi as of now, but instead of complaining i just keep my pace of 1-2 Astra weapon per week till i get +35 on other class weapon.

    1. Yes you can. Talk to Purin and there should be a button with SG icon at the top of CF selection window. Each cost 700 SG but it still affordable unless you already spammed your free SG on sheet refresh or SG scratch.

  7. The level cap unlock is going to be a client order issued at Coffee IIRC, with clearing conditions being to obtain those two titles.

    Basically, you don't just automatically unlock Lv80 when you reach Lv75 and already have the titles. This is probably done to give newly 75s a chance to get class cubes.

    1. it's been clarified that you can't, or people won't complain (or maybe some would due to nothing to do)

  8. So, the 13 star weapons we get from weapon badges…
    Are they all considered NT?

    They don't have NT in the name, but I'ma be pissed if not cause I'm really close to +35 on a Strauss Ver2.

    1. On which vein you may note that eg. the Astra and Fornis weapons in the CFs don't have the -NT suffix either. And why would they? Not like there's OT versions around they need to distinguish from…

  9. I love how people expect everyone to be in every team that actually can do more than pull their weight. No one is asking for perfection. It's almost laughable how people are 100% upset over people asking for merely passable.

    Plus if everyone decent joined teams and never did random MPAs…dear lord no one would be doing the MPAs unless organized. Legit. Because them 1 hour long time limits would legit be too short for that.

    But no EQ should ever take over 30 minutes. And quite honestly, people don't want to be stuck in an EQ for that long either.

    It's probably time to face the music, maybe? Instead of complaining about not getting things easy for no work? Just a thought, as in, here's me spitting out the truth and reality of the matter.

    If you don't want to actually put in any effort and have fun with the game, there's cookie clicker and facebook games.

    1. lol its like I always say, its like the people who complain and the people who are satisfied play two entirely different games. I've NEVER had an MPA take over 30 minutes so I can't even comprehend that. Sounds like it's a regular deal for you I guess, so I and others must be ignorant to these kind of situations.

      Once again, no ones "upset" over people complaining about other players, they're CONFUSED as to how they run into these situations and suggest that it entirely ruins their game experience because its the NORM for them. If its truly that bad, all other people have done is suggest means to lessen the chance it happens.

      side who is satisfied: "really? well if its that bad you could try this"

      its a neverending cycle

    2. i also never had runs more than 30 minutes, 20 at most (and it's the worst)

      i think the standard gap is too large maybe, and lack of understanding issue
      let's just assume that their run standard is 1 minute, any run longer than that ruins their life.

      so yeah, let them be. All we can do is self improvement since most of them who complains never help people in fear of being surpassed (ain't that normal as a human?).

    3. your expectations don't line up at all with what I see dealing with pubbies on a consistent basis. take your "muh hardcore! you fucking shitcasuals" shit and flush it already. you're not speaking truth or reality, just spewing your personal ideas as a basement dweller. that entire attitude is insulting to all gamers, to hell with the dweebs who think an hour on flappy bird makes them big shit.

      at least a third of my lifetime (as a 30something loser) totalled up spent on JRPGs, shit like monhun and DMC, shmups and the like… and I get stupid children who got into games with dank souls who think they're the hottest shit telling me I'm a "casual" because I expect payoffs without having to clock 2000 hours on a single task… absolutely disgusting. we used to have memes about that kind of player.

    4. I got +35 and Cube IV over several classes in 2016, can I too start telling people to screw themselves with a rusty pipe like our guy Reality Check?

    5. The whole topic is a trainwreck to be even remotely serious.
      If this fire doesn't go down, might as well cook some marshmallows.

    6. Ran into my first MPA EQ filled with leechers this morning – a entire group of 4 just stood to the side the entire Mother EQ – very frustrating. Best thing to do is get on a team and do runs with them – I wish SEGA would do something about the leechers – like no EXP or reward if you do virtually no damage. I don't even understand why leechers play – they're not even playing – guess it's for bragging rights or something I dunno – but I do call them out publicly for leeching and blacklist them when I can – seems the best we can do for now…

    7. That sucks. It's weird. I've done all MPA EQs and have yet to run into a problem with leechers. Probably because we're all still trying to get gear and it seems like it would take forever (I've had 50 minute runs) if everyone wasn't at least doing some damage. I do agree about people standing around. I actually thought that standing around in the lobby for too long could disconnect you when I first played. I do know it's possible to implement a measure like that because I've seen it in other games.

    8. Literally no XH Mother EQs are leecher-less, everyone seems to expect to get carried and it's not even a gearing problem but a huge lack of skill and terrible skill trees.
      Any run over 20 minutes is a complete disaster with leechers, I've seen people not even getting to 5k damage with WB weak point hits.

    9. I wish you all talking about these lechers would also include the block number you encountered them on. Am still convinced this is a freemium-only issue.

  10. To all the haters out there – feel free to just, you know – not play the game – if you're having such frustrating personal issues dealing with how the game works and how players play. The game is what it is.

    1. That's kind of what confuses me. I played LoL the first year it was out, had a lot of fun. After awhile the game moved in a directly I couldn't stand to play, I really don't enjoy the game whatsoever. I've never felt the need to go on forums or blogs and talk about how much I dislike the game and how ruined it is. I have no idea what the goal of doing that would even be.

    2. It's for the hope of change or for the hope of sega seeing what's causing their base to drop. It's not like people are just gonna complain but still play. In fact, everyone that I've joined this game with had dropped off ages ago because they didn't like the changes, and I'm positive more are gonna want to quit with the upcoming changes that are taking place. It doesn't really help that community, itself, is rather unforgiving. You could be a team of elitist that would look down upon you but do nothing to help you up.

    1. Nope I meant Austere. You can also straight up find Austere unit and weapons as drops. Since they were focused as being something incredibly strong back then and a lot of people worked hard for them, you'd imagine they'd expand them some more.

    2. Even Invade drop rates are minuscule; Austeres doubly so. That they *technically* drop isn't much of an argument for anything.

      Certainly given the sheer amount of crap you have to trade in for just one of the damn things it'd be a nice bone to throw if they became "upgreadeable" in some manner – into NT iterations perhaps? – but given the manner in which MMORPG gear progression works I wouldn't particularly hold my breath. The least season's hot shit getting deprecated is kinda par for the course after all.

      And it's not like your fancy +40/60 ele/over-affixed Aust wasn't worth using anymore just because Astra is essentially the same thing in a vastly less onerous to aquire form anyway…

    3. It's not much of an argument because it wasn't one lol it was simply relaying my opinion on the matter. I don't know why you try to find arguments in everyone's statements.

      It's simply a point in saying I'm sure they'll upgrade Austere if they're upgrading Ray. Possibly from doing a solo version of something like Mother later or a different 4 member quest.

      Once they buffed PD a long time ago they significantly upped the drop rates as well as added new drops to the pool so people find Austere series much more often (since it was outdated) as well as all the Ray drops (units included).

    4. "Not much of an argument" as in "proves nothing", sheesh. Don't be so defensive. And I'm frankly mystified on what basis you declare that certainty of Austere receiving some kind of upgrade; closest I've heard of that even *hints* of something to that effect is some vague rumours of SEGA having some manner of converting OTs into NTs under consideration.
      Which, obviously, isn't yet much to go on.

      Also you'll have to excuse me for not being terribly impressed by these supposedly improved Austere drop rates you speak of, as I have yet to see or hear of *anyone* getting one as a drop.
      I've personally only ever gotten exactly one *Invade* weapon and about 3 units (which is already rather more than most players I talk with), and I think the former at least was before PD got reworked…

      Summa summarum, your easy confidence on the matter strikes me as quite unfounded wishful thinking is all.

    5. Welcome to the concept of opinions. I could be correct, I could also be entirely wrong. No one on this blog is Sega. I personally find it would make sense as a logical step considering they're doing it with Ray which was made with the concept of "baby Austere". Austere was a huge endgame deal, Sega gets countless questions about Austere even still, they're well aware players want some kind of progression for it.

      I never said "yeah man, definitely count on this 100%" I said it'd make sense. Quite the sociopathic jump.

    6. You said exactly that. To wit:
      "It’s simply a point in saying I’m sure they’ll upgrade Austere if they’re upgrading Ray."
      – you, 3 posts back

      Please at least keep track of what you've written.

    7. Yeah its a figure of speech? I wrote other things too, reading those helps for the ol context.

      I made it clear several times it was an opinion. Sega never said they'll be upgrading Austere so why would I factually say "yes, they're doing this"? Its becoming painfully clear you don't interact with many humans and your perfect world is a very "Me, Myself & I" situation.

      For christ's sake you tried to argue with a man about the game's plot by trying to explain the space physics of a videogame as if it were real life. Chill. This is a blog for a videogame.

    8. I'll remind you that you're the one who got all pissy and defensive solely over my pointing out that there's no actual *reason* to expect SEGA'll do anything with Austere – anymore than they've done with any of the other once-coveted once-endgame weapons. (Ares, Invade, Orbit ring a bell?)
      Or for that matter that Austere isn't exactly obsolete yet.

      You're also *again* engaging in gratuitous personal attacks I note.

    9. Also you went from "wouldn't be surprised" and "would imagine" to "I am certain that" in about 3-4 posts flat. That's a bit of an abrupt leap from wishful speculations to a declaration of certainty, just sayin'.

    10. Wow… FAEL you need to calm down and hold your horse. I don't see anything wrong with RANDOM first reply. The word "argument"
      clearly YOU got a comprehension skill problem or perhap you have a bias with him which makes you misread his reply and take it as aggressive form. Even English is not my primary language but I could tell which one is harmful word to other.
      Later you keep on biting him and nonsense later on. And Random you should not poke FAEL too much. He is clearly got irritated and unable to interpret your wording friendly.

      FAEL, is it that hard to just reply RANDOM with
      "Yeah, invade/austere droprate is awful" then continue with your other opinion? Peace.

      For my experienced. I never drop invade unit even with about +300~600% raredrop boost including boost period. I have done PD surely 50-60% amount of schedule EQ since PD debut. GOT none unit nor Austere except TMG/Partisan/Launcher invade weapon (prebuff version). But MOM gave me a unit within first 15 rounds I think. Very Ironic.

    11. It's not just from that one comment, he's constantly picking fights with people over minuscule comments. Like I stated, he started harassing someone's comment on the plot of the game because they didn't understand how space travel physics worked, apparently. It's stuff from past comments. Stuff such as saying other players bring him down then saying he doesn't bother with affixing his own gear.

      Not to mention the stuff he said about Ares and Orbit getting neglected by Sega was just plain wrong. They revamped the entire way Ares worked way back when and they also brought out NT Orbit weapons, but at that point I didn't want to spam comments anymore so I just moved on. He always baits people into arguments then ignores anything they say. Then when they back out because its an eyesore "Yeah, that's what I thought."

      We just had a chain where he had like 10 people telling him he was incorrect over something and he just proceeded to call all their points strawmen and fallacies lol.

      But yeah, you're right, if he doesn't listen to anyone, theres no need for anyone to respond to him, so I should take the hint better and not even reply.

    12. That 10 VS one actually I have read it before.
      I must admit that I agree with RANDOM in the point that it is IMPROPER to "intentionally" wear very bad gear then leech or perform low performance in EQ like mother, pd, td4.

      I don't know… the way doing PURPOSELY wear bad gear and that person KNOW that it is bad and will drag other people down, waste other people time but still choose to wear it. Is BAD.
      For an Asian people like me most of us we believed that this kind of act is IMPROPER and very impolite. In most community there will be a guide from fellow player wrote up for beginner. It is a manner to "know what you're doing first" before enter a cooperative content.

      Still, it is a manner. No need to include such rule or gear check in a healthy ship or among good people like ship6. Since most people tend to be good and know what to do and not to do so.

      But for ship 2…. no wonder why a complain from someone like RANDOM or Reality check exist. I don't mean that this two person are bad in general. The leecher population and bad manner is quite high these day (for what I see myself) in ship2.
      No wonder why there is such complain here and there among player and demand for a change, more requirement. Thus Sega introduced the expert block and later more requirement to enter.

      MPA and PUG group is just like a public place. You meet good or bad along the way. Just imagine that you have a routine to meet bad people everyday might ruin your sanity someday.
      Imagine that if it full of incompetence and leecher player that will pop up for about 5% rate trigger eat up space for 1-2 player each room. And the rate keep growing. Statistically number this is awful.

      Here is a casual story for fun
      12 person are rowing a public boat to across a river to get their loot. Some people doesn't row at all. Some pretend to row. Some never row a boat before but have read some guideline beforehand and is try hard doing their best.
      Some know that they have to proper wear a life guard suit, equip a good brand number 13*stick? to row effectively. But they don't.

      In a meantime, a Wild flying garlic jelly sword fish alike appeared. That thing is ramming the boat. Almost each every time the flying thing passing through cause those who is not properly geared fell to the river. The other passenger have to use a life guard brand named moon atomizer to save these people ass. They kept fallen up to the point. The helper said "Fxck it I'm out" press an eject button fly back to the start point of their own. Recruit a new boat.

      Finally, the rest people barely fend off that unearthly creature and reached the other side of the river. Before the cut in movie end, boat parked properly, Everyone doing their posing awfully. Someone has been there and open their loot already! which leave the rest of crew clueless.

      The group of bravery hard work row person finally decided to use a private boat instead. Among with their new hard working friend who is frequency travel across the river together. They have a fast and effective row saving time and sanity together since then.
      In the mean time, another public boat got attacked by that flying garlic again.
      "Hold your suit! it won't be that hurt" "Incoming!"
      "Moon pleaseeeee" "What is wrong with your suit?" "Shit! a 7* safe guard suit"
      "I'm outta here man" (Eject button)
      "YOU! A high level caliber person like you SHOULD at least extend your 7* suit before meet this damn flying thing before hand WHY YOU…"
      (Everyone got rammed and fall out of the boat)
      End of story

      There is no need to bite each other. Telling other who is wrong or right. Just try to be in their shoes. Imagine their wrath. The dark force. err… no. The world will be at peace if we understand each other. Try to cheer up other people. (But those who can't be help at all. JUST Leave them rot)
      PS. maggot player be damn. Clean the uncleanse. Kill it with fire.

      About strawmen and fallacies. To be blunt, I've never used nor see these word before but I can guess it is a word for look down other people? have to study it later.

    13. Now you're plain trying to excuse your own entirely gratuitous and uncalled-for overreactions by invoking some fossilised old junk that has no bearing on the topic whatsoever.
      In effect, further personal attacks. (And yes, pointing out such fallacious argumentation is perfectly legitimate thank you.)

      Also "revamped the entire way Ares worked" lolwut. How? Insofar I'm aware of the *exact* only thing that has been done about that entire weapon series ever since I started playing a good two plus years back was its appearance in the stone exchange shop, where it indeed resides (quite ignored) even today.
      I've never ever heard of anything about their stats and potential changing in any way.
      Perhaps you can correct my ignorance?

      Same story with Orbits which AFAIK have stayed the exact same ever since their introduction; and it's not like the no longer available NT ones mechanically differ from the original OT lineup in *any* way beyond the grind system.
      (SEGA isn't big on fiddling with already introduced gear it seems.)
      Do feel free to correct me if I'm wrong?

    14. sorry, need to make this into list

      1. Some people doesn’t row at all.
      2. Some pretend to row.
      3. Some never row a boat before but have read some guideline beforehand and is try hard doing their best.
      4. Some know that they have to proper wear a life guard suit, equip a good brand number 13*stick? to row effectively. But they don’t.

      1 & 2 is pure leecher
      3 is those we need to help (pls don't be afraid of being surpassed, or you'll never be better than what you're right now)
      4 has 2 possibilities
      a. they're purely trolls
      b. usual max geared but cancerous person that is trying to ruin community and create drama due to boredom (i think some of them are here)

      btw, can the case just close?

  11. @Fael – You're right in your assessment of the situation. If you think "random" is a troll – like some of us do – your solution to the problem is correct – don't feed the troll.

  12. PS: I don't actually reply to your comments directly because I need you to understand that I don't argue with people who don't accept facts anymore 8D;

    Discussion is one thing but trying to argue that reality…really?

  13. What SEGA needs to do is relax the costs of adding slots and abilities to equipment that have more than 4 slots so more people that dislike high risk have more affixes on their gear. Also make clones appear on multi-player areas and EQs.

    1. @LordKaiser – Shame they won't listen to us… they really need to redo affixes in general. T-atk is great on Force and R-atk great on bow but nearly everyone else barely benefits at all, in part due to the rising atk on 13* weapons. With new 14* weapons inbound eventually, that gap will only be worse, and +35 atk will be even more pointless. It's gotten to the point I've started ignoring a lot of s-atk on my Fighter just to boost HP and PP to redic levels. And then there's the fact that a lot of success rates are too insanely low to even try. Add in needing 3 flicts to even put it on something else, and it's already too much.

      And modulator just needs to drop in nearly every old EQ, especially TDs. Give some life to them. SHAQ is pretty RIP after constant hits against any reason to play them, and abduction rates seem worse.

      While I doubt this will improve player performance and trials, there's no reason some one plays half the time shouldn't be able to get affixes like mine. Right now it's too costly and too risky, and with things like pets and constant 13* grinding being too expensive, it's really too much to ask 8X And really…they should be allowed to look decent with new fashion…

      IDK why Episode 4 hates money so much. Seemed fine before.

    2. I had an idea for new modulator drop rates. You know how title tier 2 bosses drop vinculum, such as that one vardha eq and Falz hunar? They should have a title tier 3 sometimes soon, near the end of xh or in a new difficulty and have them bosses drop modulator every now and then, prices will drop, reason to do them eqs and possible to maybe farm them in fields of high quantities of players.

    3. Its funny with how expensive mod is, it's not even worth the performance it gives half the time. Its one of the most overrated affixes you can use really.

      But remember, they already added in easy and cheap ways to get expensive affixes (and at 100%) by adding special ability factors. I dunno why they would need to add in even more methods of obtaining the ridiculously hard affixes.

      Astral Soul is one of the easiest things you could ever get currently.

    4. "Add in needing 3 flicts to even put it on something else, and it’s already too much."

      Ya'll should really stay up to date on slotting methods. It's not as hard as you're thinking with all the new stuff thats always being added in es as well as actual updates to the main game.

      Soul Receptor prices are in the dirt as well as Extreceptor prices always getting cheaper. Heck, you can ever play es yourself and get hordes of them for free. New ability sticking stuff is always showing up, just gotta pay attention to es news. New ability sticking methods just showed up in PVP as well.

      That being said, es does kind of suck, but hey!!

    5. I do play ES.

      It's also that those 3 and 4 affix exreceptors mean nothing at all and everything is still insanely overpriced.

      Trust me, I'm well more aware of the game than you if you made that comment lol

    6. i thought soul receptors are hard to get, till i joined the EQ sessions

      those prices indicates how ignorant people are anyway

    7. Soul receptors are not too miserable. But you have to combine a lot of things together where an nontransferable affix receptor doesn't help at all at higher affix numbers except in creating fodder. It's not too much of an issue with weapons but for units…

      Plus, we were talking about Ex-receptors, not soul. Also, given I've hammered ES EQs before myself, the higher number ones are so insanely rare. 3 Affix Souls Receptors are so common they are insanely cheap at times. I'm surprised the last one had them so ridic high(more profit for me 'w' ), but even 4 can be a trouble to get. The price for 5 and higher on a unit is so high I just sell them anyway. Way cheaper just to buy three souls and affix them that way…gonna wanna put other affixes to add on to specially made fodder anyway.

      Of course with souls, you have Toh'oh Soul and it's two copies…which you should just abuse that unless going for astral, which then it's not worth using soul receptor for from what I've seen, but I could be wrong.

  14. So I already have a titles for +35 Rifle(unlocking the Ra and Gu titles) and Perfect Gunner IV completed, which means it should unlock the Lv 80 cap for Gunnercap, but for some reason, it's still at 75. Am I missing anything else, or do I really have to get a +35 TMG if I want to break the cap?

  15. I played Br/Hu . If i have done COs The Perfect Braver IV and ginded my sub class Hu weapons to 35 can i unlock level 80?

    1. Lvl 80 unlocking is not like previous lvl unlocking CO, it only affect one by one class. If you wish to unlock lvl 80 for one class, you must get two titles related to that class, first title is achieved when you have a +35 13 star new type weapon that natively wield by that, second title is achieved when you done "The Perfect" CO series for that class. For example, if you wish to unlock lvl 80 for Br, you have to get a +35 13 star new type katana or bow for the first title, and finish The Perfect Braver CO series (which have 4 CO) for second title.
      According to your question, you are just half done for each class, you finished first title for Hu and second title for Br.

  16. Can't say if it's for the best or for the worse…
    Right now it requires 21 class ex-cubes to complete class trainer quests for SP to get title.
    Each lvl past 75 require ~1,5M exp [if I remember correctly] and grants 1 ex-cube
    {Needs 21 lvls * ~1.5M exp -> going total ~31.5M exp for 21 cubes}
    Each lvl past 80 require ~10M exp [if I remember correctly] and grants 5 ex-cubes
    {Needs 5 lvls * ~10M exp -> going total ~50M exp for 25 cubes}

    The only significant difference is that you get 5SP from 75 to 80 "faster" [still same 30M exp from 75 to 80] but will have to grind for another 4 afterwards [50M exp]

    Current system: lvl 80 and all 9SP past 75 = 60M Exp
    Late December system: lvl 80 and all 9 SP past 75 = 80M Exp

    But there may be a trick:
    1. Reach lvl 75
    2. Get lvlcap bonus once [1 class excube]
    3. Get title for 13* weapon +35
    4. Reach lvl 80
    5. Get lvlcap bonus 4 times [20 class excubes]
    But still: 21 excubes = 41.5M exp [instead of 50M]

    1. The point is that players who are not max level on both main and sub won't be locked out of end game difficulties and rematch content just because of an unnecessarily long grind. While the 4 sp is useful and all, making people grind the cubes on top of the already way too long to grind levels just for an 80 sub made matters worse. It doesn't help it just made people go "well, might as well just play hero!"

      So community of wise, yes, it is better. Not everyone enjoys leveling Hu, Fi, or Te…

    2. There's a better trick if you want to save on the exp. Reach 75, then get your class excubes before taking the Koffie CO to unlock 80. Since this only adds an extra option without forcing the players to do it a certain way, I'd say this update is entirely an improvement.

    3. you need EXP of 1.9M to get 1 class cube at level 75, while you need 9.8M to get 5 class cube at level 80. means you need 41M at lv 75 to get all 4 SP, but you need 51M at lv 80, extra 10M EXP …. so if really need those 4 extra SP better done it at 75

  17. Too little too late for me.
    I think you can still earn class cubes the old style as long as you don't go and get the title?

    1. the level cap wont be unlocked until you finish Koffie's client order. Even if you get the title you can choose to ignore her CO and grind the old way.

  18. I'm not angry or happy, because I already have all classes lvl 80 and 1 extra hero, but I really hope they make some hard requirement to unlock the next advanced class.

  19. Actually kinda upset to find out… I JUST unlocked and am working on a lvl 80 hero as of last week.

    This is REALLY not fair to those of us who just got it, and are now being told "Lol sucks to be you, you did it the hard way"

    Months ago before this update? I get it, There's nothing they could do.

    But there should be SOMETHING for the people who just spent the last few weeks on it and are now being told it was a waste of time.

  20. it's only good for classes which u don't play, since u just have to grind to 80 without spending time to get extra skill points, leave them later for lv85 unlocking which should have better exp margin. i had myself mostly all classes 80 via FQ keys, most of them (except my fi/hr) haven't run a single eq for 75-80 lvling, so i don't think lvling is a problem.

  21. what sega NEEDS todo is go make a real phantasy star online title thats like pso ep 1 and 2 and make it not anime like what monster hunter world is doing. phantasy star online was never solely based on anime cliches period. make the new title accesible to all and make it a full purchase title.

    1. Did you even play PSO1? It was full on anime cliche story.
      It's just was 00s anime story, like pso 2 is 2010s anime story
      If they make PSO3 it will be 2020s cliche anime story.

    2. it was not cliche at all they didnt throw the story at you right out the bat and it was very mysterious, it had alot todo with a coverup of biological research on Dcells and experimentation of the cells, there was hardly any anime shit being shoved in your face you could kinda tell but it wasent entirely anime. it wasent just "hero girl gets posessed by dark falz save her!"

  22. meaning sega revert back to when max lv 75 which make the SP CO an optional instead of a must … just for the sake of new players ….

  23. I'm still SO lost when it comes to weapon grinding, even past the 13* guide to save Lambda Grinders
    I guess I could use someone to explain it to me a bit more. Where I'm at ive saved 450 2017 weapon badges out of the 1200 required for the 5 duplicates of the 13*, but when I get to the grinding part, I'm only progressing the weapons level by two levels each time, so I'm surely just completely missing something. Forgive me, but I just don't understand the system, past reading everything I can I'm still just so confused
    If you see me in game, OneShotCaptcha is the handle. Thank you to everyone here.

  24. What is classified as a 13*nt weapon now? Are they the actual ones like tonfa nt? (Readable 13s)Or weapons from this year?

  25. Basically you using other weapons along with money and panda grinders to get your weapon to level 30 then you use the other 4 same weapons to get it to 35. You can use the same weapons before but then it will cost you more panda grinders cash and weapon fodder

  26. So I have a question about this. I’m new and just started this. I have a katana and bow at +35 plus I did all of my braver specific quests, but it’s not being specific anywhere on how to level this class to 80 unless I have to do the same thing with all classes.

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