Character File: Bruno

Character Information

Role Limited NPC
Race Human Male
Class gunner_iconranger_icon
JP Name ブルーノ
EN Name Bruno
Voice Actor Daichi Kanbara
Location Shop Area



Costume スケアードフィッシュ
Scared Fish
Hairstyle ブルーノヘアー
Bruno Hair
Eyebrows ブルーノまゆ
Bruno Eyebrows
Face Paint ブルーノのヒゲ
Bruno’s Beard
Accessory スケアードグラス
Scared Glasses
Sticker スケアードステッカー
Scared Sticker


Client Orders


March 22nd ~ June 6th (2018)

Client Order Objective
Defeat [Dragonkin] x40
Reward: Bruno & Annette Partner Cards


March 22nd ~ June 7th (2017)

Client Order Objective
Mop-up Operation
Defeat [Natives] x20
Reward: Bruno's Partner Card
Hard-Shelled Assailant
Clear [Ruins Exploration] with an A Rank+
and only Bruno and Gene in the party.

Reward: Silver Chip Fragment 2017
Amusement, Thy Name Is Casino
Speak to Alto in the Casino.
Reward: Annette's Partner Card



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