Character File: Emilia

クラーリタ・ヴィサスNTClarita Visas NT

Character Information

Role Limited NPC
Race Human Female
Class force_icontecher_icon
Age 16
JP Name エミリア
EN Name Emilia
Voice Actor Chiwa Saitō
Location Shop Area

※Emilia was introduced to PSO2 as a temporary NPC in an update on Nov. 2nd, 2016.

Obtaining Her Partner Card

  • Accept her 「エネルギー源を知る!」 client order.



Costume エミリア・レプカ
Emilia Repca
Hairstyle ハーフアップポニー
Half Up Pony
Voice 女性共通エミリアボイス
Female Voice – Emilia
Weapon クラーリタ・ヴィサス-NT
Clarita Visas-NT


Client Orders

Client Order Objective
Help My Friend!
Clear [Forest Exploration]
Reward: Photon Sphere (x3)
First, Some Sturdy Materials!
Clear [Tunnels Exploration] with
only Vivienne in your party.
I Know the Energy Source!
Clear [Skyscape Exploration] with
only Emilia in your party.
I Need Everyone's Cooperation!
Speak to Aki, Zieg, and Rojio.
Reward: 10 Star Gems (Once per account)
Protect the Ship!
Clear [Tundra Exploration] with
only Vivienne and Emilia in your party.
Reward: 5 Lambda Grinders
What An Interesting World!
Defeat Lv. 61+ [Natives] x100
Defeat Lv. 61+ [Dragonkin] x100
Defeat Lv. 61+ [Mechs] x100
Reward: Clarita Visas-NT


PSO2es Chips

Emilia Emilia
Attacking an enemy activates an effect that boosts attack power based on the number of Light chips equipped.



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