Character File: Euclita


Character Information

Role Story Character
Race Newman Female
Class gunner_iconranger_icon
Age 19
JP Name ユクリータ
EN Name Euclita
Voice Actor Mariya Ise
Location Gate Area (2F)

The older sister of Afin who formerly served as a host body for Dark Falz Apprentice.

Obtaining Her Partner Card

  • Complete Episode 3's 「此処に在る意味」 extra chapter.



Costume クリムピアシオ
Hairstyle ユクリータショート
Euclita Short
Voice 女性共通ユクリータボイス
Female Voice – Euclita
Weapon *煌舞アウロラ
Shining Dance Aurora


PSO2es Chips

Euclita Chip Euclita
Attacking an enemy activates an effect that reduces damage from enemies and dramatically increases ATK PWR based on the number of Lightning chips equipped.



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