Character File: Koffie

Episode 4 Koffie

Character Information

Role Chief Administrator
Race Human Female
JP Name コフィー
EN Name Koffie
Voice Actor Aoi Yūki
Location Gate Area

Chief Administrator Koffie is your go-to gal for unlocking Free Field quests and licenses for additional content. She provides a quick source of large amounts of EXP for beginners.



  Koffie Face Koffie Face 2
Hairstyle ショートストレート
Short Straight
Costume ナビゲータードレス影
Navigator Dress Shadow
Outerwear フロンティアリード[Ou]
Frontier Lead [Ou]
Basewear フロンティアリード[Ba]
Frontier Lead [Ba]
Eyes タイプB2
Type B 2
Eyelashes タイプM
Type M
Eyebrows タイプE
Type E
Face Paint リップカラー 薄紅
Lip Color Pink
Accessory 1 略帽
Ordinary Cap
Frontier Cap
Accessory 2 腕章
Frontier Ribbon

*The version she wore has a unique color scheme that cannot be achieved.


Client Orders

Client Order Objective
Mag License Application
Deliver [フォンガルフの頭角] x1
※Drops from Fangulf
Reward: Mag License
Weapon Palette Expansion I
Deliver [キャタドランの水晶] x1
※Drops from Caterdra'n
Reward: Weapon Palette Exp. License
Subpalette Expansion I
Deliver [スパルダンAのパーツa] x5
※Drops from Spardan A
Reward: Subpalette Exp. License
Difficulty Unlock I
Listen to Koffie
Reward: Hard Difficulty License
Difficulty Unlock II
Listen to Koffie
※Enemies can be found at the Coast
Reward: Very Hard Difficulty License
Subclass License Application
Defeat [Garongo] x1
Defeat [Fordoran] x1
Reward: Subclass License
Level Cap Trial I
Deliver [ナベリウス観測素子b] x10
※Drops from Natives
Deliver [アムドゥスキア観測素子b] x10
※Drops from Dragonkin
Deliver [リリーパ観測素子b ] x10
※Drops from Mechs
Reward: Level Cap License I
Level Cap Trial II
Deliver [ナベリウス観測素子d] x10
※Drops from Lv.21+ Natives
Deliver [リリーパ観測素子d ] x10
※Drops from Lv.21+ Mechs
Deliver [アムドゥスキア観測素子d] x10
※Drops from Lv.21+ Dragonkin
Reward: Level Cap License II~VI
Support Partner Seminar
Receive training from Astarte.
Reward: Partner Console

Client Order Objective
Free Exploration: Forest
Clear [Dagan Extermination]
Reward: Unlock Forest Free Field
Military Raid: Las Vegas
Clear [Las Vegas Exploration]
Reward: Unlocks Las Vegas Riding Quest

Client Order Objective
New Mission Simulation: Forest
Defeat an Oodan in [Special Survey: Forest]
Reward: Photon Sphere
New Mission Simulation: V. Cave
Defeat a Digg in [Special Survey: V. Cave]
Reward: Photon Sphere
New Mission Simulation: Desert
Defeat a Spardan A in [Special Survey: Desert]
Reward: Photon Sphere
Special Blockade Destruction
Clear a Bonus Quest


8 thoughts to “Character File: Koffie”

  1. Hi, may I know the Subclass License. The Brown Bear, where can I find this enemy and how does it look like?

  2. Hello, sorry for the double post of comment. I have completed the Quest regarding the Level Cap Trail I but the quest didnt show up the Level Cap Trail 2 and my character level was 30 Bouncer and the exp full when deleted the enemy.. 🙁

  3. Does anyone know if koffee's forest exploration quest has changed for the ps4. For some reason I can't complete it. I've done both degan and rappy quest in the time limit and I've collected what was needed. Still doesn't complete, any ideas?

    1. I think that's the one where you have to 'talk' to her after filling the requirements? It'd be the second option when you go up and activate her dialogue.

      Otherwise it'll be the Naberius Obeservation devices you need to have drop.

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