Character File: Sophia


Character Information

Role Gathering Instructor
Race Human Female
JP Name ソフィア
EN Name Sophia
Voice Actor Satomi Satō
Location Franca's Café

Sophia teaches players the basics of the Gathering system.



Outerwear ラッケージベスト[Ou]
Luccage Vest [Ou]
Basewear ラッケージベスト[Ba]
Luccage Vest [Ba]
Innerwear ラッケージベスト[In]
Luccage Vest [In]
Hairstyle 編みこみツインテール
Braided Twin Tail
Accessory ラッケージゴーグル
Luccage Goggles
Accessory 2 ラッケージリボン
Luccage Ribbon
Accessory 3 ラッケージプロテクター
Luccage Protector
Accessory 4 ラッケージバックパック
Luccage Backpack
Sticker ギャザラーズステッカーC
Gatherer Sticker C


Client Orders

Client Order Objective
Let's Go Gathering
Go Harvesting and Fishing once.
Reward: Earth Rock (x5)
Let's Make a Meal
Have a [Forest Tomato Salad]
cuisine in your item pack.
Reward: Cooking Terminal License
Let's Make a Ring
Have an [R/ Boost Slayer]
skill ring in your item pack.
Reward: Ring Terminal License
Let's Upgrade a Ring
Grind a skill ring.
Reward: 50 Harvesting Stamina Drink



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