Defeating Howzer in Ambitions End 2

Howzer PSU

Key points to Success!

  • The higher your level the better.
  • Bring Trimates and Star Atomizers with you, this also includes Techer Types.
  • Techers should use Regrant Technic. Buy this at Neudaiz Guardians Branch
  • Your light elemental weapon should be able to knockback.
  • Try using De Colte Line to avoid instant death.
  • Bring any Endurance raising units.

Howzer is level 160 and very difficult. One major problem may be the Delp Slami who fire Megid at you. If you don't have De Colte line, you may want to kill the Delp Slami first then go after Howzer. However Howzermay also shoot Megid at you. You can also turn up the sound so that you can hear when Howzer screaming "Megid" this indicates you should try to stay behind him when he does.

The best spot to hit Howzer is at his back. If your weapon can knockback, he'll disappear giving you some tiime to heal. One of his worst attacks is when he shoots two beams of lazers from his hands. If your lucky enough to get him to shoot near the center, you'llbe able to hit his back. Be sure to replenish your health to full with trimates. This is why techer types should bring trimates with them as he will be able to damage you twice in one sequence before you can cast any techs.  After a while, he'll be dead and you will be able to obtain the exclusive Vijeri / Resist, or you can enjoy a Photon charge Cosmo for your hard work.

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