Notice of My Shop / Trade Being Disabled (10/13/2020)

Updated: All Features have resumed to normal usage. Compensation has been given out, please check the visiphone to receive it.

Due to serious issues found, the following features will be disabled again until further notice:

  • My Shop
  • Trade
  • Room Items that can deliver items such as Photon Gacha
  • Team Storage

You can still play the rest of the game normally. They are sorry for the inconvenience.


SSSS.Gridman Collaborates With PSO2 In Its Next Update!

October 14th, 2020 Update


Mourning of Demise

Participate in a VR Training Program and relive the battle against the Photoners' Armada in a new 12-person Emergency Quest! Acquire points by defeating bosses and disarming Photoner vessels. The more points, the higher the overall Quest Rank.


The first Area sees you battling Luminmechs atop an ARKS Cruiser. Utilize nearby photon cannons to counter approaching enemy ships and wipe out their weaponry for additional points. Infiltrate the Capital Ship in Area 2, wherein you'll need to split into two teams to overcome a fork in the road. Reconvene in the final area for the ultimate confrontation against the Goddess and her knight.


The ★15 Gunslash [Talon Schneider] can drop from the Emergency Quest.


Mission Pass – Season 2

Season 2 of the Mission Pass launches with all manner of fresh rewards, including weapon camos and a [Tamahime 2] Mag device!


Sighx and Ecru

The winners of the Character Contest Special held during the 2020 New Year Event are set to appear in the Shop Area as NPCs. Complete their client orders and celebrate their big win!


New Pet [Vulcan]

A new pet arrives in the form of Vulcan, the advanced form of Synchro! Vulcan has an [Aggressive] personality, reducing the rate and increasing the power of Criticals. Strengthen its Photon Arts by linking different ones together in battle.

Invigorate your newfound pal with a Super Luxury Parfait, available from Pietro's Vulcan-specific client order.


Cras Unit Exchange

Procure the right materials for Zieg and get your hands on ★13 Cras Units!

Rear Required Materials

  • Primordial Darkstone Deimos (x50)
  • Module / Shiva (x20)
  • Module / Mitra (x25)
  • Module / Varuna (x25)
  • Module / Execour (x50)

Arm Required Materials

  • Primordial Darkstone Deimos (x50)
  • Module / Shiva (x10)
  • Module / Mitra (x50)
  • Module / Varuna (x25)
  • Module / Execour (x50)

Leg Required Materials

  • Primordial Darkstone Deimos (x50)
  • Module / Shiva (x10)
  • Module / Mitra (x25)
  • Module / Varuna (x50)
  • Module / Execour (x50)

※Fixed the Required Materials (10/12/[email protected]:38PM EDT)

ARKS Support Missions

A new selection of limited-time Arks Missions will be available until maintenance on the 28th. Earn rewards such as Weapons Badge 2020, EX Triboost +100%, and Ability Transfer Pass.


Wake Up Gridman (AC Scratch)

The popular hero mecha anime series, SSSS.Gridman is collaborating with PSO2 this scratch to introduce cosmetics based on its central cast! Gender swapped versions of the [Suit Slacks] and [Combat Rider] layered wear will also be included.


PSO2 JP SG Scratch: Earth Memory

Earth Memory
(Until 2021.1.20)


Female Outerwear

旅館「仁羽屋」羽織F影[Ou] | Ryokan Niwaya Haori F S. [Ou]

Male Outerwear

旅館「仁羽屋」羽織M影[Ou] | Ryokan Niwaya Haori M S. [Ou]


Female Basewears

旅館「仁羽屋」浴衣F影[Ba] | Ryokan Niwaya Yukata F S. [Ou]
旅館「仁羽屋」浴衣F夜[Ba] | Ryokan Niwaya Yukata F N. [Ou]

Male Basewears

旅館「仁羽屋」浴衣M影[Ba] | Ryokan Niwaya Yukata M S. [Ou]
旅館「仁羽屋」浴衣M夜[Ba] | Ryokan Niwaya Yukata M N. [Ou]



清雅学園冬制服F影[Ba] | Seiga AC Winter F Shadow [Ba]
清雅学園冬制服F紅[Ba] | Seiga AC Winter F Crimson [Ba]



清雅学園夏制服F影[Ba] | Seiga AC Summer F Shadow [Ba]
清雅学園夏制服F空[Ba] | Seiga AC Summer F Sky [Ba]



清雅学園夏制服2F夜[Ba] | Seiga AC Summer 2 F Night [Ba]
清雅学園夏制服2F桜[Ba] | Seiga AC Summer 2 F Sakura [Ba]



フレンチスリーブ影[Ba] | French Sleeves Shadow [Ba]
フレンチスリーブ夜[Ba] | French Sleeves Night [Ba]


重ね着半袖ニット雪 | Knitted Short Sleeves Snow
重ね着半袖ニット春 | Knitted Short Sleeves Spring



清雅学園冬制服M影[Ba] | Seiga AC Winter M Shadow [Ba]
清雅学園冬制服M紅[Ba] | Seiga AC Winter M Crimson [Ba]



清雅学園夏制服M影[Ba] | Seiga AC Summer M Shadow [Ba]
清雅学園夏制服M空[Ba] | Seiga AC Summer M Sky [Ba]



清雅学園夏制服2M影[Ba] | Seiga AC Summer 2 M Shadow [Ba]
清雅学園夏制服2M空[Ba] | Seiga AC Summer 2 M Sky [Ba]



ライトポロシャツ冬[Ba] | Light Polo Shirt Winter [Ba]
ライトポロシャツ桜[Ba] | Light Polo Shirt Sakura [Ba]


シンプルバスタオルM | Simple Bath Towel M
シンプルぬれバスタオルM | Simple Wet Bath Towel M



Music Discs

  • エレメントの勇気
  • Infinite potential
  • prism moment
  • 清澄のレジスタンス
  • 終わりなき物語(Sunny ver.)


Female Layerwear

  • 幻創聖母礼装[Ou] | Phantom Mother [Ou]
  • 幻創聖母礼装[Ba] | Phantom Mother [Ba]
  • 幻創聖母礼装[In] | Phantom Mother [In]
  • 幻創使徒礼装・氷[Ou] | Phantom Apostle Ice [Ou]
  • 幻創使徒礼装・氷[Ba] | Phantom Apostle Ice [Ba]
  • 幻創使徒礼装・日[Ou] | Phantom Apostle Sun [Ou]
  • 幻創使徒礼装・日[Ba] | Phantom Apostle Sun [Ba]
  • 幻創使徒礼装・日[In] | Phantom Apostle Sun [In]
  • 幻創使徒礼装・月[Ou] | Phantom Apostle Moon [Ou]

Female Costumes

  • シンプルバスタオル | Simple Bath Towel
  • シンプルぬれバスタオル | Simple Wet Bath Towel

Male Layerwear

  • 幻創使徒礼装[Ou] | Phantom Apostle [Ou]
  • 幻創使徒礼装[Ba] | Phantom Apostle [Ba]
  • 幻創使徒礼装・木[Ou] | Phantom Apostle Wood [Ou]
  • 幻創使徒礼装・木[Ba] | Phantom Apostle Wood [Ba]
  • 幻創使徒礼装・水[Ou] | Phantom Apostle Water [Ou]
  • 幻創使徒礼装・水[Ba] | Phantom Apostle Water [Ba]
  • 幻創使徒礼装・土[Ou] | Phantom Apostle Earth [Ou]


  • コオリお団子ヘアー | Kohri Odango Hair
  • オークゥヘアー3 | Och Hair 3
  • コオリポニーテール | Kohri Ponytail
  • 使徒礼装のフード | Apostle Hood
  • マザーヘアー | Mother Hair
  • オークゥヘアー | Och Hair
  • フルヘアー | Phul Hair
  • ベトールヘアー | Bethor Hair
  • オフィエルヘアー | Ophiel Hair
  • アラトロンスキンヘッド | Aratron Skin Head


  • オフィエルヒゲ | Ophiel Beard
  • 割れ顎 | Cleft Chin


  • コオリアイ | Kohri Eyes

Body Paint

  • 使徒礼装の手甲 | Apostle Gauntlets
  • 使徒礼装の手袋 | Apostle Gloves


  • 幻創聖母リボン | Phantom Mother Ribbon
  • オークゥの髪飾り | Och's Hair Ornament
  • 八重歯 | Double Tooth
  • フルの帽子 | Phul's Hat
  • フルのモノクル | Phul's Monocle
  • フルのリボン | Phul's Ribbon
  • ベトールサングラス | Bethor's Sunglasses
  • オフィエルの聴診器 | Ophiel's Stethoscope
  • アラトロンまゆ | Aratron's Eyebows
  • アラトロンひげ | Aratron's Beard
  • アラトロン怒りまゆ | Aratron's Raging Eyebrows
  • アラトロン怒りひげ | Aratron's Raging Beard

Female Voices

  • 女性共通コオリ(MC)ボイス | All Female Kohri (MC) Voice
  • 女性共通オークゥボイス | All Female Och Voice
  • 女性共通フルボイス | All Female Phul Voice
  • 女性共通マザーボイス | All Female Mother Voice

Male Voices

  • 男性共通ハギトボイス | All Male Hagith Voice
  • 男性共通ベトールボイス | All Male Bethor Voice
  • 男性共通アラトロンボイス | All Male Aratron Voice
  • 男性共通オフィエルボイス | All Male Ophiel Voice

Lobby Actions

  • 313「マザー・クラスタ1」| 313 [Mother Cluster 1]
  • 314「マザー・クラスタ2」| 314 [Mother Cluster 2]
  • 315「マザー・クラスタ3」| 315 [Mother Cluster 3]
  • 360「マザー・クラスタ4」| 360 [Mother Cluster 4]
  • 361「マザー・クラスタ5」| 361 [Mother Cluster 5]

Weapon Camos

  • *墜剣・グラム | Fallen Sword Gram
  • *トール・ハンマー | Thor's Hammer
  • *レヴァティーン | Laevateinn

Room Items

  • 惑星ライト:地球 | Planet Light: Earth
  • 衛星ライト:月 | Satellite Light: Moon
  • マザー・クラスタ紋章陣 | Mother Cluster Crest
  • マザーズチェアー | Mother's Chair

Music Discs

  • Tears of the moon(M)
  • 普遍数のlogic
  • fantastic seeker
  • アマランスの空
  • エキセントリック・P
  • デウス・ヒューナス戦
  • デウス・アンジェス戦
  • デウス・エスカ戦
  • デウス・エスカ「後半戦」
  • 幻創種襲来
  • マザー・クラスタのテーマ
  • マザー・クラスタ戦
  • PSO2 イベント「マザー1」
  • PSO2 イベント「マザー2」
  • マザー「後半戦」
  • コオリ戦
  • オフィエル戦

Scratch Bonus

Play this SG Scratch a specific amount of times for bonus items!

Frequency Rewards
5 Scratches Head-Riding Accessory Box B
10 Scratches Oracle Music Box 7
15 Scratches Oracle Music Box 8
20 Scratches Oracle Voice Box K
25 Scratches 254 [Vo Performance]
30 Scratches 306 [Vo Performance 3]
35 Scratches 393 [Vo Performance 5]
40 Scratches Black Suit Aru M Box
50 Scratches Itsuki Repca Box
60 Scratches RINA Repca Box

Head-Riding Accessory Set B

  • Head-Riding Mother
  • Head-Riding Aratron

Oracle Music Box 7

  • 光の明日~P ABILITY~

Oracle Music Box 8

  • 絶世スターゲイト
  • レアドロ☆KOI☆こい!
  • VD「マザー・クラスタの世間話」

Oracle Voice Box K

  • All Male Rappy Voice
  • All Female Rappy Voice
  • All Male Itsuki Voice B
  • All Female RINA Voice

Black Suit Aru M Box

  • Black Suit Aru M [Ou]
  • Black Suit Aru M [Ba]
  • Aru Short Hair 2
  • Aru Hair Ornament

Itsuki Repca Box

  • Itsuki Repca
  • Itsuki Hair GV
  • Itsuki Headgear
  • Itsuki Sticker

RINA Repca Box

  • RINA Repca
  • RINA Hair
  • RINA Headgear
  • RINA Sticker

※Players can receive each item only once.